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My Shot Fetish

Origin Story

I remember exactly when my obsession with shots in the bottom began. I was having lunch at friends of the family. Their daughter, Marilyn, was about my age and she mentioned an incident how her younger sister been playing in the family car. This was before ignition locks and the car had rolled out of the driveway into the street. She was shaken but unhurt and ‘rescued’ by their neighbor, who turned out to be our common pediatrician. I offered that I was not a fan of visits to him as they always seemed to conclude with a shot. She responded gleefully that she actually liked getting shots. I immediately imagined her laying facedown on that exam table, as the doctor jabbed the needle into her bare rump and slowly injected the viscous serum into her perfect tush. My fasciation with shots - particularly into female bottoms - was born.

Numerous times, I had been in that prone position how I imagined Marilyn. In that era, a shot of penicillin seemed to be our pediatrician’s answer to any ailment. Oral antibiotics were not a thing yet and these shots were always in the bottom and hurt very much. Certainly my pain threshold as a kid contributes to the intensity of the pain in those memories. I am also convinced the needles of that period were bigger and blunter than they are now. These days, I hardly feel the sharp, fine needles as then poke me, whereas back then it always seemed I was getting a harpoon jabbed into my young butt. The discomfort did not end with the needle penetrating my skin, there was a burning pressure as the medicine was forced deep into my muscle. An antibiotic shot always left a throbbing ache that would last - at least - for a few hours if not longer.

At first, the shot fetish was just a thing of my daydreams - imaging a female friend’s bare tush getting a shot. Somewhere in adolescence, something flipped and the feeling I despised as a kid was something I began to crave. I imagined myself being instructed by a lovely nurse to expose my backside for a shot. Unfortunately, now that butt shots were something I wanted, the only injections I tended to get were vaccinations or boosters in my arm.

On rare occasions, an injection might be depicted in a movie but these usually only suggested the shot - not really showing anything - and I yearned for more. The advent of the internet revealed that there were other shot enthusiasts out there and I was able to find a bit of content - mostly stories and some photos - that began to satisfy my appetite. Eventually, videos appeared from several online producers that depicted actual injections - seemingly either saline or perhaps vitamin C or B-12. While exciting to watch, I still longed for an in-person experience.

Like stories, photos and videos, hearing the accounts of others who’d received shots caught my attention and fed my imagination. Sometimes female friends or co-workers would off-handedly mention that they had received a shot and how much it hurt. I was spellbound by those tales and always tempted to pry for more detail. One very attractive and shapely co-worker was particularly responsible for numerous naughty fantasies. Eventually she married and soon was in early stages of a pregnancy. Some condition required her to get periodic shots and perhaps she intentionally teased me with stories about them. She would describe in detail being instructed bend over to get the shot, how much it hurt going in and even as she told me about it how her bum still throbbed.

Fast forward to today and my wish finally came true. I was sitting at my doctor’s office having been examined by a nurse practitioner who just happened to be named Marilyn. Her name and her diagnosis caused a rush of nostalgia around my preoccupation with shots. I was amused at how she seemed a bit awkward at discussing her recommended treatment - “two shots of antibiotics…in your bum.” I was particularly delighted with her pause before disclosing the destination of the shots and her folksy euphemism for it. I was nearly ecstatic at the notion of two shots and I sat in the chair gazing at the exam table where I soon expected to receive the shots.

The scene evoked many memories of the shots from my youth, the feel of the paper cover of the exam table as I lay prone watching the nurse prepare the syringe. I remembered smell and coolness of the alcohol swab and then the sharp pinch high on my cheek as the needle was plunged into my glute. I recalled the growing tight, burning sensation of the medication being pushed into my butt muscle and was overjoyed at the prospect that soon I would delight in that same feeling again, this time in both cheeks. I realized that the trip down memory lane had been arousing and was only slightly concerned that Marilyn would see my erection.

There was a soft knock at the door and Marilyn re-entered followed by young woman in scrubs. “This is my medical assistant, Amy,” Marilyn explained, “Is it ok with you if she helps me?”

“That’s fine,” I nodded. I then realized Marilyn had a seeming fist full of syringes. She laid them on the counter next to my chair - four in all.

“Looking your test results and records, I’ve added a TDAP booster and B-12 to today’s menu,” Marilyn explained. “One for each arm and one for each cheek,” she quipped. I looked over at Amy who seemed to be delighted at the prospect of me getting poked four times.

“Can’t I just get them all in my butt,” I asked.

“That’s fine,” Marilyn replied. Amy smiled even more broadly and perhaps gave me a knowing wink. Neither woman was exuding any overt sexuality but my own anticipation was making my arousal difficult to disguise.

“Ok, since these are all going in your tushie, let’s have you get onto the exam table, lower your pants and underwear and lay face down,” Marilyn instructed. She handed two syringes to Amy - the contents of one was creamy white and the other was red but transparent - like a syringe full of cranberry juice. I climbed onto the table and knelt to unfasten my pants as Marilyn pulled out an extension. Amy unsuccessfully suppressed a giggle when I pushed my pants and boxers down exposing my boner. Marilyn shot her subordinate a disapproving glance and then looked back to me, with an empathetic expression, “Don’t worry. It’s a perfectly natural reaction.”

The two stood on opposite sides of the table to double-team me. As Marilyn swabbed my left cheek, I twisted around trying to see. She paused and pushed an examination mirror around and let me adjust it so I could watch without radical contortions. She swabbed the site again then uncapped the needle of a syringe and brought the point against my skin and noted, “This is the TDAP. It’ll sting a bit but not too bad. Ready?” I nodded and watch the tip of the needle depress my skin and then punch through. She fairly quickly pushed the contents into me and I felt the ‘sting’ she had mentioned. “Ok,” she continued, withdrawing the needle and swabbing the site again, “Amy’s gonna give you the B-12.”

“One, two, “ Amy counted and jabbed me on, “Three.” She quickly pumped the red fluid into my right glute. Both sides stung a little and I wanted more, hoping that the antibiotics would really bring the sensation I craved.

“Now for the antibiotics,”Marilyn noted. “These are quite thick so gonna go slowly.” I watched as she plunged the long needle to the hilt and then very slowly began to push the plunger. The feeling was delicious - the growing heat and pressure I remembered. Eventually, the syringe was empty and the left cheek felt like almost like it had a deep, tight muscle cramp. Unlike shots from my youth, today I would have this wonderful feeling on both sides. Amy then re-swabbed my right side and stuck me for the fourth time. Like her boss, she very slowly dumped the vicious white serum deep into my cheek. Soon, the right side had the same deep twinge as the other side. Marilyn gave my bare butt a playful slap. “All done,” she said. “I want you lay right like this for a few minutes in case there’s any reaction. Amy’s gonna stay here while I get to my next patient.”

“Thanks,” I offered and Marilyn left the room.

“Four shots,” Amy noted, touching her fingers to the four needle marks, “That’s the most I’ve seen. How’s it feel?”

“Fantastic,” I replied. “It may sound crazy but I actually like getting shots,” I added trying to echo the sentiment of my young friend, Marilyn.


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