Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Fully dressed

I am really loving not talking in no responsibilities.

I am not allowed to talk. I can cry, scream, and whine, but I don't have to try and pronunciate correctly. I don't have to worry about anybody sticking words in my mouth or distracting me. Don't have to try and talk when I'm over whelmed. Which it wouldn't matter anyway I probably wouldn't be able to.

No responsibilities whatsoever. My opinion doesn't mean anything cuz I'm just a whiny crybaby. I'm not old enough or smart enough to make any decisions.

Not old enough or smart enough to go to the bathroom. So I have to wear a diaper.

I'm starting to enjoy this. The only thing I have to worry about is if dad is having. Damn that's a worry.

. He's been struck lately. Got the belt a number of times.

Today my couple bottles of chocolate milk for breakfast.

Then some more candies. That's one thing I I mighty only been drinking out of a baby bottle and eating candy but damn I got a lot..

Shortly after breakfast though is the sewing/leather lady.

She's pulled out of 5 pairs short overalls that is cool. I love short overalls. I feel that in my cock.

Oh shit always a catch.

They come with 5 new onesies with matching plastic underpants, onesies, cap, footsies, fucking shoes, and no no no. I am not not doing this.

Every suit has a necklace pacifier. A string attached rattler, and a fucking no. I am not wearing a God damn bell. They're noisy I hate bells Fuck this.

I stand up to have a screaming stomping crybaby shit fit.

Dad stands up to beat me with the belt. He does too. He beats me for a good 10 minutes.

I am crying and bawling for a good 20 minutes afterwards. Dad bitches for that whole 20 minutes. the leather and sewing lady smokes a cigarette as she enjoy talking about me.for the 20 minutes.

The lady said, “you really didn't hit him that hard Wayne.”

Dad says, “he sensitive touch. I hardly hitting the whole time that's why there's no marks on him but he cries like a baby. And just as soon as it's over with and quits hurting but. I think he stas just for that.”

Dad says, “Stand up crybaby!”

The leather lady says, "doooo! What your what you daddy says boy.!'

I stand up

Dad holds out the plastic underwear.

I step in and the other foot.

I do love the short overalls.

The plastic underwear up.

I feel stupid.

Next is a pink crybaby piggies rubbing their eyes onesie. More bright pink than the one before. God dammit.

He opens the backup and I step in and then the other foot. Then one arm and the other.

The lady say, "turn around baby.'

I turn around and I rub my eyes as I start to cry. I didn't want this. I just wanted to be naked and suck cock.

Dad zips of the onesie up in the back. There's no way I can take it off.

Next is my cap. Then my footsies.

The lady takes a picture.

I have a fit and start stopping around. I am not getting my fucking pictures I didn't like this by anybody but dad.


Dad stands up and starts with me with the belt. I go down but it really doesn't hurt that bad. At least not like it did with all these clothes on.

Oh God damn.hee has the back of my legs.

I start kicking them and crying. Screaming and whining.

The lady says, He really is still that immature. That you found 22 year old still only a child emotionally. I mean I seen it in him before but it's so obvious now with all this on him.

He really is still only an emotional cry baby.

Is he retarded Wayne?"

Dad says, “Yes and no. There's some ways he is and there's some ways he isn't. He is a savant. Very smart at math. He's severely emotionly retarded.

I talked to his mother. She told me everything.

I'm getting pissed again. I don't want the belt again. That really isn't fun anymore. He never my balls anymore. It isn't horny. It never get hard. It just hurts.

I start getting my attitude together. For the day. Dad sees me working at it so they leave me alone but they still talk about me.

She says, "really?

Dad says," yes. He did almost a year and in a developmental disability Ward. That's why he didn't freak out about the wrist and ankle cuffs because he's already been worn wrist cuffs before. Not no pretty boy either they were old fashioned hospital leather.

He's been isolation before. There wasn't any toilets in isolation so he had to wear a diaper.

I found out that he really hate when they made him wear a diaper at times.

Dad holds up the short overalls. I step in. He puts the straps up over my shoulders. They cover up most of my onesie and they all my diaper. I like that and I've always liked short overalls. I'm starting to feel my cock

Then oh my God. I Step back. No God damn it no. I stomp.

Dad picks up his belt. He curls other fingers on his other hand as to say come here.

I slowly step forward.

He slaps my leg good with the belt. I jump.

He clips the string on the pacifier to My overall shoulder strap.

He pick up the belt.

I quickly put the pacifier in my mouth. It's a Pink Piggy just like my onesie and everything else. I don't give a shit if he says I'm overseas of the belt isn't fucking funny. this isn't funny and the fucking belt is not funny at all. I don't like this belt.. Bullshit got to behave. Like this but I can't go home it makes my cock too hard

Of all the punishments I've ever had this is the best.

She pulls out a pair of shoes. You don't like work shoes or Bob thr builder shoes. I can't help but like them. Children shoes but they work shoes nice work shoes. I like them. Stupid for liking them but I like them.

There it is. The worst damn thing at all. A god damned fucking Cowbell.

Dad clicks it on my collar and puts a small brass lock on it.he dings it lightly and it things a few times. Loudly for as lightly as he did it.

Dad says, “Now I'll always know what your up to.”

I say, 'fuck You Dad!"

I'll get the beltbut it is really not too bad. Like before he slaps the back of my thighs. I scream like hell. I'm sniffling do I stop myself from crying.

Dad puts the pacifier in my mouth.

Dad says, “Matt's ass here!”

I turn around and plop my ass down in the pad. The bell dings like hell.

Dad says to the lady, "he sensitive not just a touch but he doesn't like that Bell. That is going to piss him off. He's going to have a meltdowns and fits. His mom told me how he was with noises.

I'm pissed, grinning in and squirming.

Dad says look at him.

Dad says turn around and scoop back for me. Out on the floor.

Turn around it's in style about 6 ft from him.

Dad says this is the best part. I got pajamas and whites for you. They're going to make you remember.

Dad says to lady, “watch how he reacts.”

What the fuck does that mean?

This weekend you're getting a new room.

And then he pulls out these wrist cuffs. There baby blue. And they're attached to each other by a 6 ft thick rubber coated steel cable it's got a little bit of coil and spring to it.

He puts the one on his hand and then the other one my hand. I kind of sink down.

Dad rubs my head.

Dad's says," Matt you're my boy!"

I get up get on my knees and get his cock in my mouth.

They go back to talking for a while before dad comes in my mouth

The lady says, “oh yes you can see he really enjoys that. It has to be the only reason he puts up with your ass.”

Dad says,"yes it is but he wants it that much. He'll do whatever I want. That was the only reason he came was too suck my cock. He even became indentured for it. He gave up his freedom, his life, his dignity, his soul, suck my cock.

As I swallow all of his cum and The taste remains. I feel special. I feel like I'm where I belong. The diaper ain't bad. I really like the overalls and the shoes. I'm happy. That's what his cum does for me. It doesn't matter how he dresses to me I'm going to get a fetish for it if I swallow on his c** while I'm in them.

Wow this is great.!

I hug dad.

He rubs my head.

I say, 'da da!"

I did not know I would enjoy these cars that much. I feel special. It's a really good day. best I felt in a while. Why is that?