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Twice the Fun

Tough to Top

Jana and I had been spanko friends for the better part of a decade. The distance between us prevented as many in-person meetings as we would have liked but we compensated for the lack of frequent physical play with lots of emails and story writing. After a long pause, I was planning a trip near to Jana and we were once again discussing the logistics of a spanking session.

We had sometimes met at a convenient hotel but occasionally at her place if her roommates were away and she had the house to herself. Once we had planned such a meet-up and her roommate Sally’s plans had suddenly changed and Jana was not going to be alone. To my surprise, Jana decided to go ahead. Despite baring her bottom to me for very long, hard spankings, she was at the same time quite modest and private. The idea she would play with her roommate in the house was astonishing. She had confided to Sally about her spanking predilection and that I was coming over to play. When I arrived that night, Sally was in her room but later as our spanking session progressed we heard Sally moving about, first in the kitchen and then watching tv. She winked at me when I left and Jana later told me she was full of questions.

As we planned the upcoming session, Jana mentioned that Sally had become very interested in spanking and wanted to be involved in the next session. She said it like a question but I knew Jana was eager to include her roommate. I was not opposed but the third person would certainly change the dynamic of the event.

“Is she just wanting to watch?” I asked.

“No. She wants in fully,” Jana answered.

I remembered when Jana and I began and things were tentative for us both. Having a newbie and an experienced spankees in the same session would be an interesting challenge. “Do you still want to play the scene like we discussed?” I asked.

“Sure. Sallys all-in for that. Actually, I think she’s even into it as much as I am,” Jana confided. We had talked a bit about some minor role play scenes for upcoming sessions. Jana had liked the idea of naughty school girl. Though the outfits would not be the classic uniform like portrayed in many spanko videos, the women would wear skirts and sweaters. The ‘principal’ would paddle them for cheating. They would leave the house briefly and then return to meet their ‘uncle’ who would punish them ‘at home’.

I arrived at the appointed time and Jana greeted me with a smile and a hug. Sally gave me a nervous wave. We chatted a few minutes and then I did my best to adopt the stern principal persona and scolded them for cheating on the math exam. Both would be receiving ten swats with the paddle, Buster - on their bare bottoms. I had made Buster from half-inch oak. It was considerably smaller than the classic principal’s paddle but quite effective at thoroughly heating a recipient’s bottom. We were in their living room that conveniently had a table that doubled as the principal’s ‘desk’. “Jana, you go first,” I instructed and Jana approached the table, hiked up her skirt and shrugged-down her panties. Ten swats left her bottom very red and I noted visibly aroused. We had both talked about how spanking was sexually stimulating but had never resolved that situation except by ourselves afterwards. Sally now moved into position and prepared herself following the example of her roommate. I started a bit lightly but she seemed to absorb the early swats without much reaction so I increased the intensity for the latter few. Her wide stance provided a clear view of her sex that I was sure showed the traits of excitation.

The two women left for a quick walk around the block - the walk home from school with still stinging bottoms to face the music at home. Spanking Jana had usually left me hard and wanting a friendly hand (or mouth) to relieve the tension. Paddling the two of them had seemingly doubled the pressure. Soon the two returned and I scolded them for the imagined call I had received from the school and then ordered Jana to fetch the bath brush. She complied and I led Sally to the couch, pulled her over my knee, raised her skirt and tugged down her panties. “You two are gonna get the lickin’ of your young lives,” I chided. Then to Jana I ordered, “Set a timer for two minutes on your phone.” She did as instructed and then tapped the start button. I began to paddle Sally’s round bottom with the brush. She began to wriggle and kick and I pinned her legs with my right to steady my target. When I concluded she jumped to her feet and began to rub her bottom. I pulled Jana over my lap and had Sally pause with her dance to set a timer for her roommate. Two minutes of bath brush left Jana’s bottom fiery red and looking very sore.

“Ok. Both of you kneel on the seat of the couch,” I instructed. The adopted the new position with their hands on the back of the couch, causing their very colorful bottoms to jut out as perfect targets. I unbuckled my belt and tapped the doubled leather strap against Sally’s bare tush and then gave it six hard, quick strokes. The same to Jana and then back to Sally. When both had absorbed a dozen lashes, I rethreaded the belt and took a close look at the results of my efforts. I paid close attention to the state of their respective girl parts that seemed as intensely aroused as I was. “I hope you young ladies have learned your lesson,” I noted, resisting the urge to touch them.

The women turned towards each other, both with a sly look on their face. “We’re not quite done,” Jana announced.

“Your bottoms say otherwise,” I noted. Neither woman’s tush would take much more.

“Not our bottoms,” Sally interjected.

“Remember how you told me about how you lost your temper with your employee,” Jana asked. I had indeed shared an incident that was not my finest hour and at the time she had teased me that I deserved a good spanking for that behavior. “We think you need a dose of your own medicine,” she added. I was excited by the prospect but also a little hesitant.

Sally sensed by reserved and noted, “We’ll make it worth your while.”

“How so?” I asked. I was not unaccustomed to getting spanked by females but had not expected it from this pair. Sally pulled her sweater over her head revealing as I suspected she was not only generously endowed but not wearing a bra. “Two good arguments to accept your proposal,” I agreed.

Jana sat on the sofa and pulled me close. She slowly unfastened my pants pulled them down, then tugged my boxers down to reveal my erection. “We’ll deal with that later,” she quipped and pulled me over her knee. She spanked my bare heinie for a bit then traded me to a topless Sally. When Sally had warmed my bottom for several minutes the two had me adopt the position kneeling on the couch and pulled my belt free. Each gave me six strokes and then Sally prompted me to stand. She knelt and was joined by Jana who also pulled off her top and then unfastened her bra to bare her pert breasts. The two tag-teamed me to climax. I warned them as I felt the tide approaching but they were unfettered and kept sucking and tugging as I released several streams of semen - the first a shot into Sally’s mouth and then the remainder onto their breasts. Jana licked a rivulet of cum from Sally’s cheek.

I thought to myself, ‘Best spanking ever. This will be tough to top.’