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Epic birthday!

My birthday enemas...

I love the car wash… a great place to write a story.

Yesterday was my birthday. I officially entered my mid-fifties and was not happy about it.

My wife offered the perfect birthday gifts, a surprise. Now, knowing my live for enemas, I had an inclination as to what would transpire… a couple enemas that night and maybe some cock manipulation to finish things off. Boy she decided to up the ante!

I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. As my eyes focused, I could see that my lovely wife was standing over me in a cute set of scrubs and carrying a full soapy bag! “Roll onto your side" she demanded… and I did what I was told. She then unceremoniously pushed a lubed douche nozzle past my sphincter and deep into my anus. Without a word she started the flow… hot was the temp of the day. She continued the enema without a word… just rubbed my belly until I took the entire bag. After a few minutes she ordered me to expel and come right back for more!

I returned and we had a small breakfast in bed while she told me the day's plans. Next she laid me on my back and proceeded with another hotter and soapier enema. She took her lubed gloves and began stroking my cock, timing her pace with the bag. As the bag finally emptied, she brought me to a skyrocket orgasm! After another round of expelling she took me into the shower and cleaned me from head to toe for my day.

I was so happy to enjoy a morning enema with my love, but she had other plans…

We took out boat out with friends for the day and ate seafood at each stop. All that rich food and the obligatory birthday cake had my tummy grumbling. My wife whispered in my ear “round two starts tonight". I had never been able to cum twice in one day, but was sure willing to give it a shot!

After our friends left I entered the bedroom to find that the IV stand was up and waiting for me. My wife ordered me naked for the evening and did the same for me. Having my hottie naked wife getting enemas ready for me was a thrill.

The first enema was flat on my stomach with a plunger system that she knows drives me insane with pleasure/pain. Being on my stomach makes it difficult to take and retain and she knows it.

After that came a full soapy bag on my side with a 24 inch colon nozzle. This gets deep inside and makes for a more comfortable enema going in, but a LOT coming out!

My last enema of the day (5 if anyone is counting) was an inflatable vibrating nozzle delivering nearly 2 gallons. I was filled beyond belief and begging to release when she climbed on top of me and rode me to an epic orgasm! My second of the day!

Needless to say, it was an incredible birthday!


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