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Care4All Medical - Cross-posted from FetLife

Care4All Medical Institude - Excerpt 01

Care4All Medical Institute - Excerpt 01,"This one kinda jumps into the middle of a scenario which takes place in a MUCH different location than ""the facility"".

All characters/stories in the Care4All Medical Institute universe are non-evil, and staff/contracted entities care extremely about their patients. Anything done involuntarily to a patient is for their care, and to bring relief to their discomfort and pain.

This is an example of some of what goes on there:

You're held in-place standing up. Two bots (HAZ-01 and HAZ-02) in biohazard gear come over, and one immediately puts his gloved hands down your unfastened pants and checks your anus and penis.

Through his N100 masked face, he says: ""Hmm, you'll need cleaned down there.. we'll take care of your friend down there too. Just relxx and let us help you. It'll feel good and won't hurt. We have to take some samples now."" He gently plays with your penis and testicles, while another team member works your anus. He feels everything tense up and get hard ""Almost ready to cum, hold on!"", He says.

Then they speed up a bit, and you blow a huge huge load which spatters all over the inside of the biohazard bag, which he's pulled over your penis while you weren't paying attention. He says ""Perfect, good boy! One more, and we'll get this off to be analyzed. We'll clean and change you into a diaper and biohazard gown. it's a bit warm with the isolation material it's made from, but it's a bit cold in here anyway.""

Gloves are changed, and the process is repeated a few times until you're relaxed and empty, but tired. He changes gloves, cleans you up, changes gloves, and applies a liberal amount soothing gel on your genitals and anus. You're put into two 5 layer, heavily-powdered, anti-irritant biohazard diapers, and a high-risk biohazard-class patient gown. ""There we go, all buttoned up! We'll clean you several times a day since that's only partially meant to be changeable. Got some good stuff to hose you out with that kills anything off, doesn't hurt you though! So, don't be afraid to just ""go"" if you need to, or ask for help if think you can go normally, or you can hold it, or whatever."" He pats you down there a few times when he says this.

""Now, let's get you somewhere to rest."" A surgical gurney covered in thick grey (non-irritant, non adhesive) biohazard sheeting is rolled up by his teammate. His teammate says: ""Don't be afraid or intimidated, this is just for everyone's safety"" Several comfortable pillows covered in the same biohazard sheeting are placed on the gurney as well.

You're helped by both to lay on the gurney. ""Now, we're going to strap you in so you don't fall off in transport or your sleep. We have to cover you with special biohazard sheets and a breathing mask, but it won't hurt, and we'll check you frequently."" With that you're strapped in, the mask is fitted, sleeping gas started, and grey biohazard sheets are lain out all over you, fastened where they hang far over the gurney. There's an area where some see-through grey sheeting is used over your face so you can see what's going on.

They'll feed you and unfasten those later, pull down your diapers from under the sheet, and gently play with you some more, after a genital cleaning and sample taking. Then they'll change the sheeting, clean and re-powder the diapers, and button you back up, re-fastening the sheeting after.

First re-check procedures are in about 2hrs or so, then every 4 after that. If you fuss they'll put you to sleep or help you relax through the procedures, as there's some discomfort sometimes, but they won't hurt you. Gloves will be changed before each process as per regulation. The only bucking you'll do is in bliss and pleasure. Or not for long if you're in pain, that's for sure!

--- As with the others, I'll clean this up and update at some point, just wanted to get it out there. 😃


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