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Michael Meets Mistress Anne

My name is Michael and I have been an enema addict since my early childhood when my mother used enemas for a cure all for everything . In my 20's now and giving myself solo enemas multiple times during the week so my body inside is just as clean as it is outside. To embarrassed trying to explain my needs to any of my current girlfriends I was looking for an enema Mistress or nurse to satisfy my enema needs.

Just last week I noticed an ad in an underground paper advertising for clients for a new Mistress whom would satisfy anal needs for male and female slaves . I called and was able to arrange a meeting between this Mistress and myself this coming weekend on Saturday morning. The week could not go fast enough for me waiting to meet my new Mistress. Finally Saturday came and I arrived at the address given me and rang the doorbell and this cute older lady answered and invited me in. She called herself Mistress Anne and she inquired about my needs and I told her I was hoping to have her administer large enemas for either pleasure or punishment to me. She explained she would love to administer them to me but that I would have to service her plus her older daughter and husband as part of my obedience to her. She then brought me to her dungeon and introduced her daughter and her daughters husband showing me all of her equipment which included many enema bags and nozzles and a large assortment of dildo's , butt plugs , canes , large and small anal appliances and all sorts of benches ,exam tables with many restraints attached to them in order to carry out her fantasies on me. I agreed to her rules and asked when we could start and she said immediately. Her daughter Mary and son in law Anthony left the room with Anne and I was told to remove my clothes and lay on the exam table and wait.

After waiting for about 15 minutes Mistress Anne came back in the room followed by Mary carrying this huge enema bag , Hanging the bag on an IV pole Mistress Anne attached a large double balloon nozzle to the hose then slipped on some exam gloves lubricating her fingers and fingering my asshole with two or three fingers . She then inserted the first balloon in my asshole and pumped up both balloons sealing my asshole . Mistress Anne said I had to take the whole 4 quart enema no matter how I cramped while servicing her asshole and vagina . She then positioned herself in front and had Mary release the clamp on the hose and I started licking and tonguing her vagina and asshole while my huge enema filled me. It seemed to take forever but with much cramping I was able to take the whole enema then had to hold it for 15 minutes to have it work on me before I was allowed to expel into a huge vat while they watched.

After expelling and cleaning myself Mary left coming back in with the same huge enema bag completely filled again this time putting a huge enema nozzle on the hose . Mary lubricated my asshole and inserted that huge nozzle in it and taking Anne's place was Anthony and while Mary opened the hose clamp I was left to suck Anthony's huge dick and balls and asshole. I had all I could do to take Anthony's penis head in my mouth to suck and tongue then moved to his balls and finally rimming his asshole then taking his penis in my mouth I tongued Anthony till he finally came in my mouth swallowing every bit of his cum. I heard the clamp close on the hose knowing my enema was over but had to hold it before I finally could expel it in front of my tormentors.

Empty again and cleaned up I saw Mistress Anne enter carrying another huge enema bag full to the brim . Positioned again on the exam table another huge nozzle was attached to the hose and while Mistress Anne inserted the nozzle in my asshole Mary presented her vagina and asshole for me to service. Licking and tonguing Mary in no time I brought her to an immense orgasm her pussy squirting all over my face while I tried to swallow every bit of her cum that I could. Hearing the clamp close on the hose again I was allowed to expel again in front of everyone . I was cleaned up after expelling but was then positioned o a strange shaped chair with my ass sticking in the air and was strapped down. Anthony entered the room with his huge hard penis and put some exam gloves on then played with my asshole while lubricating it and then put his penis against my asshole and slowly pushed his erection into me filling my rectum and stretched my asshole completely. Fucking my asshole slowly then faster I could feel Anthony's penis start to spasm then fill me up with his hot ejaculation. I was then allowed to shower and get cleaned up and Mistress Anne told me I had done well taking my enemas and servicing all of them and she would look forward to again to another meeting. I am definitely looking forward to the next time at the hands of Mistress Anne .


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