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In the Beginning

Tables Turned

Beth suggested that for our next session, we meet after work at her place. She also promised a surprise. When I arrived, I realized her surprise was to turn the tables on me. Her interest in topping was a bit unexpected but also very exciting. She was wearing a gray skirt over a cream-colored, knit top. One departure from her work outfit was that she had obviously ditched her bra, as the arm holes of her top provided exquisite side views of her bare breasts.

She prefaced the reversal in roles mentioning a conversation we had earlier in the week when I had relayed how I had lost my temper with one of my staff members and felt badly about it afterwards. She wagged a hairbrush as she scolded, “That was unprofessional and inappropriate behavior, and you’ve earned a good spanking because of it!.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, barely able to contain my excitement.

She led me to her bedroom only intensifying my arousal and sat on the end of her bed. She unbuckled my belt and remarked, “This will be perfect for the finale of your punishment.” With my pants and boxers around my knees, she guided me over her lap, still scolding, “You had better not cum on my skirt if you know what’s good for you.” It sounded like a challenge and I wondered if I might generate enough friction to actually ejaculate while over her lap. It seemed like something to aspire to. She began to spank with just her hand and while I love giving a spanking, a very close second is the feel of a woman’s hand on my bare ass. I was thoroughly enjoying the warming, stinging feeling as her hand covered my entire bottom. She paused as if to inspect her progress and then continued but this time with the brush. The swats were sharp and fast, pushing close to my tolerance before she finally stopped.

Beth prompted me to stand and then noticed wet spots of pre-cum on her skirt. “Such a naughty fellow! Lay facedown on the bed,” she ordered pulling the belt free. She stroked my already sore ass a dozen times with the heavy leather strap before dropping it on the floor and ordering me to roll over. She sat beside me and gently stroked my erection. She moved to kneel between my legs, doffed her top and sandwiched my cock with her soft breasts, bobbing up and down until she realized I was very close and resumed working me with her hand until I erupted onto myself.

She licked a rivulet of cum from her finger and teased, “I wanna feel your belt.” She handed me the belt, unzipped her skirt and bent over the bed. She had been bare beneath and her ass almost begged to be stroked with the strap. I gave her six and then fingered her slowly feeling the tension inside her growing. Another six strokes and my fingers felt her almost resonantly vibrating. “I need something more than just a finger,” she suggested. Fortunately, I had recovered quickly and obliged her wish, pulling out in time to finish on her bottom, the white stripes of semen contrasting perfectly with the red swath of leather-induced inflammation on her butt.