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Erotic Poetry (Enemas, Plugs, Submission)

Why Can't I be Nineteen and Punished Again?

Oh, to be the girl in Farrel's Illustrations,

Humiliated, with a nozzle in

Dildo form impaling my ass and pissing water

That steams from the anachronistic can,

To have an ass that really glows red,

Oh, to have such a fountain of pain within me,

To be filled up and raped with such heat...

To have my belly played with, fat and aching,

as the men prepare to whip me,

Their semen running down their pants...

Will you take me with such force, that I feel

A girl again, bangs and plain cheeks red with screams,

Feeling a little thing, a daily punishment

With the emotional scale of the entire

Evolution of man, its dips and swells?

As if humanity was ten minutes older than me

And every emotion I discovered was some new

Feature of the rolling plains of Kenya.

For I am jaded, and though I have filled

Myself with steaming water and squatted

And shat in the shower, fingering a

Hairy hole with skillful nails,

I feel less than one swat of the ruler

Once released flooding through my eyes.

Can you fuck me like that, farmhand?


eeetime 5 months ago