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Sixty Dollars of Incontinence Supplies

Sixty Dollars of Incontinence Supplies

On a rainy saturday, Kullen's stepsister brought him sixty dollars worth of incontinence supplies.

She stood in the doorway with six Walgreen's bags. Her hair was drenched and she had a smirk on her face. She was only a year older than him at twenty-six, but seemed much more mature and worldly.

"June, I told you, it was an isolated incident. I'm not going to do it again." He blushed. "Really."

"Mom said it was two times. Both at work."

"Just a spot of pee. I had a change of pants in the car both times."

"So you were lucky. Next time?"

"Well, come in, I guess. But you better have the receipts."

"Won't need them. You're trying every single one of these on."

He turned his back and took another sip of his White Claw as he stepped towards the part of his cramped apartment that was set up as a miniature suburban living room, complete with a single love seat and a Super Nintendo.

"What if you're in the car on a long road trip? Kullen, some of these look just like men's underpants. Wear them for a month and if you didn't need them once toss 'em. But you're trying these on."

"I guess."

Twenty minutes later, he stepped out of the bathroom for the third time, wearing another one of the discrete, slimline pullups.

"These feel godawful on."

"Try these... they just have this little elastic waistband that buttons to the... diaper part."

"Don't call it a diaper!"

"What's wrong with diapers? Better than pissing your pants, right, big brother?"

"I didn't piss my pants! It was just... leakage."

"Well, try on these 'belted shields,' for 'moderate leakage', then!"

He reluctantly went back in and came out with the shield and nothing else on. "It looks so bad. It looks... like a diaper."

"Yeah, but like, the bikini version. It's not such a big deal, K. Don't take yourself so seriously!"

He turned red in the face. "But... but..."

"Hey, let's just rip the bandaid. Put on a real diaper and these won't feel so bad."

"But..." he sighed. "Okay."

He took one of the "adult fitted briefs" into the bathroom and after several minutes came out wrapped in a towel. "I can't figure out how to."

"Let me help. Go to your bed and lie down on that towel," June said, looking up from her phone."

"I'm not going to let you--!"

"Kullen, it'll be fun. Don't be so serious about it."


"Kullen, don't be a brat." She was sitting on the love seat. "Come get across my lap with that towel under you. You need your attitude adjusted."

"I'm not going to."

"Kullen. Don't be a brat."

Somehow, he found every part of him instinctively wanting to obey her. She looked so adult and so serious when she said it. She'd looked him in the eyes and he knew she wasn't joking. He walked to her and put the towel on her lap, trying to ignore the faint swelling of his cock, then gingerly placed his (somewhat larger) frame over her lap with his ass in the air.

The first spank came without warning. It was surprisingly well placed and firm, such that it actually stung a little. But as the punishment went on, there was surprisingly little pain. It was almost massage-like, but the really marked thing about it was that he was submitting to it...

He hadn't realized that some part of him called out for this kind of submission.

His ass was a little red when he stood up and, without further prompting, went to the bedroom with the towel and draped himself over the edge.

She came in with an adult diaper and a bottle of baby powder.

"Time to get buttoned up for the night, little K. K... legs in the air."

He found himself assuming the position.

She walked up to where she was framed, imposingly, against the room light and between his bent legs. She opened the top on the powder and shook some out onto his privates, then pushed against his legs with her forearm to roll him back and raise his legs a little more. She shook out the powder all down between his cheeks, then spread them a little by his asshole to make sure it had gotten down in there.

Then she opened a diaper, slipped it under him, and said "legs down."

Then with a suprisingly tender touch, she adjusted his powder-covered cock and tucked it in as she closed the diaper.

"There, was that so hard? Now in the morning, I want you in pullups or shields at work and diapers every night for a week."

"Yes, ma'am," he heard himself saying.

He knew he'd need to be changed sooner rather than later.