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Mandy has an Accident in the Garden

Part 1 - emergency

It was about half 3 in the afternoon the neighbours have bought a trampoline. Mandy (early 30s and mother of two children) had been playing with the kids in the garden. I had just finished mowing the lawn and could here them being silly as they played when I heard a blood curdling scream, followed by the cries of Mam are you okay? Are you okay?

I stood on the raised up wall at the bottom of the garden and asked is everything okay only for Mandy to scream please come and help me I'm hurt. I climbed up and hopped over the fence and went over and to my horror could see Mandy was in trouble.

She had been standing up on a bench and leaning up to hang something on the wall and lost her balance and she had fallen down on impaling herself on a sharp plastic pole which had gone up inside her vagina and was now partially porturding from her stomach without piercing the skin!!

Almost immediately her eyes rolled back as she went into shock, the kids now crying in terror.

Mandy came back round as the reality set in about what had happened, oooow she moans it hurts so bad, please help me Darren.

I reassure her don't worry Mandy it's all going to be okay, I sent the kids inside they were upset but agreed. I know this is embarassing Mandy but I need to take your shorts and pants off and see where the entry is - please no she begs I don't want you seeing my privates I don't - I have to Mandy raising my voice, I need to see what's happening, even though she could be badly injured I'm incredibly turned on, Mandy was hot, very curvy and and many a times I've spied on her through the window while she's been in her bikini sunbathing in the garden, it was almost a dream come true.

I race to her kitchen and get a pair of scissor and snip away her shorts and can see the outline of her vagina her pants covered with spots of blood get snipped away, Mandy screams again as the plastic pole gets knocked it hurts her. Her vagina is gorgeous, her labia are just ever so slightly puffy and conceal a tight entrance, her clitoral hood sitting really pretty at the top made it a beautiful sight. My penis stands to attention and Mandy notices too as she starts sobbing tears, Darren please help don't just stare at my vagina, please help me.

I am Mandy I promise, I am. Reality kicks back and I realise we need to help her. Blood is seeping out of her vagina, almost oozing and I retract the labia to expose the urethra and can see blood around the entrance, Mandy I think you may have damaged your bladder too, she cries out oh god has it gone right in? It has Mandy, I'm going to have to insert a finger in to see if it's damaged you cervix okay, this may hurt a little bit.

Mandy begged please Darren no please don't- I have to Mandy and as she took a deep breath I pushed my middle and index fingers deep inside her vagina. She let's out a scream aaaaaah Jesus Darren this is worse than when I gave birth, really well done Mandy I reply, I can feel your cervix you're lucky it hasn't gone through into the uterus, its just gone through the vaginal wall and possibly into your bladder. I could see she was still worried and embarrassed but here I was with my fingers deep inside her vagina, I took the opportunity to savour the moment and even stroked her clit, her eyes sprung open I expected her to say something but she didn't she just groaned as I gently caressed her. I withdrew my fingers, Mandy I don't think we need an ambulance - what she screams I've got a pole stuck in my vagina, I know but I'm going to pull it out. Whaaat, no way she shouts, I need to go to A&E

Darren you can't you aren't a doctor, Mandy I used to be a army medic I know how to deal with trauma (this was of course a lie bit I really wanted to reassure Mandy). You won't bleed out nothing has been damaged your uterus is okay and I'm going to deal with the bladder injury. Have you ever had a catheter fitted before? Yes she cries but that was after an epidural when I had Callum for my c section so I didn't feel it. I don't want a tube in there no way. You need a catheter Mandy, I need to see if there is any blood in your urethra is because if its pierced your bladder, we need you in hospital as they'll need to operate to repair it, if we drain your bladder and urine comes out then we know its fine and hasn't been punctured and that it's just tissue damage.

Mandy starts to cry again, okay but why do you catheters in your house you weirdo?

Mandy didn't know I enjoyed watching medical procedure videos and practiced these procedures I certainly wasn't about to tell her this. I just do Mandy, its not the time for 50 questions, okay she reluctantly replied as her hand comes down and touches her lips as she feels her most intimate area touching the plastic pole embedded inside her - I can feel it in my tummy though she cries I'm really scared - I know Mandy but we'll get this sorted please trust me. I leap back over the fence and run into the house and gather up my medical equipment. Some speculums, a catheter kit, some gloves and some anti bacterial solution.

I leap back to find Mandy sobbing- it's okay I'm back, I don't know about this Darren I don't think you should do this. Don't worry Mandy I reply, this isn't going to be too bad, your urethra is very short and if it hurts too much I promise we'll stop but I can make the pain go away I promise.

I hate you she screams as I move her legs wide apart and it jolts the pole causing a shock of pain. I part her labia with my fingers and she doesn't protest I make sure the gently rub and caress the inside of her pussy a few drops of blood secret out as I gently retract the skin her tiny little urethral opening pops into view, it is a site to behold, I can't help but rub and touch the lovely pink skin around it that is every so tender I hear a gasp from Mandy, is that hurting you Mandy? No Darren it feels okay I've never had anyone hold me open like this. I know I'm going to enjoy sliding the rubber tube into her bladder so I give it a good swab with the anti bacterial solution Mandy jolts ooooow that's cold and another scream as the pole jolts. Deep breath Mandy I say she looks at the rubber tube and burts into tears no no no no please no, before she can protest again I start to feed the tube into her urethra ooooooow it burns she protests, I can feel a little resistance, Mandy please don't tense up you'll move the pole and it'll hurt please take a deep breath and try to relax, deep breath Mandy its going to slide in past the bladder neck now sharp pain and she squeaks as lovely golden urine shoots out of the catheter.

Is it in Darren she nervously asks, it is Mandy and it's good news there's there's blood and its draining nicely it means you haven't damaged it, the pole has just gone through skin, fat and tissue. Mandy nervously laughs are you saying I'm fat. Not at all,you are pretty beautiful. She really was I'd never seen a nicer vagina, lovely lips and a delightful big clit, she had a small scar from what was either a tear or episiotomy probably from her first birth going down towards her anus, but her vagina was still incredibly tight. She looked amazing with the rube hanging out if her I adjusted the position of rhe tube making sure to touch her clit which was now erect and starting to glisten.

Right Mandy let's get this pole pulled out should we and you'll feel much better. She again looks up and can see the tip portruding on her stomach. No Darren this isn't safe I could bleed to death. No you can't I reply there's only a few drops on your pants from the entry wound and you've been amazingly lucky we can take this out. You'll feel so much better I promise. She still didn't seem sure.

I'm going to help you Mandy, what we're going to do is distract you, I'm going to bring you to an orgasm she shouts no you fucking aren't, Darren no no. Ssssh Mandy it will relax you and as you are starting to relax I'll pull it out you'll barely feel it and you'll feel much better I promise. She went almost beetroot purple. I don't have a choice do I she muttered. No I reply retracting the catheter she barley even notices it coming out.

She would never know but this was a fantasy coming true for me, I start touching her clit and gently stroking it, Darren no please I don't want ti do this just take me to hospital please, she tries to bolt up but the pole is pushing against her skin and she quickly flops back, Mandy please let me help you. We'll take you to hospital to get checked out once it's out, you need to relax the fear was visible in her eyes and she was very embarrassed but I once again start working my thumb up and over her clit teasing it, my fingers rolling through her labia occasionally slipping slightly into her vagina which was starting to ever so slightly open as she became aroused. Mandy starts gasping occasionally hissing when a sudden movement or jolt rocks the impaled pole causing her to momentarily shriek. Mandy you have a beautiful pussy I'm sorry but you really do. She blushes, I think I do too hehe, Mandy is starting to breath a bit heavier I stop and she cuts a frustrated look at me. Darren don't stop please keep going it feels great, I decide to take a risk I dip my head down in between her chunky but cute thighs and start licking her now wet pussy.

Darren she screams please lick my clit please please lick my clit. A clear white sticky juice is starting to secrete out on Mandys partially opened vagina, the pole makes it awkward but I manage to get Mandy into a comfortable position and start teasing her clit with my tounge. I look up to see Mandy has said her hands under her top and is squeezing her breasts caressing the erect nipples she breaths heavily her legs quivering while the occasional groan of pain, eminates from an uncomfortable movement but she's really wet downstairs now my fingers are coated with her sticky secretions her cum if you like and it was divine

Mandy screams Darren,Darren I'm going to orgasm oh my god I'm going to cum, I can see her pelvic floor muscles are contracting she's in pain the pole still embedded but her vagina is starting to contract. I grab the pole and with one firm yank it comes out Mandy screams and leaps up just as a huge gush explodes out of her pussy all over my hands, she screams oh my god its out Darren I'm so sorry, I lift up my head with a smurk.

Mandy no need to be sorry you were amazing patient so brave and so sexy. We shared a beautiful moment I say. She was clearly still embarrassed but looked at me in a way that was beautiful to behold. Darren you have magic hands she whispered while regaining her breath, I couldn't help but touch her soaking lips, she was leaking and there was just a touch of blood from the puncture wound inside her vaginal wall she gasped again. Are we going to hospital now she asked?

No Mandy we aren't, you much prefer me as your doctor don't you? A smile drawn upon her face yes Darren I do.....

Let's get inside and upstairs and check out inside what do you think?

I agree Doctor replies Mandy ,I think you need to examine me properly this time ....... to be continued