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Goodnight Jakob

Goodnight Jakob part 1

This is a translated story about the earlier days.

This evening 18 year old Jakob decided to go to sleep early. Tomorrow he had a test at college and he wanted to make a good impression to his parents. The last test went not so good and this time he would show them, that college was serious. His Parents had nine pm theater tickets reserved and would leave the house in and least half an hour. Then he would come out of bed again and watch some tv. Early into bed was after all only for little boys.

He was ready to go to bed as his mother suddenly came true the hall and into his room. She made herself really pretty for this evening. A black knee dress, high heel shoes and red lipstick. In the left hand she had a small box and in the other hand a blue cream jar. What did she want here with the cream jar, thought Jacob as she approached and sat down on the bed ending.

„I have decided, to give you only this evening a special suppository, to be sure you go to sleep, while we are out. Because of the test you got tomorrow. To be sure you got no stupid thoughts again and come out of bed, once we left the house."

When he heard that, he chocked.

„Uhm that’s really not necessary", he stuttered unsure and laid down next to his mother in the bed. "I just want to go to bed." A suppository was the last thing he thought was going to happen, when she came in to the room with the small box. It must have been at least six years ago his last one and in addition he was much too old for this.

"Please turn around on your belly quickly for me.", his mother asked, during that she got a strip with five suppositories from the box. He looked at the strip, one was missing, he thought about it and probably she must have given his small brother one already. That is what she wanted? Simply give a suppository and hope, that the boys sleep peaceful, during she and father are at the theatre. But he would not give in so quickly.

His mother already teared a suppository from the strip and was just about ro peel in from the cellophane. As she noticed that Jakob would not agree to the suppository it seemed.

"It is for your best my dear", she said with a soothing voice. "and now turn on your belly please. It’s not going to hurt a bit."

„No", protested Jacob, "I’m not a small child anymore."

„Now don’t wasted my time. It Is only a small suppository. In less than two seconds it will disappear up your butt. And you will sleep better too."

Apparently She found out, that the last nights he had a restless sleep. But Jacob was determent to not work with her.

„If You do not do as a say right away Il get Dad." Her voice had an impending tone and meant Nothing Good.

„No Please, don't. I turned over already", said Jakob suddenly. But still before he had finished the sentence. His Mother was already up and left the room. He was to late.

Hardly a minute passed, as suddenly his Father clothed In a Suit came true the door and sat himself with his back to him on to Bed.

„Now, let’s bring this behind us Quickly." His Father pulled the duvet back, took the legs of 18 year old and pressed them with caution against his chest, Jacob was laying on his back like a small baby. Only now he noticed, how embarrassing this would be. Somehow he did not thought about it this way earlier.

Now his Mothers sat herself on the bed end and tugged his boxer shorts up to his thighs, She held the white unpacked suppository already in her hand. It was a lot bigger, than the suppositories he got until then. A real torpedo that would disappear in his butt. As he laid there in this degrading position he felt that his buttocks spread Itself and the cool air of the tilted window. In this position there was nothing he could do. It was impossible clench his butt cheeks together. But that was probably why his father chose this position.

„Just relax," said his Mother into the unpleasant silence and he knew, that In exactly this moment from fear he tried to clench his cheeks. "Or should you’re Father give you the suppository?"

He let go and tried to relax himself. His Father used to give him fever suppositories sometimes, but Jakob had always felt terrible uncomfortable, when he gave him the suppository and pushed in the whole finger.

Now he just wanted to get the suppository giving behind itself quickly, and followed the orders. Never in his life he thought that his Mother would go so far to get his Father. His face was flushed with shame redness, as he laid there like a small child on his back and waited for the suppository. How he would enjoy to disappear right know. But for that is was to late.

„This is good. Try to stay relaxed", said his Mother, dunked the suppository into the Cream and put It against his anus. Jakob could feel, as the cold point of the suppository penetrated easy. Slowly it was pushed deeper and deeper. The Foreign object suddenly was true his sphincter into his intestine, without that he could do something about it. He slightly hairy anus jerked short, then the suppository disappeared. After his Mother gave him a light pat on the butt, his Father let go of his legs and he was allowed to the raise his boxers.

As his parents left the room, they wished him a good night and turned down the lights. Jakob crouched himself under the duvet right away from embarrassment and was very mad about his parents. Already the strong effect of the suppository took over and he was getting so tired, that he hardly think clear about it. Earlier he tried to squeeze it out again, but the pat on the butt from his Mother had made him to clench his butt cheeks, so that the suppository shot deep into his intestines. Jakob started to think how he would keep himself awake, during that he felt a sleep.