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Maddie's introduction

Jill and I had been spanking friends for several years. We played as frequently as possible and initially Jill defined her role solely as recipient with no interest in switching. Recently, she had suggested a desire to explore being top sometimes and her desire to redden my bottom. So, recently, our sessions had become more varied. Lately, we had been discussing her idea for a scene where she was my strict boss and would be punishing me for work-related issues. As we converged on the ‘plan’, Jill diverted the conversation to a new topic - her friend Maddie. A few months earlier, she had asked about revealing our spanko relationship to Maddie. I was ok with the idea assuming Maddie would keep the information confidential. Jill had enjoyed sharing summaries of our play to Maddie and mentioned to me how fascinated Maddie was by our exploits. Jill’s diversion was an unexpected request - Maddie had wanted to propose that I punish her for some real life behaviors - a recent traffic ticket, general procrastination and bad attitude at work. Besides the request to be punished - something that was an enthusiastic ‘yes’ from me - she wanted Jill to be present - mostly for morale support but also to record the session on video.

Jill and I had frequently discussed the notion of recording our sessions but had not acted upon the idea yet. The ability to replay the session later was appealing to us both and the ice-breaker of beginning with a session with Maddie was a nice way to start.

I told Jill to have Maddie reach out to me directly. I appreciated the rationale for initiating the request through our mutual friend but I felt a one-on-one conversation was critical. Almost immediately, I got an email from Maddie, outlining her recent misadventures and her desire to feel consequences. I knew she had talked with Jill about her spankings from me and had seen first-hand the aftermath. I replied, “Happy to help. You probably already know this from Jill, but my punishment spankings are not lighthearted. They are always on the bare and will provide the consequences you seek but know that you will leave with a very sore bottom that you likely will feel for days afterward.”

“Yes, Jill and I have talked about this. I am a newbie but eager to get started,” Maddie replied.

We arranged to meet at my place over lunch the day after tomorrow. Jill arrived first - a few minutes early - and Maddie was five minutes late. I scolded her on the virtues of punctuality in addition to her other transgressions and confirmed that her tardiness would be addressed at the end of the session. I had instructed her to wear a skirt for this session and she had worn something light and summery that would be easy to flip up and out of the way. I sat on a low ottoman and beckoned her close, nodding at Jill to begin recording, “Over my knee, young lady,” I chided. “Your behavior has earned you a spanking you’ll not soon forget.” I guided her over my lap and flipped up the skirt and quickly tugged down her panties and I had to pause for a moment. The exposure of any female bottom is a reason for admiration but this was a world-class butt. I began with my hand, spanking for a minute or so, then a pause to scold and touch, some more spanking, etc., until Maddie’s entire bottom was a wonderful pinkish hue. I switched to my trust bath brush and announced, “That was for procrastination and this…,” giving each cheek a hard whack, “…is for your work attitude.” I started to paddle her bottom, covering the pink with swats and once well-covered, focused on the sit spots. That convergence deepened the color and eventually started to blanch a bit with desiccation. I paused again and helped Maddie to stand, then lay facedown on the ottoman. I pulled out my belt and asked her to repeat the speeding violation - fifteen miles over the limit - and gave her fifteen hard strokes very slowly so that the burn of one would mostly subside before the arrival of the next. Finally, I had her stand and bend over the ottoman. She watched as I extracted my paddle, Buster, from a cabinet. “This is for being tardy,” I noted and tapped the heavy oak plank against her bottom. Five hard swats deepened the emerging bruises on her sit spots and caused a few tears to leak onto the seat of the ottoman.

Maddie tenderly pulled her panties over her inflamed bottom and smoothed her skirt. She gave me a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered in my ear and then left. I put Buster away and the was moving towards the door myself.

“Not so fast, mister,” Jill scolded. “Your work has been substandard recently and I know a response that will get your attention.” Jill had shifted back to the scene we had been discussing when the whole matter with Maddie arose. She now sat on the ottoman and beckoned me closer. She unfastened my belt and pants and pulled slacks and underwear clear in one smooth motion. She guided me over her lap and gave me a long hand spanking. I was overwhelmed at how hard she spanked with just her hand and was relieved when she seemed to finish. “Bend over the ottoman,” she ordered, pulling my belt free of my pants and then giving my already stinging ass a dozen sharp lashes. My butt was so very sore and I hoped she was finished. Sitting down this afternoon was going to be rough. She turned me around, “We can’t have you returning to work like that,” she teased, looking at my erection. She sank to her knees and gently tugged me before taking me into her mouth. I knew I would not last long under the intense stimulus from her hands and mouth.

“I’m very close,” I warned and she hummed something like ‘Uh huh’ and kept going, her eyes locked on mine. I emptied into her mouth and she ingested the warm, salty protein-laden emission and licked her lips. She kissed my still twitching boner and then stood and kissed me on the mouth. The scent and taste of spunk was prominent and almost intoxicating.

“I’ve had some issues myself at work,” she noted. “Can you drop by this evening to get me on the straight and narrow?”


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