Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

I'm become more emotionally dependent and truly anxious

I'm not a crybaby . I'm a good boy. I do what I'm told.

Right fucking now. No questions no thoughts no hesitation. Boy fucking now!

I haven't spoken almost 2 weeks. Don't know that I want too.

Isn't that what I asked for?

I'm not responsible for anything not even myself just dad promise

Just where I he said I'd be right here between his legs.

Or look at his cock work at least looking at it all day long.

Sometimes I still take his clothes off. I fold them neatly before licking at him. And then I put them back on him properly especially at park and the bar in front of other people.

I do it very well no mistakes. I don't make any goddamn mistakes .

He hasn't press the button on 4 or days. Although it's 100% all the time now. Puts me down and curls me up the lectures.

He still wants to prove my world so when he does that it's one like 35% still.

If I hesitate he'll make me cry for them.

He still loves the belt.

At home now if nobody's coming it's just me and my diaper. He's always formally dressed. I am very much taken care of him. Still groomss me too.

One day this week my mom comes back and he shows her how good I'm being he doesn't have to shock me

I wasn't perfect that he didn't embarrassed me and make me cry in front of my mom.

I believed him.

He shocked me anyway real good before she got there.

We go to Walmart and he buys her some new clothes and stuff for her house.

They are talking. I shut up and be a good boy. Are you still have the safety class on my wrist they traded it back and forth between.

They drag me around with a retard.

We go to Domino's for lunch.

After lunch we go back to the house and Mark and a sub take my mom home

Before leaving she says I always knew you're a pervert map but you taking good care of you and you want to stay you deserve it.

You're a sick fuck matt for wanting you and rain your sick fuck from morning him like this but you both deserve this.

Who else then somebody like you would want my 22-year-old cry baby that's still just emotionally seven?

Who else would want you mad?

Goodbye sick fucks.

It's about 3 months till I see her again.

When she come back with Wayne and how we go have lunch today both enjoy treating me like an idiot. She really enjoyed that