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Men's apartment building.

Spending the weekend

was there at 6:55.

I walked in.

He said to get all your clothes off.

Once I did, he sat on your knees.

I got all my knees..

He puts an ankle cuff on me, and change it to the wall.

I say, “you can't do this ”

Do you want me to turn you in as a burglar and possibly have sex cri.e mom to get fired.?"

He takes my clothes. He goes out his door in back into the hallway.

Where the hell in my clothes go?

He's going about 3 minutes and then comes back.

He tales this shoe socks pants and underwear off and sits down his recliner. Toes to belly button boy.

I suck his cock

Then after I was done sucking him off, u asking for my clothes back and he said no you'll get them back when I'm ready for you too.

You are going to stay the whole day as well tonight. Maybe I'll let you go tomorrow morning.

I said ,"you just can't keep me like this"

He says," You as burglar and sex offender. Then get your mom fired"

Get over here and be my footstool wherever you'd like me to put my feet on you just make sure that's the spot for need to put my feet.

So I think about it. I don't want to get busted with a sex offender burglar. I'm can't get my mom fired.

He says you're taking too long to just lay down in your back and put your face right there I'll use your face for my footstool.

And he put his feet on my face. Who were there at least four or five hours till afternoon.

Then he wants me to lick him again. Boy that's what I want. I'll let him up on toes up to his belly button

Kind of rolls over in the recliner. He sayz “ Come on clean up my ass craack boy get all through there.”

I say I don't I can't eat ass I can't do it. I can't eat ass no.

You said “ff you don't worry yourself and you want to go home and knock your mommy fired but get your damn tongue up there!

I said “no”

He said that's fine but you're not leaving here or getting your clothes back till you do it so if you want to stay here forever that's fine.

The nursing company for his mom's employer I'm start dialing the number

I start lick ing at his ass all through his crack finally he makes me clean and his asshole out.

I'm just going to sit down there in the middle floor enjoy yourself with his boy. He hands me his shoes.

I love how bad is shoes stink. Myself and he says nope can't play with yourself yet not yet.

He Takes the shoes back away from me.

She says so now I want you to lick every one of my shoes clean. All I'm home clean they should be nice and didn't clean only with your tongue."

It's some bottles of water too giives them to me.

You should start with thE Berkenstocks. I'll just sit there and look at them like they're candy. Takes me about 20 minute.

Next is his Old worn Nikes. It took a while.

It's now 8pm. and I'm about done with all these shares the last pair right now. It's a pair of clogs

He asked, “do you have a job or anything.”

I didn't think about it because I forgot out of here but I told the truth,"no I got put all the army for homosexuality."

“ oh that you need to stop it offers I said homosexual honey and I'm going to bust you as sex offender burglar

This is your new job, your working the weekend. ”

It's not get over here and lick my ass. You don't have to use your tongue in my hole yet but when everything Ilicked then I'll give you a break. He

He says" boy that's it your job now boys I just for fun it's your job."

I say,"not as bad as I thought

Hee says you're going to learn a lot of things you didn't know you liked this weekend."

Now your click but every spot of the floor that I stepped and you're going to follow me as I go

He stands up in takes a stop and points

That's a rough one but I'll get started.

We work our way to the bathroom and he sits down on the toilet.

He says now lick my feet and legs while they're on the toilet hair and lift the toilet too.

No That's gross!

It's her job you don't get a choice when your boss tells what you got to do your work I'm your boss now.

I start doing it and it is a long I start liking it that's why it's hot. I'll walk behind this old man looking more I'm supposed to and do what he says.

And then I lick every step you take back to the recliner.

And then he tells me a way back down and get my face down there for his what store again.

He puts an ankle cuff on me.

He said I'm going to bed boy you'll be here in the morning when I want you