Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Dad takes me to the park.

I got a really good shower and they wash my ass real good not quite a enema but they get the soap dispenser up there. And then they get a sprayer nozel up there. Not real far but Dad don't need it that far. Damn if I said that .

I still don't want to step into the diaper. I just hate the fucking diapers.

Dad raises the belt and I step in. I'm scared of dad and the belt now I just I don't want to do that anymore. That's not fun. I wanted to get a hold of myself. I'm trying but it's not going well.

The Bell has never came off my collar I think it's a permanent part. It rains all the damn time every time I move.

I drink my bottle and wine for a couple more. That's the way it is now if I want anything I got a wine and cry for it

I do like my clothes now but I don't know why this stupid but I feel special in my room I really like them. That means I'm stupid.

Dad put stuff wrist cuffs on us. I can't get away from him now.

I blow him good this morning and then after lunch it's out the front door.

It is nice to have clothes on this time although it was such fun before.

We get in the van. We both get in the back seat and Mark and one of his stuff gets in the front seat.

We go out of town about 25 or 30 miles down a state highway to nowhere. There is this private lake. The Happy Smiley Face sign at the gate says men only no women allowed no-one under 21. Happy smiley face sign on a men only lake. It must be gay.

Mark's sub gets out and opens the gate as Mark drives through. Mark stops in the sub gets back in.

There's nobody out here this afternoon. There's a few cabins around it. There's a playground.

Oh yeah we're headed straight for it to. Straight to the playground.

There's a big set of swings. A big merry-go -round. A huge slide. Some big horses on Springs. Everything at this park is stuff for children but it's extra large. Obviously made for big kids like me.

As we drive around to the parking lot we see the large entry sign.

Adult babies play ground. All babies must wear a diaper and be accompanied by an adult.

Unaccompanied babies will receive spankings.

It's got a big fence around it it's like 9 ft and the top of it leaves in like a prison fence. Prison playground.

We pull right up to a parking spot next to the sign.

We all get out of the van. I stay next to that side. I can't go any farther. The child safety harness with bracelets. Barbie steel cable with wrist cuffs. Prevents me from going far at all.

Once were inside the fence. Marks a sub pulls the big shut and locks it. He puts the key back in his cup.

Mark gets the cooler and they all drink beers.

Dad says, “Go play, boy! Go ride the merry-go-round!”

Dad says to mark, “is Mom told me that he was a spinner. That he used to spend all the time and he loves carnival rides that's spinner.”

I get on in the Merry-Go-Round and sit down.

Dad comes over to the Merry-Go-Round and quarters in.

The I start going round and round. Eagles score 5 or 10 minutes and then dad put some more quarters in. I don't know how many times we do it but it's at least a few hours it's been easily $20 or $30.

About halfway through the merry-go-round another dad and his boy come in and go to the swings. He's is only in in a diaper and sandals. He is really chubby. Or should I say fucking fat. He's probably 5'5 well over 300lbs. Almost at beach ball.

Damn I'm happy. I don't know why. I should hate these clothes. I don't know why I love them. I just feel so special and horny. Here I am in baby clothes I still don't like wearing a diapers I can just be a big boy instead of a Diaper Baby. I'm on the marigold round in overalls and Bob the builder shoes. The onesie is fucking stupid too but i love it too. I love the overalls and shoes. If I can just wear underwear and go to the bathroom you should be great. I'm the boy and Dad's the Dad.

I think that's it. I am stupid. I'm a retard. In order to be able to act like one. I have to look like one. That's the only one that really likes mine my childish behavior. Likes my fits. My Cry Baby bullshit. II get to be myself here. How about if I'm going to be a crybaby and shit fits, I have to wear a onesie and a diaper.

I'll do what I have to. Love it living with Dad.

After the merry-go-round Mark put blanket down in the sub brings the food born on picnic.

The other boy's dad come to one talks to my dad. It's the first time they met.

Dad tells me, “get up and go play.”

I get up and start to run around the playground but on Tuesday so I just kind of walk I sit down in a swing and swing for a while. The other boy swings right next to me.

Damn I got a call to the bathroom both 1 and 2. Where I go? Ican goo right here. It's disgusting.what the hell else can I do?

I go right here while I'm still swinging in the swing.

I keep swimming in front of like 10 minutes till our picnic is ready. The other dad has their stuff right next to ours.

Both our dad spoon for us baby food out of a jar then candies.

And after dinner off our dad's change us, clean us up and fuck us right next to each other.

After we're all done and diapers changed. Everybody packs up and dad puts the safety harness bracelet back on my hand and on his hand.

Mark open a date and his sub opens the van door. Straight into the van. I don't even have a chance to run anyway. If I did I'm too God damn fat.

When we get home they all three escort me, Mark and his son on each side and Dad behind me.

We head home for the night and I broke out at the end and then tomorrow is another day just like today.

I didn't want to be anyway but naked then I got here but wound up enjoying these are a little while I get these are some of the few days I had in my life

I don't know how I came to like this. I'm really starting too.

I don't have to talk.

I don't have to take care of myself.

I don't have to act right or even try t.

I need to be myself. 22-year-old must be emotional maturity of a seven year old.