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Amy's Alien impregnation

Part 3

They leave the room after 30 minutes return and move Amy’s table to another larger room the table she is laying on seems to be weightless as they enter the 2nd room more beings all looking at her. There is smaller table which emerges from the floor where they turn to and devices just appear like out of thin air. The Alien in charge causes Amy’s cloths to remove by dissolving off her Amy is completely naked. A device which appeared on the smaller table is set on Amy's pelvic area just below her belly button starts moving and growing between her legs. The device continues to grow almost crab like all around her butt and between her legs. It has tentacles knows exactly what to do between Amy's legs. It slide between her vulva lips and pinches her Clitoris somewhat not hard, but enough to keep it still. Amy starts to feel a strange sensation as she is being overcome by it and even her thoughts are connected to the device. The device seemed to want to provide a love for her the only way Amy could describe the feelings like hypnosis. Amy has become helpless to fight her desire to want to please the Aliens and their device which they connected to her. The table adjusted itself somehow, so her legs are supported under the knees and spread, and her butt is lifted somewhat higher, so her pelvis is tilted up. The device between her legs spreads her vagina opening kind of like a speculum Amy feels cold air inside her Vagina. One of the beings has a long thin clear tube they start to feed into her Vagina which is snake like and finds its way deeper Amy suspects it has inserted though her cervix she can't see it to be sure. At this point the device starts to stimulate her clitoris unlike a vibrator this is directly stimulating the nerves directly on her clitoris which becomes hard and starts tingling like nothing she has ever felt. Amy fights the feeling tries to ignore what they are doing to her, but she sees her own reflection of her face in the big eyes of the alien looking over her. Sees her eyebrows bend upward in distress as her lips involuntary lets out “oohhh” she begins to vocalize and is unable to resist. The feelings are so intense she can't close her mouth which and vocalizes each wave of pleasure as tears of joy stream down her face. The sensation is a cross of love and pleasure coming from the device Amy has lost all control. The alien just look at her face and have no expression at this point Amy is no longer frightened she only wants to please them the pleasure to continue . Just about that time Amy has an orgasm her hips try to buck but cannot move. She feels her vagina contraction against the device inside. The device continues to slowly stimulate Amy several times until she has 3 more orgasms. Amy is confused how it's able to give her feelings of love unlike any vibrator or masturbation's does. She is watching it between her legs all she can think about is how much she wants to be pleased by it almost like love for a boyfriend or husband as tears stream down her face. It's the most wonderful feeling she ever experienced in her life. Then Amy notices one of the beings using a cup like device to fill the tube goes though her cervix with a white fluid. The tube is filled, and the device is attached to the top of the tube. Then the stimulation increases to 3 times as much and she has an orgasm very quickly this time she notices the white liquid seems to move down the tube each time her vagina contracts sucking in the white fluid she has now figured out to be some alien semen. This continues one orgasm after another each time her uterus contracts draws in more of the warm fluid. She is starting to feel the warm liquid as it totally fills her uterus. The orgasms are incredible Amy no longer cares about what is happening she just wants more. Amy has these feelings of wanting to be pregnant wanting to provide a child in return for the feelings of intense love. Eventually the tube is empty, and they remove the tube, and fill her vagina with a warm white jelly plug which makes her full inside and heavy inside. Amy instantly knows she is pregnant by the feelings inside her. She cries and askes them for more but the devices are removed from her she is left to sleep in another room. Amy feels a growing warm love inside her soon replaces the feelings she had for the devices. She sits in the corner of the room naked looking down at her belly rubbing as she feels pleasure from with in her growing. Amy's eyes continues to tear up and cry like her hormones are changing rapidly.


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