Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Dad shows off his Crybaby at the bars.

Today after breakfast when I finish my two bottles of extra chocolate extra sweet chocolate milk, Dad has some new clothes.

Dad has me step back from his chair and set Indian style facing him.

He has a number of packages.

The first package is custom tshirts. No onesies this time. They are all white with blue trim and red letters. They are seriously insulting. I want to say something but I'll get beat.

The first one says in , “”I am slow but I know how to blow"

On the back, “I maybe slow but I have Great Hole"

The second one say, “i am smart enough to suck."

On the back “My mind is only 7 but my Ass is heaven."

The third one , “"I'm Special and mouth is too."

On back “My hole is special and I am too"”

The Fourth one is red, “I suck dad's third eye when i cry.'

On back, “I kick and scream for Dad's cream."

The fifth is “Dad's Slow Hoe”

On back, “Dad's fat hole”

They'll come with matching footsies, shoes, and a cap.

All the Caps say, “Cry Baby"

Been there is blue and red plastic underpants.

Then I got big booties. The booties have a hard bottom; like sandals.

Today is Number one.

After lunch off it is to the park.

It's home by 5:00 to get cleaned up for dinner and then we're off to the bar for even.

As we head out the door dad puts the safety harness on both our wrists and we climb inn the backseat of the van.

We drive about an hour and a half to a bar in big city. It is an Abdl and age play bar. They also do other role playing.and bdsm .

We get out the van and dad walks me in.

It's a big bar. Bars all along the far wall and there's tables course out in the large area there's a stage at one end and there's changing tables at the other.

There's a number of people here but we're still pretty early.

You need a table for four

They bring me a stool so I can sit right next to dad but I don't get to sit at the table .

Dad what is drinks for everybody but I'll get a bottle of chocolate milk. It's a big one now I'm 44 oz of chocolate milk baby bottle.

They also got a big sucker for me thati will have to lick for a while.

Dad stands up and pulls the safety harness. I stand up and go along.

We head over to one of changing tables. That was being done there and that's what I thought they were but turns out their display tables.

Dad helps me sit up on one. Oh hell there's rest cuffs at the back of it. I kind of scares me. Mark and the two subs come and join us.

They all sit to the sides of me So the crowd can see.

My shirt says," I'm slow but I know how to blow"

All of a sudden there's a couple spotlights on me Ithey bright. The are right my eyes. II cover my eyes up. god that sucks. Our employee comes over and adjust the lights so they're still on me but they're not my eyes it's better but it's still upgrade I'd like to use my hand anyway.

People start coming over and talking to Dad and Mark.

There's already three or four of them up here looking at me.

One of them says, “he really does look like he's still baby. I'm slow but I know how to blow. Is he really retarded?”

Dad says," yes. He's emotionally retarded he stop maturing at 7:00 he's still a 7 year old."

The guy says" do you mind if I touch him?"

Dad says, “yes some.”

The guy rubs my legs and then my belly and boobs.

He asked Dad,"do you mind if I take his booties off?"

Dad says, “no go right ahead”

I squirm.

The guy pulls my left bootie off. He tickles my foot and I giggle. He rubs and massages my foot it feels good.. he lifts my foot up and taste it. He keeps licking it.

After about 5 minutes of licking that one he does the other one.

He offers dad some money for my booties. Dad refuses and gives him my buddies.

Dad says, “you might buy Matt something. He likes chocolate'"

The guy says it's amazing you were able to find a 22-year-old 6 ft 2 retard the mind of a 7 year old to be your adult baby. I mean who what I thought you could find somebody that's still retarded like that that's just great to have a true adult baby.

Dad says, he's not just a baby he's a screaming crying stomping kicking flailing shit fit throwing cry baby.

The guy says, "He has shit fit does he,?

That's just great find a true adult like this."

The guy tells my belly and says, “you silly fat Cry Baby retard ”

This is bullshit 'm not a retard. Well I guess I was but I'm not now.

The guy goes and buys me for candy bars. Two Snickers and two almond Joy.

There's more guys come to lick my feet and toes. Mostly older dads. I didn't think my feet would be so popular. Everybody everybody brings me candy bars and soda.

Although I really want to eat some cum.

Everybody talks about how I'm slow and ask if I'm really retard. A lot of guys call me a retard. My poor little retarded baby.

I don't like being called a retard.

A guy bring dad a tray of 6 shots.

Dad hands me one and says, “drink it”

I look at and I drink it. It tastes like peppermint very strong. I haven't drank that much before. I got a few drinks that here and there.

Dad has me drink some chocolate. And another shot. More milk.. another shot ….. till their gone.

I'm feeling pretty good.

More guys bring me Candy and some popcorn. More guys play with my feet and legs and belly.

Another guy brings me five more shots of this chocolate liqueur. Dad makes me drink them.

I'm feeling good. Want to pass out.

More candy. 4 More shots.

I'm tired I'm going to nap.

I pass out for about an hour. I wake up to hands all over me. I don't have my shirt on anymore. Just my diaper and my cap. There's probably eight guys with their hands on me.

Starting to piss me off.

Somebody is rubbing my cock through my diaper. Feels good.

I lean back and pass out of order maybe another hour.

I piss my diaper and wake up

They're still three or four guys on me

They are are happy I pissed my diaper.

They are talking with dad about how I am a retard.y

I'm tired I'm getting cranky and I'm tired of hearing that retard shit.

I stand up. I'm standing up on the table. I stopped around the damn circle. I said fuck you retards. You're all God damn retards. I'm not a fucking retard. Stop and scream and raise my legs hard and stopping that cable as hard as hell. Scream as I can. I'm having a holy shit that right here for everybody on this table. The whole place is watching.

I feel Dad's belt to hit the back of my lights. And again. He hits the front. I'm screaming and stomping now.

All of a sudden his belt hits my toes and the top of my foot. God damn it hurt. I put my other foot down and he slaps it. And then both. Jump up and stomp down on. Belt hits the back of my thighs. Then my top my toes and feet. The back of my thighs again.

I'm down on my knees. Stop back of my legs again. My back. My legs. .my back.

I laid down and he slaps my titties and belly.

I'm crying like hell. I'm laying on the table a ball.

Four five guys grab me and turn me around so I'm facing the back. My arms get pulled out and my hands get putting those cops on the back of the table.

Dad climbs up on the table with his pants off and his belt in his hand.

He stands up and starts beating my ass with the belt.

The crowd cheers.

I scream kick flail, whine, and cry..

Crowd cheers more.

Dad's fucks my ass.

I'm still screaming and crying n.

Dad fucls my face. He shuts me up with his cock .

Crowd cheers

I clean his cock off.

He goes down and has a beer and a cigar while I'm still cuffed here with my fat ass in the air for all to see.

Crowd cheers

After he finishes cigar and beer he lets me up and puts the safety harness back on my wrist.

I'm walking out naked. Somebody stole my shirt and diaper.

I guess that means I'm popular.

We get in the van and head home. it's over an hour..

We at home and they dress me up in white and green scrubs and my diaper and it's off to .y room .

God damn it

Dad passes out on his chair before they ever let me changed.

I pass out quick too though.