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My boyfriend the Surgery

Part 1

My hands are shaking on the string wheel as I pull up the driveway of his large New York estate. I and Sebastian meet online last year we clicked instantly. when I found out he was a doctor who also shares my medical fetish I was so excited. today is the first time we meeting in person, I get my suitcase out of my truck then I knock on the front door nervously the door open slowly revealing Sebastian. he looks even better in person he's the same age as me tall with a very toned muscle body his jet black hair is offset perfectly by his bright blue eyes. "Alex it's lovely to finally meet you" "you too Sebastian" I smile awkwardly as he invites me to the grand lavish house. After a nice long conversation over a cup of coffee, Sebastian suggests we go down to the exam room. I can't wait to see it he leads me down to the basement where We step into the most beautiful playroom I've ever seen. it's fully decorated and equipped like a real hospital exam room I walk around the bed taking in the magnesium room. "the gowns are in the bottom cabinet farted on the left I'll be back in a minute" Sebastian Chuckles leaving me along. I retrieve one of the green gowns and strip naked I climb up on the table a short while later, Sebastian comes back but now he's dressed in navy blue scrubs with a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck. "what do think?" "You look amazing Sebastian" "at at at from now on its dr. Steal do you understand" "yes doctor" "good girl let's start with your vitals." he tacks my hand checking my pulse dr. steal slips a cuff around my arm and begins to take my BP. "now I'm going to take your temperature roll over on to your side please" I smile knowing what's about to happen I hear him snap on gloves He parted my cheek and with a gloved finger rubs lube around my rectum. "I'm going to insert a thermometer into your anus" He slid the thin rod into my anus holding it there for a few minutes before sliding it out . “perfect sit up I’m gonna listen to your heart”, He slips the stethoscope from around his neck then slips it under my gown and lays it on my chest.“Give me some deep breaths” He says. I do as he says and after a couple of seconds, he places the stethoscope back around his neck. Dr.steal pulls a tongue dispenser out "Open up and say 'ahh'", he says grabbing a penlight out of his pocket. I open my mouth and say "Aaah". He rests the popsicle-stick looking thing on my tongue and flashes the light at my throat. After a few seconds, he removes it and throws it in the wastebasket. "Alright lay down, I need to feel your stomach region", I lay down on the table as dr. steal pulls up my gown to just below my chest "I'm going to press in a few places, you just tell me if hurts or anything okay?" He asks. "yes doctor" He begins to press on certain parts of my stomach paying extra attention to the bottom part of my stomach Nothing hurts, which is a good thing. "I'm going to place an IV and feeding tube now try to relax" It took only a moment for him to gather the needed supplies. He wrapped a rubber strap around My left wrist I was instructed to make a fist. Dr.steal lightly slaps the back of My hand a couple of times to make the veins stand up. After selecting the vein he would use he wipes the site with a betadine swab, followed by alcohol. He picks up a small syringe, uncaps the needle and anaesthetists the area with a local anaesthetic. Taking the 18 gauge IV catheter in hand he skillfully inserts it into the vein, Blood appears in the flash chamber and Dr.steal slowly threads the plastic catheter into the vein. "Oww Sebastian that fucking hurt" he lightly slaps me across the face and grabs me by the chin forces me to look at him. his face was serious "listen young lady I will not tolerate that kind of language. I told you ones in here you are to call me dr. steal nothing else this is your final warning do you understand." "yes doctor I'm sorry" he takes my hard ones more The needle is withdrawn, leaving the catheter in place. The IV tubing is connected and checked to make sure it was flowing. The site is covered with a clear Opsite dressing and the loose tubing looped around and secured to My forearm with tape. he moves onto the feeding tube he takes measures from my nose to my stomach. Opening the package that contains the nasogastric catheter and marking it to the right length He needs to insert it into my stomach.

he put a small amount of K-Y jelly on the end of the nasogastric catheter and slowly introduce it into my nasal cavity, as He advances it deeper Dr.steal hands me a small cup of water and tells me "If you feel like you are going to gag take a sip of the water and you will be fine.” I look at him and nod my head yes I heard him and understood him He continues to slowly advance the nasogastric catheter deeper and deeper until He gets to his mark.

he then tapes it to the outside of my nose connecting it to a large bag filled with a beige coloured .liquid "now roll on to your left side again for me I need to do a rectal exam" He parted my cheek and with his gloved finger he massages lub into my anus. He used a circular motion and gradually increased the pressure until his finger slipped past my anal sphincter. He pushes his finger deep inside my rectum probing for any irregularities. "You have some stool here, we'll have to get you cleaned" dr. steal leaves then comes back with an IV pole.

"Have you ever had an enema before Alex?" "No I haven't" "well This is going to be a little uncomfortable but you'll be fine," Dr.steal tells me "I want you to lay on your left side that's it, now let's bend your leg a bit more, there. Are you comfortable?" I nod. Dr.steal puts on another pair of latex gloves. "I'm going to put some more lubricant on your anus and into your rectum, that will make the nozzle go in more comfortably, just relax now." Dr.steal applied a generous amount of lubricant to My anus and massages it thoroughly. His finger entered My rectum slightly and was then withdrawn to be replaced by a hard plastic nozzle, it went deep inside me. "There we are, I'm going to start the flow now, let me know if you feel any abdominal cramping. He opens the valve to let the warm water flow into My bowels. Fifteen minutes later "I'm feeling some cramping now," I tell him. He reaches up to adjust the flow and then gently massages My stomach. "Is that better?" he asked. "Much better, thanks," "This bag has finished anyway, I'm going to remove the nozzle now, Hold the fluid inside you for as long as you can" I manage to hold the enema for about twenty minutes before running to the bathroom.

"For the next step of our little exam, I'm going to perform a Brest and pelvic exam so if you can just lower the front of your gown for me." Starting with my left breast he firmly palpated my breast. He finished that breast by cupping it in his hand and squeezing the nipple I gasped a little as he did so. He repeated the process on the right breast. When he finished his exam of my breasts he pulls my gown back up into place Dr.steal loosens a knob on each side of the exam table and slid the stirrups into position. He guides My feet, one after the other, into the stirrups You're going to feel me touching you down here Alex, Just relax." He snaps on a new pair of gloves I jump when he first touches me. I can feel him pulling and tugging on my lips I can feel my fluid oozed from my vagina. he pulls back my clit hood with his thumb he slowly starts rubbing Circles on my exposed clit it feels so good I start to wiggle my hip a little. dr. steal smirks before stopping then without warning he pushes two fingers inside of me he can feel my tight muscles. I let out a low moan as the doctor's fingers enter me.

Dr.steal chucks "try and relax your muscles for me Alex"

I take a few deep breaths relaxing as much as possible. "Good now I'm just going to feel your uterus, cervix, Fallopian tubes, and ovaries I'm going to be pressing on your stomach as well." He presses hard on my stomach with one hand and pokes around inside of me with the other. "Any pain or discomfort?" "No dr.steal" "good I'm going to use a speculum now Alex," he said holding up the shiny metal object coating it gratuitously in lube that was entirely unnecessary. He pushes the cool metal in slowly, pulling it out to reposition, slowly putting it back in a few times over before I finally feel it stretching me. I can both feel and hear it. The clicking sounds seemed to echo in the quiet of the room, When I don't feel like I can stretch anymore it stops. I feel a small pinch as dr. steal takes samples from my cervix then slowly removes the speculum from my vagina. " now Alex the for the last part of this exam I'm going to insert a catheter he gets up and retrieves a small package from a cabinet he empties the contents onto a metal Tray. he lays sterile drapes over my pelvis leaving only my vagina exposed I gasp as He starts to clean my vaginal area with the anticipation solution. he uncoiling the awful length of yellow rubber, holding it in his gloved hand as he applied the lubricant to the catheter using his gloved fingers to spread apart my labia and pull upwards, revealing the opening To my urethra. the tip of the catheter pushed into the sensitive flesh of my urethral canal. "Ouch," I Yelp the burning and stinging pain spreading through my vagina but, dr. steal ignores my exclamation of pain and just keeps pushing the catheter in until it's securely inside my bladder. "well Alex everything is looking good now it's time for your surgeries."


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