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Men's apartment building.

Party toy

Joe finally like 11:00 p.m. that night him and four other old fat guys showing the other apartments here show up and they all pull up a chair. I'm trapped in the middle of them all between them and the wall.

I'll take their pants socks and shoes and underwear off. They have beer, cigarettes and cigars.

He says get busy on us boy. Toes to belly button both sides and drink everybody's asshole and then suck our cocks.

I suck his toes all the way up to his ass while eating his ass and then I suck his cock.

Every guy here is just a little heavier and a little better than him but they're all just exactly how I like them.

They all stink too.

about 4:00 in the morning. They're all done with me.

One of them says, “I know want to do with him we can put them in one of the bathrooms out there we were in the bathroom there for whoever wants him this weekend. All day today and all day tomorrow .”

They'll get to leave they all take me to this bathroom in the hallway chain mine put to that wrap his big chain around what's wrong and they want it through my ankle cuff.

Bring me some bottled water and some crackers. Big box of the four long packs of saltines whole six pack of bottled water.

They leave. I am in this small old smelling old men's apartment building hallway bathrooms

A couple hours before anybody comes ingo the bathroom.

When somebody finally does it's this big old man. 6'7 250.

Thomas is just down on the toilet. Says,"Gett your mouth over here boy."

Find a position myself and he grabs my head and crams his cock down my throat. He fucmss my face for a good couple hours.

He leave me a pair of dirty socks

Another old fat guy comes and makes me eat his ass. He fucks my ass.

As he leaves me another pair of socks.

An old guy wants his feet licked he walks in barefoot he step on some nasty sticky spots on the floor first.

How's everyone does more socks

The next guy just comes in and piss all over me.

More socks

Oh my God comes in and takes a big shit out of me blow him while he's doing it..

For the long line of disgusting guys throughout the day and the rest of the night too.

Have a huge pile of dirty sticky smelly socks.

The same thing on Sunday.

Only Monday morning they unchain me and give memy clothes.

Old man says,"we'll still bust you as a Burglarizing sex offender get your mom fired too if you're not back here next Friday 7:00 a.m. Sharp.

I said I have to work Friday

We don't care if you have to lose your job you're going to be here 7:00 a.m. Sharp. We will turn you in for a sex burglar. And your mom will lose her job.

I was still young and dumb and believe they're bullshit.

The next weekend I was taking advantage of even more so. I licked feet, sucked cock, got fucked the ass. Multiple guys, multiple times.

Went home bow legged and nasty Monday morning. I had a big bag of socks.

I spend another weekend there chained to the sink drain. Again I came with big bunch of socks when I went home..

Same thing next weekend in my mom didn't have to work there anymore so that was the end worrying about that but I couldn't help myself I had to go back to that same old man.

I went back to his apartment and looked his feet and legs on number of times. And he used me good but he didn't put me out like he did before. There was a couple other guys I went to their apartments but nothing major certainly not chained sink drain.

It was nicely in their apartments do my job and go home.