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A Day at the Fetish Flea

A Day at the Fetish Flea

I first met Jack at the bar. It was a little uncomfortable for me talking to people there, because not only was it was a drag bar, I was drinking alone and dreading that I might run into someone who might recognize me.

I had been to the Fetish Flea that afternoon, gawking at the outlandish gear in the many booths that lined the hall, and the hundreds of freaky people strolling through the flea market: some on leashes, others encased in luscious latex with giant inflatable tits and artfully decorated hoods. I was sporting a huge boner behind my shopping bag virtually drooling over all the trans people in their sexiest finery.

Many scantily clad women strutted their assets drawing lots of stares, but I only had eyes for the outrageous gurls. Especially those obvious sissies in divine pink chiffon dresses, layered soft clouds of petticoats with cute little bows and frilly ankle socks over their matching tights. I so admired their proud exhibition of personal sexuality that I could not bring myself to share.

I was in my usual jeans and t-shirt, trying desperate to be nondescript yet secretly deliciously clad in pretty pink rhumba panties with stay up sheer white hose embracing my recently shaved privates. No one knew my secret fantasies yet I felt every thrill of my dainty pretty things. Sashaying through the crowd of people, some breathtakingly strong and masculine. While others allowing their feminine side to shout to the world.

I was next in line at a vendor table selling brightly colored sex toys when I saw an acquaintance from work down the next aisle. I froze and my cheeks clenched around the small butt plug in my boi pussy as I caught my breath, searching for the nearest exit. I had to get out before I was found out.

My feet betrayed me as I stumbled and tripped. I cursed myself and dropped my bag into the mass of the oncoming crowd. The over-sized black curved dildo and jar of lube spilled onto the floor exposing my proclivities. I landed on all fours, caught between a pair of black leather boots. They were old and hand-rubbed, smelling of polish, spit and age.

As I looked up, my boner twitched at the weathered leather chaps ending at his revealing hairless groin. His cock was large and obvious in a skin tight sinuous black sheath. The sheath, wrapping his meat, bobbing, beckoning to me.

My gaze traveled upwards to a prodigious man in a black leather bike jacket, zipped down to reveal his clean-shaven chest. He had another man behind him with a studded black leash attached to a collar around his neck. In spite of myself I stopped and stared unabashedly up at the sight in front of me. As I bent to retrieve the contents of my spilled bag, I felt a hand run up my backside and give my plug a slight push. It was then I realized my t-shirt had ridden up, and my sissy panties were peeking out over the top of my jeans.

Quickly, I retrieved my bag and ran for the exit. I heard a soft whistle behind me. My mind was in a state of frantic confusion when I reached the exit door. I shot through it quickly, slamming the door. My chest heaving, gasping for air, I leaned back against it. I felt a deep sense of relief as I gasped for breath. In my haste to keep from being exposed, I didn't realize my tiny cock had begun leaking precum and my panties were soaked. I clutched my purchases over my damp groin as I made my way through the dusty exit.

I felt so shocked and scared when I saw my co-worker, and then practically crashed into a secret fantasy dream man. My dream man had touched me! He saw my panties and felt my plug!! He knew what I was. I had to get out of there, I had to run.

I searched for my car. My brain still focused on that massive cock in its sheath, surrounded by leather.

I remembered the smell: his smell. It was musky, slightly sour smell of a man who has been lightly sweating but recently cleaned with strong deodorant soap. His teeth, large, white and sharp grinned broadly from a square-jawed face with dark, laughing blue eyes. He knew I was a secret sissy. Somehow, he seemed to know! In an instant my dream man knew he could have me.

My thoughts kept playing through my head. I had a great job, a wife and kids at home. I was Mayor for Christ sake! I shouldn't do this at all. I hated the impulses that drove me here! Stupid! Stupid! Fool!

The fact that I was an overweight 45-year-old white male, masquerading in my own mind as a teenage girly boi made me feel like a total fool. I felt the momentary shame, yet my little clit remained hard, that man's smile remained in the front of my mind, tantalizingly close yet a world away.

I needed a drink, something strong to calm my nerves and I needed a bathroom to get this plug out and throw away all this sissy stuff forever. I needed to change and go home to my family and be the man they thought I was.

As I left the hall, I felt the stares of the crowd moving all around me. I felt them laughing at this pitiful sissy. My gaze danced around the parking lot searching for the man, my dream man and his submissive on a chain. Something made me remember his hunched shoulders, that submissive posture of him slouching behind his Master.

I wondered what it must be like to be a sub to that man's strong hands; touching him, groping him. To offer himself to that monstrous cock and have it forced down my throat and so much more, being used in any way his Master desired.

I was lost in my daydream and forgot where I was, where I was going.

Dreaming as I walked, I tripped over a low curb and landed face first in a patch of damp grass. Somewhere behind me I heard a soft chuckle. It was him! I knew it! He had followed me! I couldn't move.

I felt a small hand on my shoulder and a young girl asked if I was okay. She was pretty yet heavily made up but attractive and sexy. With a start I realized she was actually a guy. Her voice a bit too low and her Adams apple a bit too large. Her make up a touch too slutty covering a dark 5 o'clock shadow.

"Are you okay?" she repeated.

I mumbled something, stuttering badly and rushed back on my feet. The large curved dildo had fallen out of my bag again and was laying there beside me.

Blushing deeply, I scooped it back into the bag and once again felt the need to escape.

"Hey, it's okay," she said. "Here, take one of these. It's a safe place and the people are nice there."

She shoved something in my hand and with a sweet smile she turned away. As she left, I stared at the delightful exaggerated sway of her full hips. She was passing out flyers, quickly sliding them under windshield wipers and handing them to Flea patrons with a big friendly smile. I looked down at the paper in my hand, reading the colorful flyer for a local bar.

I don't really remember much about the drive to the bar. The Hardwood Haven, an interesting name, and only a short drive. I felt my luck may be changing as there was a parking space right out front.

The dim lighting around a low-ceiling room gave the place a soft seductive feel. My eyes were slow adjusting to particle board seediness of the place. The bar's open floorplan might have felt expansive if not for the high heavy shoulders of the many booths. Wisps of smoke curled from heavy red-leather booths, lurking in the dim corners of the room. I kept my gaze down, carefully avoiding the eyes of the many stares following the new customer, which was me. I shuffled my way to the polished wooden bar and a vacant high-top chair on the corner. I ordered a beer and a shot of Fireball to calm my shaky nerves.

An eagerly attentive barmaid greeted me as I sat down. I tried hard to return her smile as I again felt the hard bit of plastic tucked away in my boi pussy pushing against the hard stool. I had to get it out and get this sissy gear stowed away - no thrown away - very soon even if it meant going commando all the way home.

The cute tall barmaid brought my drinks and smiled again. Did she really make a small kiss with her mouth as she took the ten off the bar?

"Booths are in back down that hallway," she said in a soft low voice pointing with her chin. "You should check out Maquisha tonight, she's hot."

She chuckled and motioned with her strong chin at the ATM machine in the corner. "There's an ATM over there and a change machine next to it, if you feel so inclined."

Again I must have looked confused and she chuckled again and moved on to another customer with what looked like an exaggerated swing of her hips.

"Barmaid's a hottie ain't she?" I was surprised by a masculine voice in my left ear.

I turned to see a round-shouldered, vaguely familiar man standing to the side rather close to me that I hadn't noticed before. He smiled wickedly and continued. "I wouldn't mind tapping that after I check out that Maquisha honey for a little while. Name's Jack," he proudly exclaimed, extending his hand in an overly friendly manner.

"T-tim," I stuttered, "mmy friends all call me Tee though.

"Nice to meet you Teeny, "he said with a grin.

"Tee, please."

I suddenly realized I still clutched the colorful paper flyer in my hand. I opened it to reveal the words "The Hardwood Haven' is pleased to introduce 'Magical Maquisha' - the gurl with something extra, direct from sunny San Fran."

"You ok friend? Something bothering you?" he asked. I snapped back into reality, shocked to realize I had been rubbing the end of my butt plug on the edge of the stool and zoning out. I also realized this man had lightly rested his hand, just for a moment, on my thigh.

"You going into the booths? This place is the best I tell ya, everybody says Providence is hot, but nothing is better than this place." Had he really given my thigh a squeeze before taking his hand away?

"I-I have to go to the john," I said standing.

"Ya, It sort of looks it" he laughed staring down at the growing bulge in my pants. I blushed and quickly rushed towards the men's room door.

As I entered the Men's I noticed six or seven men waiting to use the urinals. I turned to the stalls hoping I could go in and get out of these clothes and relieve my anus of its silent shame.

The middle stall was vacant and I slipped in and shut the door. My heart sank as I noticed the broken lock hanging off the steel door.

"You want cock you came to the right place" was etched crudely into the door, scarring up the inside in large letters.

"Doms rule and sissies drool" was carved beneath it.

I could hear a loud familiar fumbling of belts and shoes from the stalls on either side of me. It seemed they contained large men breathing heavily. I sat on the toilet and put both my feet against the door to hold it shut, and pondered my predicament. I couldn't risk someone checking the stall door and opening it to find me changing. I had my pants down around my shins but decided I couldn't change here, staring at what looked like a very sticky floor.

I decided I would tough it out and change somewhere else. Then I remembered my gym pass. I could go there and change in one of the private rooms and even shower. Feeling greatly relieved I pulled my pants back up and left the Men's room without even using it or washing my hands.

I returned to find Jack with his hand on my barstool, holding down the fort and guarding my drink. Hey man let's go check out Maquisha together. That would be a hoot. I'll pay for the first look."

"No thanks," I said. "I think I'll just finish my drink and go to the gym, but thanks anyway Jack."

"Ok suit yourself but you're gonna miss the hottest little piece of ass you ever saw." He said clapping me on the back.

I tried to smile and be polite to this friendly stranger as I downed my shot in one swallow and took a healthy gulp of my beer.

"Let me buy you one more before you go" He said. "Well ok, if I can return the favor some other time." I replied.

He smiled what seemed to me a sad smile and patted my thigh again. "Not a problem at all hun."

Did he just call me hun? I realized I was rubbing my butt on the chair again. Jack ordered another drink from our 'hot' Barmaid, and after our third shot I was feeling much happier and calmer. When he asked me if I was sure I didn't want to check out the booths, it didn't seem like such a bad idea. I was safe now, I had time, my body seemed numb to the idea of heading home and the constant pats on my thigh had me thinking Jack was a pretty good guy after all.

Jack called the barmaid over and changed a fifty-dollar bill. Turning towards the back, Jack dropped a large tip on the bar and winked at our barmaid. I staggered just a little bit as I tried to look nonchalant following meekly behind this stranger towards the back rooms.

An arching hallway led to a narrow dark space painted in a ghastly crimson hue from which cheap hollow wood doors hid unknown rooms in the surrounding darkness. We shuffled into the gloom, some doors cracked open, eyes peering out watching our passage. Jack seemed to know his way and marched ahead towards a light-colored door at the end of the hall. He entered boldly without a knock and turned to beckon me with a smile that grew larger as I approached.

"You sure about this Jack" I asked not at all sure I wanted to follow this man into a dark deserted back room of a divey bar.

"Just wait you are going to love this," he beamed. "I can almost guarantee this will be the best night of your life."

I chuckled at the obvious hyperbole and was sure it was just bold alcohol talk, but cautiously I peeked around the doorframe into the room.

The expansive space was not at all what I expected. I was prepared for shabby and seedy beyond the door. I expected...hoodlums with guns, monsters...? What I found was a gaily painted, brightly lit room with a wall of glass across one end. There were antique-looking sconces framing tasteful artwork on the walls, illuminating the room with a soft pinkish hue. An almost homey feel coupled with a pleasant floral fragrance in the air lent a special, almost pretty ambiance. This brightened my spirit and eased my fear somewhat and I may have straightened up just a bit as I followed close behind Jack.

The glass wall was the room's most prominent feature. It took up the far end of the space and was covered by a silken drape of soft pink that appealed to me and made me feel that much more at ease. The room had a wing chair of heavy brown leather, overstuffed and worn with an unmatching divan. The divan was done in beige and marked by many dark stains that called for silent speculation.

I moved to sit in the chair, but Jack was already seated so I stood next to the divan wondering how comfortable I would be with my plug still firmly in place. Jack held out a handful of dollar bills and pointed to the cash machine next to the curtain.

"I think you need to feed the kitty to start the show," he offered with a chuckle. "First 10 minutes are on me...after that you'll have to earn your keep," he smirked.

I wonder what that means, thinking to myself as I fed the bills into the slit. A moment after the second five went into the machine the curtain began to slowly separate from the center and reveal a small bed in the center of a totally white room. The room was unremarkable except for the shiny brass pole that ran from floor to ceiling beside it. Otherwise the room was empty.

"Ring the bell for service," Jack chuckled pointing to a small button on the wall beside the cash machine. I pushed the button feeling some unknown slimy substance. A small door cracked open behind the bed and a vision of femininity dressed in gossamer and lace floated into the room. She was wrapped in pastels, soft reds and yellows, greens and blues. Her hair was long, wavy and so light as to be almost white. All this contrasted with her dark olive skin and her huge doe eyes, painted a deep smoky violet. Her lips were creamy magenta and tilted up in a playful smirk. Her body was lush, full with hips that were wide and held the promise of blissful sensuality. Her gown embraced and lifted her full generous breasts. The material danced to cover her as she moved. It enhanced and emphasized her sexiness rather than covering her. Jack and myself found ourselves drawn under her spell.

"What did I tell you," Jack whispered. "Go up and talk to her Tina." I barely heard him as I walked without hesitation over and stood inches from the glass barrier.

"C-can you hear me Miss?" I said stuttering. Maquisha smiled a sly little smile and ducked her head coyly before raising up, breasts thrust proudly towards me. She replied so softly I almost couldn't hear, "You want me"! It was a statement, not a question. She locked eyes, and held me there like an animal in a snare. She danced with sinuous motion towards the glass barrier, never seeming to come straight towards me, yet edging ever closer. I felt cold on my face, and realized she had seductively drawn me against the glass. Somewhere far behind me the sound of a door opening barely scratched my mind, so captivated was I with Maquisha, all I knew was her charm.

She abruptly turned her back and bent, wiggling her full round bottom slightly at me glancing back over her shoulder. The tip of a pointed tongue escaping her lips offering more. She seemed to prance back to the bed, grasping the brass pole and swinging herself down softly on her back, eyes locked with my own. Maquisha prowled the bed, circling and writhing. Running her slender strong hands up and down her body, cupping her breasts and offering them to me. The room was spinning and yet her eyes were steady, solid holding me close to her. Her hands smoothed down her body to her panties, thumbs hooked in the waist as she slid them achingly slowly off her hips and down her legs. It felt like a physical blow as her large swollen cock bounced up out of her tiny panties, pointing directly at me. It was large, uncut and fat. Much fatter and longer than any I had ever seen. So much so it tore my gaze from her eyes.

"You want to touch me?" she said. "Give me your hands," she said gesturing towards a drawer I hadn't previously noted. Marquisha looked down at her wondrous cock and I knew she was going to let me hold it. I shuddered at the thought, but I could no more have refused than stopped breathing. My hands reached into the room with her and I felt her run the tips of her breasts into my sweaty outstretched palms. She then leaned back, allowing her erect cock to slide along my fingertips.

I was transfixed, eyes closed luxuriating in the feel of her. That is when I heard the click of the handcuffs on my wrists capturing them inside the room with her. I noted oddly that there was some sort of bar running between the cuffs. "What the ...?" was all I could muster at this startling turn of events.

"I think he is ready for you Master..." the words barely registering in my brain. Then from somewhere in the forgotten distance behind me, I heard someone stirring.


Marquisha crawled back to the bed, grinning like a feral beast. My hands were trapped by the bar behind the glass, in spite of myself I felt the bulge growing increasingly harder against my panties. Strong hands seized me from behind. Something penetrated my lust-fogged brain and I yelled "Jack no!"

"Jack is gone my pet," I heard from very close to my ear.

If front of me, Maquisha was gently jacking her monster cock and smiling at the scene playing out before her. "My my, now you're going to put a show on for me," she purred as she licked her lips.

Reflected off the glass above me, was the image of the man I had seen at the Flea. His smile was full and broad, filled with large brilliant predatory teeth. He leaned in again and spoke softly in my ear. So nice to meet you today my dear Tina. I think we are going to be great friends," he chuckled with confidence.

"My name is Patrick but you must call me Daddy or Master because from this moment on you belong to me."

As if to emphasize the point, I felt the man's strong hand press the plug, I now wish I had removed, in my sissy pussy. Expertly rolling it around with his fingers and making me squirm with excitement.

I tore my gaze from Maquisha, trying desperately to turn my attention back to the man manipulating my rear end. He moved his hands around me to hug my body, working on my stiffening nipples through my thin shirt. My small nubbins betrayed me responding to his touch and a jolt of excitement shot through me to my twitching clitty.

No, I thought, it's not a clitty-it's a cock! A man's cock, I'm a man not a sissy, somebody please help me! I thought of yelling out for help, but the look on Maquisha's face stopped me. She was loving this show and the look on her face spoke volumes. She had seen this play out before. Her smile said she knew I wouldn't call for help.

In spite of what was happening, the entire disastrous, tumultuous series of events that led me here today, I was still becoming more and more aroused. My attention was still captivated by her swollen breasts, her large round sensuous body and most of all, I had to admit, to her manly cock that she continued to stroke in front of me.

I was in a total panic from this man's hands roaming about my body, pinching and stroking, grabbing. Doing whatever he wanted, yet I found myself drooling over her cock.

"She is magnificent, don't you agree," he murmured breathing close to my ear. "My most fantastic creation so far. Her eyes are hypnotic, they hold you in her power, but it's not her eyes you want is it? You want to taste her, feel her, hold her, yes you want her to use you don't you my new sissy?"

"NO," I tried to scream, but it came out an unconvincing whimper. "Please let me go. I need to go home, my wife, my children. PLEASE!"

"If I release you right now, this minute you may leave. Run out of this place and never look back. Would you like that? Or would you like me to open the glass and let my pet Maquisha have her way with you?

Perhaps you would like me to bring back my sissy Jack to go in there and you can watch him play with her? Would that be better? Tell me Tina, what is it you want me to do with you?"

My mind was a jumble of emotions. Desperately, I wanted to escape this trap I had drawn myself into, Caught. I could no more stop staring at her than I could deny the feelings of this man's hands. My body was responding to his touch and his words and I felt myself melting back against him. I found myself craving his touch. His arms around me felt so strong and forceful. And would he really let me go in the booth with Maquisha? Could I have her...or did I want her to have me?

I discovered something deep down in my core being, exhilarating and fulfilling. Without even thinking I realize I was grinding my pussy, yes it was my pussy, grinding uncontrollably back against him.

He laughed a deep, penetrating laugh into my ear. "I don't think you'll run away little sissy Tina. I think you have already decided you like it here."

"Yes Maquisha is one of a kind," he stated. "But so are you. Where she is lovely and sex incarnate, you are round and soft and meek, she is a tigress and you are a cow. Yes, that's it, you shall be my cow, a breeding cow.

"Do you like her breasts? They are magnificent, aren't they? She used to actually give milk. I trained her to do that. A combination of hormones and precise stimulation. I am going to do that for you as well..."

He stopped touching me and moved to the side so I could see his face. "You will be my dairy cow. I will milk you every day and breed your big round wonderfully fat ass." And with that he started to laugh. Not with mirth or pleasure but with something deeper and primal. He grasped my chin in his strong fingers and forced me to look him in the eye. "Men will pay just as much to fuck a cow as a Tigress. you will become a fine specimen in my farm Mr. Mayor.

Oh yes, I know who you are. "Timothy Bond Waybright, Mayor of Oakwood". Did you think it was a coincidence that your Assistance Chief of Public Policy was there at the Flea at just that moment? No. no Mr. Mayor, he is one of my bitches as well. I had him pass by just to see what you would do. The strong, proud man of the people ran like a scared little girl just as I knew you would. Right into Daddy's arms."

He paused for a moment as if a thought had captured him. "Yes, I think it might be fitting if I offered your sissy pussy to him as a sort of employee bonus, don't you?" He slapped my ass at that and laughed driving the plug home to make the point.

"Please, I haven't done anything to you. Let me go, I'll change, I'll give him a raise...I'll."

"SHUT UP, COW!" He shouted, slapping my face. "You do not have permission to speak. In fact, we need something for this cow to put in her mouth and we need to start the breeding process." From somewhere outside of my field of vision I could hear someone fumbling with something.

"Open your cud, cow," he said. I opened my mouth to protest again and something like a hard rubber bit was shoved between my teeth and strapped around my head. I dimly registered Maquisha peripherally clapping her hands in glee and hopping up on her knees to watch behind the glass. "Please remove the bar my pet," he instructed her. Still cuffed I pulled my hands free but discovered at some point while I was distracted a long bar had been attached to my ankles so I couldn't run, couldn't even walk. The man, Daddy or Master or whoever he was, shoved me shuffling over to the divan. All I could do was bend at the waist to support myself with my cuffed hands.

Jack was there grinning with pleasure enjoying the show and he grabbed my hands, attaching them quickly to an anchor point hidden in the folds of cloth. "This couch has such a history Tina. it's a funny name for a cow, but I think it suits you. You are about to be part of that history. I am going to cut all your clothes off now Tina. I may let you have new panties after this, oh and you will be fitted for a bra to hold your udders. As a matter of fact, you will need new ones all the time as we will make your udders grow into enormous bags for men to suck on".

The click of a knife sounded very loud in the quiet space, punctuated by the excited soft moans coming from Maquisha. Jack's face was grinning close to my own.

The bit was causing me to drool constantly onto the divan. I thought about kicking out somehow, maiming my assailant, but what would I do next. Jack certainly wouldn't help me and I couldn't run. I tried to yell for help but all I could manage was a guttural yell muffled by the gag.

Then I felt a cold steel blade against my back. For a frightening moment I thought he would stick me and my life would bleed out there in the most degrading death ever, but instead it began slicing up the inside of my t-shirt. He did it slowly, achingly slow. The dull side of the blade tracing a line up my spine, the cutting edge parting the cloth. My shirt fell to either side like wings on my pudgy arms.

I felt him trace a line, inch by gliding inch up my leg to my crack and then up the crack to the plug. He pirouetted the point of his blade on the faux jeweled top of the plug, pushing it ever so slightly. My breath caught as my imagination went wild with fear. With a quick flick of the blade my pants parted

I felt cool air on my bottom. My new master was taking his time, enjoying the smell of my fear as much as the grunts and moaning pleas as I tried to beg for mercy. He started again at my other pant leg and soon all my clothes were in tatters around me.

I was hunched over, naked to a strange and evil man who knew who I was, and was unintimidated. In that moment I felt deep shame. The once proud leader of men, pillar of the community, future candidate for Governor and who knows how far I could go, was reduced to the lowest point of my life at the hands of a stranger. And yet, I felt the stirrings of something else too. I felt a kind of rightness. My fear was changing in the darkness of my perverted mind and something else more primal was taking its place.

"You have been wearing this toy in your ass for a long time today haven't you Tina?" he whispered. Your cunt must be all stretched out and ready for a bull like me to mount you."

I did need to be rid of that plug, I suddenly realized. My pussy was burning and itchy and alive with sensation. I could feel his hot hands on my fat round cheeks. He slapped them repeatedly and the pain and sharp sound caused me to yelp in fear. Rough fingers grasped the end of the plug and pulled it sharply out without any warning. The sudden pain was replaced with a great emptiness and I moaned into my bit.

"You have a nice cunt there Tina. It even smells like a farm now!" he laughed. My cock was now rock hard and aching to be touched. Maquisha was laughing somewhere in the back ground and Jack was jumping up and down like a little boy at Christmas in front of me.

"Master is going to fuck you good now!" Jack exclaimed. "You so lucky. Master has the most wonderful cock ever! He is going to pound you like a fat cow tina...ha ha ha. Oh, and Master cums gallons too."

That's when I felt it. Like a probing snake looking for a hole to hide in. The tip of his man cock sliding up my fat pussy crack. Sliding up and down my sweaty hole. "Are you ready Tina?" my tormentor asked. "Are you ready to become my latest creation? Become the cow you were meant to be? Once my cock fills your cunt with cum it will be all over for you. You will never want another woman near you. You will always be mine. Cum from my man meat will fill your nasty animal hole and you will be mine forever." He paused for a moment. Still sliding his cock up and down my cunt hole.

"Perhaps I should give you a choice." He whispered. "If I turned you loose now tina and let your run naked from this place would you go? Would you run to your car and return to your wife? Would she ever satisfy you again after you have seen Maquisha? Would she satisfy after you have felt my man cock at your hole? Would you like a taste of my cock while your try to decide?"

This nightmare figure, strutted slowly around the divan and I could now see his impressively fat, engorged cock, half a foot sticking past his fist. "I'm going to take out the gag now and shove my cock down your throat Tina. You don't have permission to talk, you may not cry out. You may only suck and gag do you understand?

I hesitated with my head down, my mind twisting and turning with fear and overarching lust. Some part of me wanted him to take me, to go back and ram his cock deep into my aching empty pussy. Another part wanted that monster man meat in my mouth and the drooling had increased for it. Still, a smaller voice was screaming in my brain to take his offer and run! I looked up into his deep blue eyes and knew which choice I would make.

His hands were calm and gentle as he unstrapped the gag from my head. His face almost fatherly for a moment and he stepped closer. The head of his dripping cock was now inches from my face and he smiled two words.

"Kiss it."

I hesitated again, but only for a moment. My lips parted on their own and my head moved towards him. I pursed my lips and kissed the tip of his cock. He reached out and patted my cheek as you would an animal you were very fond of. Then his hand cupped the back of my head and he rammed his cock deep into my throat. I was caught unaware and could only gasp and cough. I began to choke and felt my gorge rise. The drooling became profuse and coated his cock running down my neck. He held me for a short time like this and I felt I would die from lack or air. Slowly he moved back allowing me to breathe, a split second of air and then shoved back in...all the way.

"Do you love my cock Tina?" he growled. "Am I the bull you have wanted all your life you pathetic cumslut? Here take it again, take more, take it all! SUCK MY BULL COCK YOU COW!!" And with that he slammed his huge man meat into my mouth and throat over and over. I had no time to get used to it, I could only hunch there, legs spread wide, arms shackled to the bed supporting my heavy body while this incredible man used me like his personal hole.

And then he stopped.

"Did you enjoy that little taste Tina? You may thank me." He said simply.

My throat was so dry and sore I could only croak a muted response.

He grabbed my chin in his strong hands and pulled my eyes up to his. "I said you may thank me cow!"

"Yes.," I croaked. "Thank you."


"Thank you, Daddy." I muttered meekly.

"Better. So now that you have had your first taste are you ready to run or do you want my cock deep in your hole? Do you want me to fuck you cow? Are you ready to be added to my breeding herd?"

Someone whispered so softly I couldn't hear my own response; couldn't believe they were my own words. I could not deny them any more...

"Yes Master..."

With that, the preliminaries were over. I could hear Maquisha clapping her hands and licking her lips. Jack had at some point moved around and was seated on the floor between my legs. His mouth was teasing my aching clitty. His tongue flicking out and dancing across the head. Then he would run his tongue up the length of it and then wash my balls. Pre cum ran down from my cock head and he lapped at it then stopped. He Giggled slightly and stopped his teasing tongue.

Then Master was back at my cunt hole. His huge cockhead pushing firmly at my entrance but not going in. He held it there for long moments and I realized what he wanted. He wanted me to do it to myself. He wanted me to impale myself on my master's meat stick. It would be the ultimate submission.

I could always say that I had been tied, teased tortured into my situation, but if I did this to myself, I could never deny that I made him fuck me. Shoving my sissy cunt back onto my Master's cock meant I was willingly becoming his servant, his cow.

Yet I did it. I squeezed my fat boi pussy back onto his monstrous cock and kept pushing. Swallowing his fuck stick deep, all the way to the innermost part of my being and became his. I held him there and used my sissy pussy muscles to squeeze him so he would have no doubts. And then he began to move. He moved like a freight train. Like a prize fighter who knows he is the champ. Like a man on a mission he slid his length slowly out and slammed it back. I felt ever ripple, every vein of his cock within my pussy walls. He almost pulled it entirely out and I mewed with disappointment but he shocked me by slamming it back, all the way home again.

"YES MASTER!" I screamed. "Fuck me, Fuck MEEE"

"Moo like a cow you cunt," he snarled in my ear.

"MOOOOOOOOO...ooo fuck" I cried.

"Yes, you are my new fat cow, my fat sissy cow cunt who is going to take my cum and give me calves."


"I'm going to fill you full of hormones so your udders will grow and put you on a milking machine at night you fat bitch! Your tits will grow so big you will have to walk on all fours and drag them on the ground. We will bring in real men, bulls to fuck your fat cunt and you will suck their cocks and make money for my stable."

"That's it my fat cow bitch, take that cock and then I'm going to fill you with my cum and make you mine forever." His hips pistoned over and over, hard into me, His cock was an iron rod deep in my pussy. I lost consciousness for a few seconds with the erotic pleasure of it all but he shocked me back again and again.

His cock seemed to grow hotter and harder, his breathing more labored and I could tell he was close to filling me with his cum. I squeezed as hard as my overused cunt could squeeze to milk him into me. I could feel him grow hotter and larger still inside me and he pushed me flat on my face on the sofa.

And then Master came in my cunt. He came so much I could feel it expanding me, changing me... mutating me into something else.

"Moo for me Tina..."

I mooed for my master, my daddy, my dream man. I knew I was his cow forever.


It was high time Jack came to tend to me. He knew I needed my udders rubbed down with bag balm or else the machine would chafe me and my milk wouldn't flow. Jack usually enjoys taking good care of me. Sometimes he sneaks in to suck my big cow clitty and even licks my ovaries. He keeps my stall clean and I have even developed a liking for the salad he feeds me.

My tits had, as Daddy promised, been manipulated and exercised and treated and grown. I now had a 55 HH chest and a belly that stuck out beyond them. I don't remember when, but Daddy thought it would be funny if I had a tail. So when my pussy isn't being used I am plugged with a cow tail plug. My ass was so wide it hardly fit through the barn door and my cunt is sloppy and gaping from all the abuse it receives from visits by my Master and other Dom Bulls. Master has sold the use of my cow cunt to many men and they use me as they fit. It's amazing what nasty old men will pay to do.

They each get a free jug of milk with the price of admission too.


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