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My Favorite Enema!

My Favorite Enema!

I was given enemas at a very young age because I wasn't having natural bowel movements. After a few by my mom, my dad showed me how to give them to myself and I no longer lay across my mom's lap naked. I dreaded them but have to admit that I also somehow enjoyed being naked with my butt in the air and feeling her finger putting lube on my anus and then feeling the nozzle slip in. After I began to give them to myself, I found different ways to go about it to make it more enjoyable. I would go in the bathroom, strip naked, and fill the red bag. There was the small nozzle that I used for a while and then I decided to try the larger one. I enjoyed it a lot more.

About this time, my older brother was jacking off behind the barn and when he realized that I was watching him, fascinated, he threatened me with a beating if I ever told on him. When I asked what he was doing, he decided to show me so he could say I was jacking too, knowing that I wouldn't tell on him and he could continue to enjoy himself. I found I loved the tingling feeling that got stronger and stronger and eventually my body would shiver and I would feel something that I had no idea was available with just the use of my hands. It was a couple of years before I could cum but I enjoyed the dry orgasms and simply couldn't get enough to satisfy me.

Long after I started ejaculating when I jacked off, I decided to give myself an enema standing just for the different feeling it would give me. I found it much more convenient but it didn't clean me out as well. However while I was standing, I saw that my dick was bigger than usual so I casually let my hand slide up and down the shaft and it became hard and I was lost to the joys of masturbation. Being full of warm water and holding it in while I jacked off was a wonderful new sensation and I got so excited about the new feelings that I had a very strong orgasm. What a great new experience to improve my enemas. ENEMAS! I suddenly removed the nozzle and sat on the toilet just as the water flooded out. I barely made but it felt wonderful as it rushed by my sensitive prostate caused by the jacking.

That was many years ago and I've enjoyed all kinds of enemas and all kinds of hand jobs. Now that I'm an senior and have lots of time to myself, I have begun to enjoy both enemas often and jacking off even more often. Thinking about all of this got me in the mood to have an enema with the added joy of jacking off.

I stripped naked and played with my dick for a bit to get it interested in the wonderful act of self love. I went into the bathroom and got my enema bag out and something fell at my feet. It was my large nozzle that I had forgotten about. It was black silicon and was ten inches long and the size around of an average slender penis. I had often wished it was the size of a big penis that some men have, but then I forgot about it because it had been on the higher shelf for several years. I bent it back and forth and it was just as supple as I had remembered it being. I felt a twitch from my interested dick. I quickly attached the nozzle to my enema bag hose and felt another sexual twitch which I was beginning to enjoy.

I realized that I was standing in front of the full length mirror and even though I don't have the muscular body I had at one time, I liked what I saw. I was still tall and fairly slender with an almost flat stomach. But what I liked most about the man in the mirror was the expectant and happy look on his face as he slowly jacked his rapidly growing cock.

I got for the lube and reached behind and rubbed a couple of fingers around my anus, enjoying the growing interest. I was in no hurry to rush into this afternoon of sexual fun but as I explored the sensitive opening, I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time. I was getting harder and harder just from the anal stimulation. After a bit, I felt the opening relaxing and my finger slipped in and felt around, causing a great pleasure to sweep over me. I slipped in another finger and shivered at the added pleasure. I was now watching myself in the mirror and enjoying seeing the naked man with two fingers sliding in and out. The finger fucking was better than I remembered it being and my cock was enjoying it also since it was now standing almost as erect as it was when much younger. The nerve endings just inside the sphincter muscle were extra tender and responding to my lubed fingers like being fucked by a big warm throbbing penis. I kept on enjoying the sensations with one hand in my butt and the other on my cock. From time to time I realized that I was losing reality to the power of passion and had no idea how long I enjoyed the slow finger fucking.

After quite a long time and a very sensitive naked body that didn't want to give up my fingers, I remembered that I was going to take an enema and filled the bag with warm water and hung it on the door hook. I lubed the long black nozzle and let it push against my wanting anus. I used it to circle the opening and as I did, I felt myself opening more and the tip slid in. Without planning what was happening, I pulled it out and then in again, going just a bit deeper. After a bit of nozzle fucking, I felt it go all the way in reaching bottom. I pulled it out and back in again and shivered with pleasure as it slid across my prostate and on in as it hit bottom each time. I flipped the lever and warm water began to flow into my body, giving a wonderful warm satisfying feeling. I remembered that the flowing warm water would cause the bend to relax and I pushed the nozzle against the opening to my intestines and felt the nozzle sliding deeper and deeper. There was a momentary pain and then it slipped all the way in. All ten inches of it so that it was filling my intestine past the bend. Once the bend had been entered, I could pull the nozzle almost out and all the way back in, easily sipping by the bend which had straightened out.

My mind had been so occupied with the nozzle fucking me that I was barely aware that I my other hand was pumping my erection and causing it to throb with a hardness that I hadn't felt in a long time. I looked at the old man in the mirror and felt a mini-orgasm sweep over my body as he looked so lost to the ecstasy of passion. I felt my body on sexual fire and could hardly stand still. I realized that my belly was very extended and beginning to hurt more than pleasure so I turned off the flowing warm water and let the water disperse a bit. I kept pumping the nozzle in and out and my hand jacking at the same speed. I went a bit faster and shivered again all over. The pleasure was building stronger and stronger and I could feel the blood building in my penis. I didn't want to cum too fast and end the fantastic ecstasy, yet I couldn't have stopped the jacking if I had wanted to. As the pleasure got stronger and stronger and I was losing touch with reality, my hand began to go faster sending a flooding of sensuousness that made my heart beat rapidly and my breathing to get louder and louder. I began to moan and writhe as the pressure built and I thought I might die from my heart beating out of my chest. I was thrusting my pelvis forward to meet my loving hand and back to take in the nozzle. I saw the old man in the mirror with his eyes wide open in shock as the orgasm built up with each thrust. The point of no return was quickly taking over my entire self and my thrusts forward and back were faster and faster. My body had built up a heat and sweat was flowing.

Then the orgasm got stronger and stronger until I had no idea that the world was turning or that there was anything going on in the real world except the rapture of pleasure that was playing in my head and clear down to my toes. And then it hit. My whole body went into a flooding of pleasure that was so strong, I fell to my knees and couldn't have stood if the world was on fire. I felt my body pumping hot cum with each flood of pleasure and I fell from my knees to the floor, causing the nozzle to be pulled out with both a flood of joy and sense of extreme loss. As the orgasm continued to pump and the tender sensations in my penis to get stronger and stronger, I slowly stopped pumping my hand and left it grasping my throbbing dick.

I don't know how long I lay there totally lost to reality. Eventually I began to feel the coolness of the hard tile and the need to move. As I turned over, the cramp in my stomach brought me quickly back to reality and I got up and rushed to the toilet with my erect cock leading the way. I made it and felt a different kind of pleasure as the warm water rushed out and eased the cramps and too full belly. The warm water rushing over my prostate was also very nice and enjoyable but I was still so lost to the powerful orgasm that was still wracking my being, that I hardly was aware of all the wonderful pleasures that I was feeling.

After all the water had emptied, I slowly got up, wiped the last few drips, and moved to the mirror. The old man looking back at me had such a look of total satisfaction that I had to smile at him and he smiled back. The two old men looking at each other by way of the mirror had just proved that old men can have great sex even if the younger generation thinks they are sexless. They'll learn - - - - - - or die.


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