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Sarah & Alex: Divorce & Regression

Part 5

How did the diaper discipline help to solve Alex’s behavioural problems?

I am not going to lie: it was a difficult time for me. Alex became excessively withdrawn. While he still complained when I took his RT or gave him a suppository, he was largely silent otherwise. I think he was still tried playing these emotional games with me. I know many moms would have given up at this point. Or maybe they would seek help. I realized that while I had to be strict, I also had to show some ability to compromise.

I figured he was a bit lonely. Since he was indoors every day, he had no interaction with his friends. The school was ending too, so even his classmates stopped sending him messages. Considering that he was wearing diapers, he probably did not want to go out anyway. Haha!

Since Christmas was around the corner, I decided to show some mercy. I have given him his PlayStation back. When you take something valuable from your kids and then give it back, they will appreciate it even more! Obviously, I did not want to look like I was giving up. So I made some demands: to play his stupid games, he had to use the potty without throwing a hissy fit. Suddenly, what I thoughts was impossible a few months before, went nice and easy now.

I still diapered him for the night. He probably still did not trust me, but at least he didn’t call me a bitch or tell me he hates me. This was the first time I saw a little chance that our relationship will get better. One thing worried me: his friends. I was afraid that his friends – who were also very toxic – would pull him back to his old habits.

I realized I had to justify my authority in front of others. Shortly after Christmas, I invited our neighbour over to visit us. Lovely old lady, always happy to chat. I made sure to ask her over in the morning shortly after Alex woke up. I just took his night nappy off when Olivia arrived. I got and left Alex to put some pants on.

Then we had breakfast together. Alex didn’t speak a word, but he was clearly eager to listen to Olivia. He missed company so much that he was even willing to listen to an old boring lady! Maybe he thought his discipline is over? Maybe he thought, he can start seeing others soon? How wrong he was!

I told Olivia how Alex had coping issues since my divorce and I had to control his diet and monitor his health. I told her that I have to take Alex’s temperature quickly, which she did not seem to be bothered by all. Alex knew what was coming and he jumped up from his chair. I made sure to catch him before and stop him from running away.

You should have seen him tearing up. He was holding back his emotion in front of Olivia – he still wanted to look strong. I wonder how strong you can look while your mother pulls your pants downs and inserts a thermometer in your ass? Not a lot, I bet! Olivia was slightly shocked, but at this point who cared? I acted normal, like this would be an everyday occurrence.

I kept Alex bending forward, facing the fridge. He could not see my smile or Olivia’s cringe. He did not say a word, but I felt his body building up tension. He was very upset and embarrassed.

Shortly after I took Alex’s temperature, Olivia excused herself and left. As I closed the door behind her, Alex broke down crying and ran into his bedroom.

Becca looked puzzled. After a short break, she inquired how Alex’s withdrawal has ended.

I think Alex realized quickly that soon everyone will know how he is treated. He slowly figured out that he needs to bend to my will. I thought it is time to give him back the clothing I took from him. I think this made a lot of difference. He enjoyed wearing his boyish clothing, although his style remained horrible. We also took a few walks outside together the next few days. He stayed reserved but stopped sulking at least.

I was a bit unsure though. I had the nagging feeling that I was missing something. Then, one day, while taking his temperature, I decided to turn him around and get him to lay on his back. I was somewhat surprised that he had a raging erection. I think he got excited every time I showed the thermometer in his ass. He looked quite embarrassed. He spread his arms, making sure I knew he wasn’t touching his penis. I started wondering what would he be doing if I don’t notice this. Maybe he would rub against his own bed to come a little while I am treating him? I was weirded out by this and I was also a bit disappointed.

I had to address his horniness. He had to understand what I am doing for him was for his health and not to excite him. For a few days, I tried to push him over the limit: I bought one of these horrible porno magazines and leafed through them while taking his temperature. I showed him the pictures and explained to him how the sex industry exploits and abuses women. I tried to reason with him so that he won’t feel excited when he sees all these vaginas and asses.

Unfortunately, I have utterly failed: he looked uncomfortable at most times and his erection never disappeared. I was growing frustrated when one evening I figured out what to do to finally solve this problem!

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