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Amy's Alien impregnation

Part 4

Amy is laying on an unusual bed she feels comfort in a way has a connection into her brain somehow she has lost all fear only wants to please her Alien captors. As the days pass her tummy starts to grow rapidly much faster than a normal human pregnancy. The heaviness from the white liquid which was left inside her becomes hard and heavy. Amy’s breast has doubled in size her thin build they look abnormally large and swelling with milk. Amy awakens to 2 Aliens in the room as she lays on the bed from the darkness above 2 hose like devices that seems to grow from the ceiling are placed over Amy’s nipples and the ends form 2 cups. They look to be biological in some way not plastic or metal. The cups grow over her breast almost transparent like she starts to feel a stimulation and tingling in her nipples drops of thick milk form. Within 5-10 seconds the first letdown release streams of milk into the tubes. No suction in the tubes the milk just goes up the tubes as they fill. Eventually both sides are now spraying milk and Amy feels an overwhelming pleasure she never felt before. All she can do is let out moans of pleasure and breath. The aliens leave the room as she Is left the milking continues causes her tummy to contract with pleasure this is the first time, she feels movement inside her. Amy falls asleep and awakes the milking device has been removed. She notices her tummy is much larger almost to full term of a normal pregnancy. Amy starts to think about how much pleasure she experienced the bed seems to respond by giving her pleasure directly into her mind. This connection causes a physical reaction her vagina contracts she nears orgasm she notices her nipples begin to leak milk as she tears up with raw emotion a powerful orgasm rocks her body. She feels her pregnancy is nearing full term soon will be giving birth. Amy has a found a new way to experience pleasure and has many more orgasms the aliens seem to be pleased although she has no way of knowing as they have no expression. Some days the device is again put on her breast sucking while she is able to orgasm several times during the milking brings her to a new pleasures she never thought a human could even experience.


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