Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Only a baby

This next week everything changes again. Dad decides that he's going to stop doing all things that I like and I'm just going to be his cry baby.

After my shower this morning I step into my diaper. Dad and one of Mark's subs pull it up on me

When we leave the bathroom they lock the door with a padlock and give Dad the key. He puts it in his pocket

I go for breakfast and dad has a big plate.

I only get get a bottle. That's it. At least it's chocolate milk. I suck it down pretty quick.

DAD, unbelievably goes and gets me up. I couldn't believe he got up.

I say Dad, I'll have to some food. Something more than chocolate milk.

Oh shit, dad stands up and takes his belt off.

Damn, i asked a question

Dad slaps my back.

II lean down.

Dad slaps my legs. I curl kick as he keeps slapping them. He just keeps slapping me with the belt. Wherever it hits however I move it don't matter.

I start bawling. I'm screaming kicking flailing, and rolling around on the floor.

Dad keeps beating me with the belt.

We do this for a good 5 minutes.

Dad sits back down his chair. He tells me to get back on my ass on the pad between his legs. He puts the bottle back in my mouth.

Dad tells me that from now on I'm just going to get beat with the belt. No more playing around or fun and games.

Dad say, “from now on you're not to talk to you and scream cry whine and make baby noises but you're not allowed to talk.”

Dad says, “you're not even allowed to call me dad you are only to call me daddah or say dah”

Dad says, “do you understand boy?”

I say, “yes Dad”

Dad stands up and beats me with the belt for almost 10 minutes. Slaps my legs, my ass, my arms, my back, my tits, my belly, and a couple times even my face"

I'm screaming, crying, kicking, bawling, and squirming.

Finally he sits back down and gives me my bottle.

I put my ass back on the pad and he puts his legs on my shoulders.

I just sit there and think as I suck on my bottle. I really didn't want this. I really like the idea of not talking. I didn't know I was going adult baby. I don't like being in a diaper at all.

I really do love not talking.

I'm still right here where I want to be and just as soon as I finish my bottle.

Dad says "Matt, you're my boy.'

I turn around and get on my knees and start sucking dad. All that messed up thoughts and things I didn't like are instantly gone Who cares if I'm wearing diaper now as long as I'm sucking dad's cock. I suck his cock for a couple hours and he comes in my mouth.

He doesn't suck me.

Dad gives me a bowl of sticky chocolate and strawberry berry candies. No napkins.

As I'm eating them I get them on my hands there's nothing really to do but wipe it on my legs and belly. So that's what I do. That seems to please Dad.

At lunch it is just another bottle.

After lunch I have to pee. I hate peeing in this diaper. I can't hold it anymore.

The warm pee soaks all over mine balls and ass.

I go back to drinking my bottle and eating panties.

That's what we do three or four o'clock.

Dad changes my diaper. I lean back and put my legs up. Takesmy diaper off. Wipes me good with wipes.

Dad leans down and start sucking me off. It's less than 2 minutes as usual. I fill Dad's mouth.

He puts a clean diaper on me.

Another bottle for dinner. More candy to eat afterwards.

A couple hours after dinner I finally have to go yeah number two. I hold it and hold it it hurts. Have to do it

Dad says, “I know what that face means!”

He's as happy as can be.

I start to say, “da..”

I catch myself thank God.

Dad says, “it's okay boy you can wait a little bit. I'll be down here on the internet in just a bit.”

About an hour later a friend of dad's shows up. I should have known. I hate this embarrassing and I don't like doing that. It's disgusting.

I should have known.

An hour later, dad changes me.

I lean back and spread my legs.

Dad takes my diaper off and cleans me up good. Does all the wipes.

Dad fucks my ass. Hard.

Dad puts a clean diaper on and grams a bottle in my mouth.

And talk to his friend a couple more hours and then it's bedtime.

That's how the next two weeks ago.

I got some bad belt beatings but I'm learning. I haven't said a word in 6 days. Certainly I do cry and scream. I can stop around some too without getting in too much trouble as long as I don't say anything or act intelligent.