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A Blind Date with Laura

A Blind Date with Laura

During my junior year in college, one of the guys on my floor invited me to an off-campus party telling me that his girl friend had a visiting friend from her hometown that they wanted me to meet. Not quite a blind date, but they hoped that I could be with her at the party.

The party was a typical BYOB with loud music and many couples dancing. As soon as I arrived and placed my bottle of Seagram’s down, my friend introduced me to Laura. She was about my height with a very nice figure and average facial attractiveness. She looked a little older than college age, but I couldn’t be sure. As I made Seven and Sevens for both of us, Laura put her hand inside the rear pocket of my jeans and gave me a nice feel.

As the party was quite crowded, we stayed in the kitchen and carried on a superficial conversation through the noise. She pressed against me now and then and she certainly smelled quite nice, but I didn’t feel a great attraction to her. She fixed us another drink and drank hers quite fast. She pressed against me even more and put an arm around my waist. Putting her lips right next to my ear, she asked if I had a car. When I told her I did, she whispered “I want to leave, take me for a drive. Drink up.”

Laura and I slipped out and got to the car. The weather as extra cold and damp for mid-March, and she snuggled up against me. I drove through campus giving her a verbal tour and felt her hand stroking the inside of my thigh. “Find a place to park, Douglas” she whispered huskily. I drove into a parking structure and finally found an open space on the top level.

She began kissing me deeply, and could she kiss. I was filled with her passion and fragrance and totally yielded to her as she pressed me to the car seat. I have to admit, I had never been kissed like that before. Her hands fondled my head and hair, then began to explore the rest of my body. I likewise had my hands on her ass and stroked her lovely buns.

Laura shifted around and her hand found my erect cock. To my amazement she pressed her fingers against the bulge in my jeans and rapidly rubbed up and down. Before I knew what hit me, I was moaning and cumming inside my pants. This was my very first orgasm at the hands of a woman and I was blown away. As my heavy breathing subsided, Laura said she had to get out of her damn girdle, and told me to take her back to my room. I drove off in a wonderful post-orgasmic daze.

When we got back to my dorm room, I was feeling all sticky and wet and not sure what was going to happen next, but I wanted to make love to Laura. She immediately undid my belt and jeans as she pulled off her skirt and blouse. I pulled my shirt over my head as she yanked down her panty girdle with the stockings still attached to the garter tabs. She had a very thick dark bush and lovely breasts that bulged inside her bra. I lead her over to my bed and she pushed me down sitting right in front of her.

With her bush at my face, she said “take off my bra, Douglas.” I was immediately aware and overwhelmed by the feminine fragrance emanating from her sex, which was another first for me. I finally managed to get her bra removed and then Laura took over again. She had me lying underneath her and she rubbed her whole body all over me, kissing and stroking me with her hands as she went. I was completely possessed.

Again, Laura repositioned herself over me with her cunt pressing backwards toward my face. As she did this, she licked and kissed my hard cock. With her heat, fragrance and wetness right in front of me, I naturally began to kiss and lick her sex. Laura moaned loudly and rose up in a sitting position with my head right where she wanted it. She rode me wildly as she approached an intense orgasm. When she finally slipped off of me, my face was covered with her juices and I tried to catch my breath without seeming too overcome.

Laura pulled herself beside me, pulled up the sheet and blanket and wrapped herself around me. Her breathing became heavy and I could tell she had fallen asleep. The next thing I was aware of was her whispering in my ear “bye Douglas” and I heard the door close as she left the room.

It must have been after ten thirty when I finally felt like getting up that Sunday. As I reentered my room from the bathroom, my eyes immediately fell on a crumpled nylon stocking peaking out from under my bed. To my amazement, there lay her stockings still attached to the white panty girdle she had removed so quickly last night. I picked up the prize and sniffed the crotch of the girdle. Oh my, her feminine fragrance just enthralled me. I pulled the girdle over my head so that the crotch was pressed right over my nose and just breathed and breathed. I repositioned the girdle so that both leg opening fit around my face and the back of my head. Then I reclined back in my bed to be immersed in Laura’s sexual fragrance and the smell of her new girdle.

After about ten minutes of aroma arousal, I knew I had to try the girdle on. I left the stocking attached to the garter tabs and positioned my feet through the girdle into the nylons. I gradually slid the stockings up my legs and pulled the girdle up with them. Upon reaching my crotch, I pulled the tight panty girdle up to my waist. The firm panel in the front diminished the appearance of my male bulge and the girdle fit perfectly. I loved how nice and tight it was and loved how the nylons felt on my legs as I strutted around my room. I looked at myself in the mirror and just loved how I looked and felt.

Then I wondered how I would get the girdle back to Laura. I wasn’t exactly sure where my friend’s girlfriend lived. Even if I knew her better, how would I say that her friend left her panty girdle in my room? I certainly wasn’t going to mention to the guy from my floor that I had a missing girdle. Would Laura, herself come back to claim it? Oh god, I better take it off. I folded it nicely with the stockings still attached and put it in the drawer with my underwear, well concealed.

Throughout the day, I stayed in my room wondering if Laura would return. But as the day waned, I was sure that she must have returned home from her weekend. She had left me with a wonderful present, either intentionally or unintentionally. I knew I would treasure it frequently by both wearing it around and, of course, breathing her fragrance.

Early on a Friday night, two weeks later, there was a knock on my door. Laura. She threw her arms around me and kissed me as she entered the room and simultaneously closed the door behind her with her foot. She looked into my eyes with a devilish look on her face and asked ‘do you have something for me?” Her hand rubbed my bulging pants and I was not sure if she meant my cock or the girdle which had given me so much enjoyment over the past two weeks.

When she again said, “well?,” I knew she must have meant the girdle So I broke away from the embrace and went to my dresser, opened the underwear drawer, and pulled out the girdle. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed and burst into laughter. Apparently, she had no recollection of the missing girdle, and was I embarrassed.

“You kept my girdle for me. How sweet? In your underwear drawer. Do you like it? Did you wear it? Oh my God. You did. I can tell by the way you are looking at me. Douglas, model it for me. Take off your clothes and put it on right now. Nylons and all. Right now, Douglas.”

She started unfastening my belt and jeans and stripping me. After removing my shirt and leaving me naked, she draped the girdle behind my neck with the stocking dangling over my chest. “Ok, Douglas, put it on for me. I want to see how you look. Right now, Douglas.”

What could I do, she had caught me red handed so to speak. I sat down in my desk chair and worked the nylons and girdle up my legs into position as I had done many times before. I looked into her face as I stood up and pulled the girdle over my excited cock and into its normal position. Her face beamed with mischievous delight. “Walk around for me, Douglas. Oh what cute little buns. Your bulge looks so cute pressed to your tummy. Come here.”

As I stepped in front of her, her hands explored and caressed me over every inch of the girdle and over my nylon covered thighs and calves. “Mmmmmm, I like you this way. Very, very nice. Very nice indeed. You look and feel so sexy. My little girdle boy. Yes, my little girdle boy. Put your clothes back on. I want to take you out wearing your girdle. God, you have made me so wet, Douglas. We will go out and then I will get you back here. I will just have to rape you.”

We spent a few hours away from my room. After eating, we walked around with her window shopping and entering a few shops. All the time she kept touching me, and saying suggestive and teasing things. She used words like “nice and tight,” “silky smooth,” “so constricting,” “small package,” and “pressing engagement.” She finally steered me back to the dorm by putting her hand in my jeans pocket.

Upon entering my room, she huskily said, “remove all your clothes except for your girdle and stockings. I need to feel your mouth and tongue, Douglas. You need to make me cum.” Laura pulled off her jeans and reclined back on my bed. “Kneel down between my legs and kiss my panties, boy. I am so hot and wet. Rub your nose up and down my panty crotch. Mmmmmm, yes just like that. Smell my sex, boy. You did this to me. Now take my panties off and put them around your neck. And make me cum with your mouth until I tell you to stop.”

Laura lifted both of her legs and rested them on my back, and in so doing, allowed her to increase the pressure of my face against her sex. I placed kisses all over her and nuzzled my nose in her pubic hair. I worked my tongue deeply inside of her and followed that by licking her up and down. I took her clitoris in my mouth and suckled tenderly. She smelled and tasted exquisitely and her response to my ministrations excited me. It seemed that I could feel her orgasm building, but at the same time, she seemed to hold back. My lips and jaw became more and more fatigued but I gave her everything I could. Then suddenly, she muffled a loud moan and cry by placing her forearm over her mouth and she exploded against my face. I did not let up my efforts until she finally pushed me away.

“Oh my God, woooow, wooooow, woooooooooow. Ohhhhh Douglas. Ohhhhhh that was incredible. Wooooooow. You have earned the privilege to do that for me again and again. Anytime I want that, you are the man, my little girdle boy.” She looked down at me with her devilish smile and ran her toes over the firm panel that stifled my bulge.

“Douglas, I have to work in the morning so I must leave now. Sorry we didn’t take care of him” as she rubbed me more with her toes. She rummaged in her purse and found a piece of paper with her address and phone number.

“Call me on Wednesday. I want you to come to Big Rapids for a weekend real soon, as soon as my roommate is not there. Maybe she will be gone this weekend and we can spend the whole time together. You can sleep in my apartment. And you can wear your girdle for me. You are to keep it, my little gift to you my little girdle boy. I want you to wear it and your stockings all day for me on Wednesday and when you call; I want you to tell me how you felt.

“I must bust out of here, now. It will take me an hour and a half to get back home. Keep my panties to and sleep with them to remember me and what you did to me tonight. Kiss me and help me into my jeans.”

She departed and I noticed that my balls were aching inside the tight girdle. My face was slick with her juices but I didn’t want to wash my face. It suddenly hit me that she did something to me that I could not resist. Tonight had done something inside of me. The woman who I initially saw as sexy but not really attractive become a woman who possessed me, ruled me, owned my soul. I felt myself missing her, wanting her, needing her. I wanted to surrender to her power and authority over me. This certainly was all new to me. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

When I call her on Wednesday, I was still wearing the girdle that I had worn all day. When she probed me, I told her how I slept every night with her panties and how I positioned them over my face to breathe her fragrance. She was very matter-of-fact when she told me that I was to come and stay with her this weekend and that I was to arrive exactly at 5:45 PM at her apartment wearing, of course, my girdle and stockings.

That Friday afternoon, I arrived at her apartment on precisely on time as Laura had requested. She greeted me at the door in a silky robe that revealed she was wearing her bra, panty girdle and stockings underneath. She felt the front of my jeans so see if my cock and balls were tightly constrained and called me a “good boy” as she discerned I was. She led me in hand back to her bedroom, slipped off my belt, and hopped onto her bed to watch me undress.

“Leave on your girdle and stockings, you cutie and get up here,” she said as she patted her bed. I moved right next to her and immediately she entwined my legs in hers, rubbing her stocking all over mine. She kissed me deeply and explored me with her hands. She shifted around and pressed her body on top of me and as she did she ground the front of her girdle against the stifled bulge in my girdle.

“Welcome to my world, Douglas. You are to be a good, good boy and take care of your Laura this weekend. Ohhh you feel so good under me. I think I am going to eat you up. Will you let your Laura eat you up?”

“Yessss,” I moaned softly.

“Will you let your Laura have her way with you?”

”Yessss, Laura.”

Laura reached up on her dresser and found a vibrator. She switched it on and began to run it up and down my sides. She positioned her legs along the outside of mine and brought the vibrator to our crotches. She moved it up and down over both hers and mine. We were both getting very excited by this and I began to breathe hard.

“Will you be a good boy and do whatever she asks you to do?”

“Ohhhhh yessss, Laura,” I breathed huskily.

“Good boy. Now don’t you cum yet. I am just getting started with you. Now for your blindfold.”

Laura fumbled around and pulled out a black satin blindfold with an elastic strap. She pulled it over my head covering my eyes. I remained lying underneath the weight of her body with my sight taken away. She scooted up my torso and sat on my chest with her knees pinning my arms. She leaned down and grabbed my left wrist and deftly cuffed it to the headboard of the bed. Quickly she did the same to my right arm.

“There, Douglas. Now you are my prisoner, my captive. What shall I do with the boy that I caught in my apartment? Going through my underwear drawers? Wearing my girdle and stockings? What should I do with such a bad boy?”

Her answer was swift. She moved up over my face and sat down with all her weight. I was caught completely off-guard by the move and immediately was struggling for breathe. Laura seemed not to mind and ground the rather course fabric of her panty girdle over my mouth and nose.


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