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Our Morning Routine (A rectal temp one shot)

One Shot

I wake up naked to the smell of fresh coffee. He’s setting my yeti mug on the bedside table and gently rubbing my back. I sigh and stretch as he slides the covers off. My new workout routine has left my muscles very sore and his hands moving down my lower back feel amazing. He begins massaging my ass, spreading my cheeks while he does so. I open my eyes enough to smile at him and sigh contently. I feel his weight shift has he grabs the red case and Vaseline off my bedside table where we always keep them.

He opens the vaseline first then uncaps the thermometer. The glass thermometer. The same one he found in my medicine cabinet at my parents house, the same one he has been using on me almost daily since we’ve been together. I once

Again feel his hand on my bottom as he spreads my cheeks and touches my anus with the well lubed tip of the thermometer. He swirls it around first, letting the vaseline melt and pool right over my asshole, seeping in some. Then with a little twist, he gently glides the thermometer in. He holds it there for a moment before letting go and letting my bottom cheeks hold it in place. My eyes are closed as I bask in the feeling of having my biggest fantasy lived out

on the regular. He goes into the bathroom to finish getting ready and I know he’s watching me though the mirror. I hear his electric Razor but all I can focus on is the glass rod filling my most private hole. My pussy is getting wet and I start to grind against the bed, trying to get some friction against my clit. The razor stops and I feel him moving the thermometer again. Oh God...I think as he pulls is part of the way out then slides it all the way in again.

Now he’s brushing his teeth. For so long I wanted to be cared for and tended to in this way. To have someone who would satisfy my longing to have a thermometer inserted into my bottom. And now I have it. He and I are completely on the same page with everything and I’m so thankful we’ve found each other. I hear the water stop and before long he’s at my side again. The smell of aftershave and minty toothpaste. I sigh.

Rather than the thermometer moving, I feel his fingers on my glistening pussy lips.

“Is my girl enjoying this even more than usual?” He whispers. I can’t answer. I separate my legs more and his mouth gently caresses my inner thigh, right up to my labia as he gives me kisses down below. His fingers travel anterior to my clitoris. Some maneuvering and rubbing is all it takes, and I’m having a full blown orgasm.

He removes the thermometer, declares the reading normal and places it back in its case. As I recover, he kisses me on my lips and tells me he’ll see me tonight.


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