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Taking her tennis partner’s temperature

Joe's temperature

"Come on, Joe" Mandy said. "You want to play again tomorrow, don't you? Let’s take your temperature to see if you are okay". Joe sweated strong. "Put your arms over your head" Mandy told him. With that, she pulled the sweat-soaked T-shirt over Joe's head. She walked to the side of the training table and took hold of Joe's jockstrap at the waist. "Lift up" Mandy ordered. Joe did and she lowered the jock off of her tennis partner. As she lowered the jockstrap, Joe's cock slapped back onto his stomach.

A little chagrined, Joe said "Mam, sorry about that." "It felt sorta good when you told me to take my temperature and it just happened" nodding toward his semi erect tool. "Yeah" Mandy said. "It happens to you" she confided. "Don't sweat it." Joe seemed to relax at that.

"Let's dry you off a little and see if we can't lower your thermostat a bit" Mandy said. She picked up a towel and began to wipe off Joe's hair. She moved to her play partner's chest, did his arms, and armpits. She then wiped Joe's legs noting that his erection hadn't subsided. With that, she wiped Joe's groin. She had him bring his knees up with his feet flat on the table. With this, she toweled Jonathan's balls then asshole.

"Feeling a little cooler?" Mandy asked. "Not at all" Joe replied. "Bad" said Mandy. "Guess we should see what’s your temperature is." With that, Mandy placed a pad of KY on Joe's belly where he could see it. She took the thermometer and rolled it around in the jelly. Joe watched in fascination and anticipation. Mandy reached over Joe's hard dick and felt it brush against her arm as she reached between the boy's legs and spread his hole. With her other hand, Mandy inserted the thermometer and heard him moaning a little. Her arm felt the hard dick give a twitch as she inserted it.

Mandy wasn't sure it was possible but it seemed that Joe's cock got even harder. As she held the thermometer in place, she could feel Jonathan slowly moving his cock against her arm. With this, Mandy gave the thermometer a twist and felt Joe thrust upward. Mandy pushed the thermometer inward a bit, then pulled it back.

Joe had closed his eyes and every time Mandy moved the thermometer, she felt Jonathan shudder beneath her. Mandy was rubbing her own aroused pussy against the side of the table. She gave the thermometer another twist and Joe cried "Mam!" before shooting load after load across his belly and onto his chest.

Mandy withdrew the thermometer as the last globs were coming from Joe's hardness and her own wetness was deposited in her underwear. Joe lay there, exhausted. He opened his eyes and looked at Mandy who was smiling at him.

"Dude, that's about the most come I've ever seen in my life!" Mandy said. "Guess it's been building up for a while, ya know?" "Practice and all" Joe said. "Yeah, I can understand that." "But it was pretty cool anyhow" Mandy said. Joe saw that Mandy was not pissed, but cool about it. andy picked up the towel she had wiped Jonathan off with earlier and began wiping the spooge from his chest, belly, and cock.

Joe said, "Thanks Mam." "I appreciate you taking care of me." "No problem" said Mandy. "It was my pleasure." "You had better go hit the showers then head back to your room." "You'll want to be ready for the game tomorrow."