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Amy's Alien impregnation

Part 1

Amy has always been very athletic and in her early 20’s tall 5’10 slim build her favorite hobby is riding mountain bikes on mountain trails in the summer months when not in college. This day Amy decided to take a drive to a 50-mile trail on the east side of the high mountains where the forest is thick very scenic ride, but it is 7500 feet high, she is in top physical shape. She gets a late start does not hit the trail until almost 11am she rides 50 miles out then starts her ride back. The sun is getting low, and she does have a bike light but nothing else Cell phones do not work in this area. She only has a mile counter on her bike to know how far she has gone as she passes the 22 miles about halfway back sun sets and Forrest turns dark. She flips on the light and continues. Amy is not too worried she grew up in the Appalachian Mountains she was able to navigate the trail her bike light was dimming somewhat she peddled faster try and make it back before the batteries gave out. By now the forest seem to close in as darkness came quickly and only her tiny bike headlight illuminated the trail.

As Amy progressed, she came to a few forks in the trail she went from her memory but now the trail was turning around back to the east stopping to see if she could pull up the map on her cell but there was no service. Shutting off her bike light to save the battery and a moonless night created total darkness except for her iPhone screen in her face. Sound of silence was broken by a strange humming sound looking around an odd red and white light in the distance at first Amy thought it maybe a fire someone camping. She rode the trail near an area then hiking about 500 feet to a small clearing where the light was coming from. Amy suddenly was faced with what she could only describe was a round craft floating about 20 feet off the ground. Amy is not one to frighten easily was more amazed at what she thinks is an alien craft. Amy walks over to the craft almost under it thinking it will just fly away but the craft does not at first a strange light comes from the craft and seems to scan her she feels a warm like sun rays on her body. Suddenly a bright light shoots from the craft strikes her. The light is like an electric shock she falls to the ground.