Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

My mom comes to dinner.

After that wild night on stage getting my ball shot for Dad and in front all his friends at one of his clubs. I'm finding out it truly has been a conspiracy this whole damn time is my daddy dumb has been talking to my real mom a whole lot.

Today she's coming up for dinner. She's going to find out about all this except for the glory details of sex.

God dammit dad you're an a****** for involving my mom. I'm not allowed to talk anymore but I'm allowed to talk to her for the day and after that I never allowed to talk again while I'm indentured to Dad. Asshole is going to bring her.

Dad wakes me up at 11:00 it's almost lunch time I didn't know we slept in he did too but it's his rules so it's when he wants.

We get up and we get our showers.

Again the first thing that gets put on me is my shocking ball harness. That is so enjoying strapping it on me for this second morning in a row. He's just happy and smiling and content as can be put it on me.

It's embarrassing and it hurts but I do it because I love Dad and I have submitted to suffer for him and his pleasure.

He gets angrily and nastily and that's part of my new engagement agreement too Although he's happy with me, and as always no matter how mad or angerly he gets at me as long as I submit to My punishment were good friends instantly again.

This mornings, he happily and English snaps at my ass, “get your fucking stupid ass over here and step into your goddamn Diaper you retarded fucking boy. Matt get your retarded ass over here now. Step into your diaper mat now your diaper Now Matt."

He was always stripping commanding before but he just keeps repeating himself naturally now today. How my life's going to be now.

I it makes me so anxious that he is like that even though he's not really mad he's really happy he gets to do it now.

I'm now seriously anxious , damn anxious , with every step that I make or every to e that he takes. That's what I wanted so bad and now I've got it. I hate it it's but I love it it makes me so damn hard and so seriously horny .

However seriously anxious I am. I'm just as seriously horny. That's why I wanted to be a sub.

Just like he said everyday I become more seriously emotionally dependent on his every pleasure, mood and especially my Lord God and savior his cocks every whim and sexual desire.

I didn't realize it was going to be quick and start just like it did last night and today so worried more than ever before.

If he's mad like my balls could pay if he's happy and wants to have to fun my balls will pay. And I deserve to have my balls punished for my seriously horniness. I'm a hypersexual and my balls make me stupid.. that's why I'm here wearing all this baby shit and a diaper and having my ball shocked with his every pleasure and whm.

Nothing more I could ask for them to be anxious and horny with every step I take for every tone that he takes.

And it's not drama there's is no fighting he's right that's that I don't even get to talk about it I don't get to talk. Now except for today with my mom comes this will be my last day of talking I guess unless she comes up again talk to me. I guess she's the only person I'll ever talk to again as long as I'm indentured to Dad.

Today dad he has new clothes for me after I get into my diaper in my plastic. He bought them especially for my mom today.

My plastic pants are bright baby boy no designs or anything just meal and baby blue 0 they stick out the address or anything they're very noticeable. I think that's on purpose.

Then he has big new thick padded diapers for me. They're three times if not more than my diapers I've worn before. They pulled out seriously everybody's going to know I'm in a diaper no matter what I have over them. Again I think that's the point but at least they're soft comfortable and dry. I'm happy about that.

So before my onesies and the things on them was getting covered up by my overalls. He changed his design. My onesie now has been smaller letters all around the collar. Dad's Cry Baby boy. It goes around the car about four times and it's just a regular t-shirt type scene but the straps don't cover them all up so everybody sees it now of course my mom is going to see it today.

My cap has cars and trucks and stoplights. There's different ones but right in the sides of my forehead and a bit on the top of my head there's these two red lights it says between them warning shit fits. That's just damn perfect dad for my mom to see. You asshole.

Thank God I'm not allowed to talk.

My new overalls have blue trim with baby boy blue on The Seams.

One breast pocket has embroidered on them like a mechanics work work patch. Dad's boy. The other has my name Matt.

That's just wonderful dad.

The back has on one just like the front like the work patches but it's much bigger says dad's boy just like the front.

Dad you're an ass.

My diaper and plastic pants are so big they kind of stick down a little bit out my legs and about my ass on the back.

Again you're an ass dad..

My p****'s have cars and trucks and stop lights just like my cap does.

And then my Bob the builder shoes that are baby blue.

He almost forgot as he snaps the shocker onto my collar. God dammit.

He's dressed very nicely in a casual pants and Polo with a sports jacket.

He has cigars. He has cigarettes for my mom. And chocolate milk and baby bottles for me as well as my diaper bag with all his toys in it. He puts the remotes in his pockets though.

Once we're already we got about 20 minutes till Mark and his subs get everything else.

A number of other subs are cooking dinner for everyone it's going to be a big large family dinner.

He spent some money on it.

He wants to get the remote set so he has them all ready for me all day long.

He says Matt I think I'm going to go with what I went before 25% for standard. He shocks my collar, “stand your ass up you retard Matt.”

Damn it hurts. He's right I'm much faster I stand up God damn quick.

Hey zaps my balls.. God damn it hurts. It's not enough to fall down but I grab them as I lean forward.

I gasp.

Dad says “yeah that's just perfect just like I want it of course unless you're a bad boy and then you damn ass will get it you stupid retard Matt.”

He's so right I'm so stupid for doing this

He puts the safety harness on his wrist and then on mine. Some boys like me can't be trusted might get lost.

In a few minutes and we're off in the van with Mark driving and one of his be subs is in the front with us.

I'm in the backseat of my knees with dad's car in my mouth as usual.

Again it's 40 miles but it's straight road right to my house it doesn't take very. It's also open interstate. long not too many stoplights either.

Were there about 1:30 in the afternoon. Dad calls my mom as we got close so she walks right out and hops in the back seat with me and Dad I'm the boy. So I sit bitch like a good kid.

My mom just cracked up when she steps in and sits down in van.

Mom says, ,"I am so been waiting to see you like this Matt."

I say, “yeah that's great mom.”

My mom totally checks me out and everything about my clothes and how I'm dressed

The first thing she checks out is my baby's cap and she just cracks up about shit fits.

Mom says, “I love it Wayne he's so deserve this for us such a long.”

I say “thanks Mom,.”

They both laugh at me so hard. They both think I really deserve this I guess I damn well do.

Next is my collar. Mom is really impressed.

Mom says, ain't heard about the colors and the different day and lesbian relationships and stuff but why I call her for Matt? "

I start, “well.. ”

Dad cuts me off, “she asked me shut the fuck up matt.”

Dad says to mo., “Well we have a poly family and it's a dominant submissive relationship or a dom sub relationship. We are not equal. I'm the dominant he's the submissive. He belongs to me I'm in charge that's that. . I also can control him by this with nice heavy link matching leash as I please. "

Mom says, “so you don't use the leash all the time.”

Dad says, “well not the that one is very expensive and I don't want to get all beamed up and worn out for everyday use it's only for occasions. ”

Dad says to me, “sure your left hand matt. ”

Dad laughs.

Hold up my left hand and show it to mom and Dad lifts up his too.

She laughs her ass off. says, “an adult heavy duty child safety harness that is so hilarious wayne. ”

Dad says, “yeah it's great like I said he said to cry baby I got to treat him like a damn cry baby. Captain I have to keep him right here.."

Mom says, “oh yes I know ”"

They both laughed their asses off at me.

To continue looking at everything exactly that I have on. She notices Donald loccks on my overall straps. Mom asks, “so you lock his overalls on him. ?”

dad says, “yes. He'll take him off or play with himself. The onesie is also anti-strip on you are nurse. I'm sure you know about them. ”

Mom says, “oh yes I know about that and yeah you have to be careful with him you never walk into his room cuz you know he's watching porn and play with.bimself.”

They both laughed their asses off at me more.

Oh I know I mean he can still do it with all this on but he has to get his hand down in there right and then up the onesies And down in the diaper. He is pretty noticable when he does.

He's not allowed to do that I just can't have it happening all the damn time. He gets plenty of fun with us all he didn't have to do it all the time you are here. There's company or some s*** you don't need to be off somewhere doing that.

Mom asks, “So? You're keeping pretty tight control of him? It seemzs?”

Before Dad can answer her we stop in the driveway and Mark sub gets out and opens the door for us all.

Dad says “we got a good conversation inside let's go have some coffee or tea and kitchen table. We got lots to talk about Matt."

They both laughed their asses off at me again. "

Mom brings in this bag of stuff with her . She was never really big about carrying her purse I wonder what's in it?

We all go to the kitchen table. Dad tells one of our subs to go get boy stool.

It's like one of those stools that you put on a chair for it to sit up but it's a stool that's stand on it own half the height of a chair like one of those so I'm kind of down lower. That's the whole point I'm lower. I'm beneath them.

It's my voice tool dad says come on.

They both laughed my ass again

Dad says to me,, “sit there and shut up man we're talking the adults are going to have a good conversation you just shut up be quiet and sit on your school drink your bottle ”

That kind of reaches for his pocket and I know what's in that pocket it's the goddamn remote's. I'm the act right and suck on my bottle. "

Mom says" I see fairly quick and pays attention to you orders how to get him this way you got to tell me. How did you get him to behave like this for you.? "

Dad laughing that's off .

Dad says to me, “turn around and show her the back of your collar boy.”

I want to do it quickly as bad pulls the remote out of his pocket.

Dad hands at the mom

Dad says to Mom, "when I want his attention I just press this button

Dad says, “press the button mom. Or if you want you can press the little button on it too to raise the power. Where it's at is 25% gets his attention. 50 gets serious if it's really serious 75. Makes him think about what he's doing. '

100% he knows he needs to go take a time out and really think about what's. Really happening."

Dad says," go ahead Mom press the button."

Mom presses the button.

I gasp and grab my neck.m

Mom turned the power up to 50. She presses the button

I gasp hard and look straight at her.

Mom says ,"we could just never get him to take his psych meds and I actually I brought some of those I've been getting his at the doctor he's been giving them to me for Matt. I told him has been up here giving them to me nicely. There if you want them wayne?"

I might take them and keep them for him.

Dad takes the remote back from her and hands are the other one.

Dad says, “ well I got more for you too, I haven't had to use the psych meds because I got more things that work too. Just press that button stops most moments. I like that button. that button Ipretty well getto him to do what I say. Then he pay close attention really. Damn well usually does what I say. He don't want me to have to press that button. He knows to pay attention to what I'm saying and do what I want him to if he is really having a moment 50% will make him pay damn close attention to what he's doing and what I'm saying. 75% means I'm damn well serious. And full power 100% will stop any moment he's having even if he's having a full out screaming shit fit getting in people's faces might break something or get might get violent that will stop it instantly. ”

Mom thinks about it for a minute


Mom says,, “oh my God Wayne does this button?”

Dad says, "Well I told you I'd leave the glory details out but you want to know you just press that button."

Mom says, “I'm sorry Matt I got to know.”

Dad says,"step back from the table and stand up and show your mom like that button does Matt."

Dad says the mom,"it's at 25% now which gets his attention for me and gets him to do I say pretty easily most standard times. If he is having a moment 50% pretty well gets him thinking and doing all I'm saying most times. 75% is for serious moments. 100% full power will stop a screaming shit fit where he stopped to start breaking stomping or might get people's faces."

If you'd like a little bit of revenge cuz I'm sure he's cussed you to both as I know he has Crank that up to 75% and you'll get your revenge . "

You know he has cussed us and I would like a little revenge. Mom cranks the power up pass 65-70 80 85 90 95 and 100% as the full power little red light comes on."

I start breathing hard.

Mom says, “look at him he's already breathing hard.”

Dad says," he knows what's coming"

Mom says, sorry Matt I just got to see."

Mom presses the button.

My balls get shocked hard I'm moan like hell I desperate her hair I can't breathe I lean forward fall down on my knees and lean over my side curling ball and cramp up hard.

Dad says to mom""it doesn't matter what's happening or how serious his shit fit is you press that button that's what happens."

Mom says,"that's really mean Wayne."

I told you I only do it when you scraping stomping my break something or he's in people's faces might get violent. And after that he thinks about what's going on I've had to do it a few times a day to him but never more than. His shit fit is over for a little while and that.. "

She hands it back so dad. He sets at the 25%.

Dad Shocks my balls and says, “get yur ass up off the floor matt and back on your stool matt."

I hop up quick and get my ass back in the stool.

Dad says, "See what I mean mom that's just 25% and I don't have to use that usually he listens to my command so I don't have to use that. It gets attention and let you know he needs to act right. My crank it up to 50 or 75% when I need to be a little more serious and I'm going to use the hotter like that when he needs to quit having a shit fit it right now."

He usually obeys me nicely everyday he's doing better everyday now too. All without meds, no naps are mindless zombie days"

Dad ask me," so even I'm tough on you and I make you act right do you like it here?oo Matt tell your mom would you like to go home with her or do you want to stay here? why do you understand?"

I say “mom even though he's telling me like a great care of me. Really great care of me. There's a lot of fun I just have to act right because you are here today. It feeds me great I get all kinds of good I really like being here with him I don't have to take care of myself but give me my showers he grows me I'm not responsible for anything. I just do what he says. How to say he's strict and the punishments are rough but I really only have to do that things that I like to do that's what he tells me. He makes me do everything but I like everything that he makes me do and they take wonderful cqre of me. He's strict but he makes me do all the things that I like to do the first day I came up here. It's fiun. I don't like the diaper stuff but I love the rest of it. That's why I stay. We're in love..”

Dad says the mom"now I've heard why from him and let's get the hell out of here so we don't have to listen for him all I'm going to take you out to dinner "

Dad says the mark,"you guys can finish cooking take it all downstairs for yourself take Matt back to the bench and let him pray about how he's feeling. Let him pray. I'm going to take the mg keep the van if you guys need to be use it I'll be back in just a few hours I'll take her home myself."

God says the mom, “let's get the hell out of here and go have a nice conversation without his ass and have to worry about all this b******* have a good time.”

They head off as mom says"bye ,"Matt."

Like laughing my ass as they head off together.

Mark says, “get your ass back to the bench boy m”

I start heading to the bench as Mark holds the remote and his hand.

Mark shots my balls and I hurry and get my ass back to the damn bench.

Mark shocks my balls again and I all but tripping fall down hurrying and I get up and get my ass to the bench fast.

I can't believe dad left Mark with the God damn remote fuck you Dad.

Mark comes right up behind me slowly and cops my hands in the wrist cuffs on the rail together. Not just one to the rail this time. I guess that's what Dad meant by praying.

Mark glass as he shocks my balls. And again and again and again.

Mark walks off saying, “ I'll got some cheap shots on a new boy it's nice. Be quiet or I'll come back and get me some more.”

I shut the fuck up the whole time Dad's gone.

It's just about a couple or three hours and I see dad drive up and my mom gets the car with him .

She stays the night.

I'm so happy that dad's back. Really happy I've been anxious though as hell all the time he's gone.

Mom what the fuck are you doing here