Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

hey stupid Where's your mouth supposed to be.

This morning it's just my ball shocker and a diaper.

Mark takes my mom home.

And we eat breakfast and everything.

And dad's friends comes around 9:00 .

Today he is always he is out the humiliate the hell out me.

hey stupid where's your mouth supposed to be?

I get my mouth on his cock. God damn cheaper there today.

About an hour later he comes while you still talking to his friends. I'm not sure if he even noticed he did but ai did I'm still sucking nice wall at all.

Oh God damn I go down my knees cuz my balls get shocked hard I curl up.

Okay okay stupid.

A shocked my balls again.

Fucking God damn.

Listen up retarded pay attention

I'm on my knees looking at him.

Chuck's my balls and says get my pants off boy.

I get his pants off. My socks and shoes and underwear too stupid. Hurry up you fat fucking retard.

Prince Francis that's kind of hard little boy isn't it.

Dad says oh hell he's not even smart enough to know or talking about the only thing he's smart enough to do is. Put his mouth on my cock. God damn it's comfortable.

God damn I'll keep my mouth on it too