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Sarah & Alex: Divorce & Regression

Part 1 - The Beginning

Sarah, an experienced nurse practitioner is going through a divorce. This has a long-lasting experience on her relationship with her 18-years-old, Alex. Sarah decides to “punish” Alex for having a similar attitude as her ex-husband. Sarah won’t stop until Alex becomes obedient.

Time to read: 3 minutes

Characters: Sarah (mom), Alex (18-year-old son/daughter) & some others

Please note: this is a fantasy. I do not intend to encourage or inspire abuse. If you decide to act any of these out, make sure you get consent from everyone.

The first conflict

Sarah was pretty proud of herself. She spent an entire year teaching Alex strict discipline. After a year of hard work, she has finally felt loved and respected. Now, she was instructing other mothers how to discipline their loved ones or the ones who they found difficult to love.

Becca was her eager student. Becca had a very disobedient daughter. She heard that Sarah can help to understand how she can turn this around.

Becca wanted to know how Sarah’s story has started. Sarah knew it well: when she finalized her divorce.

I was tired and working all day – every day. Alex was finishing high school – he was doing an extra year because he had terrible grades. He loved his dad but hated me. We had a lot of fights. He often called me a bitch and a slut. Although his daddy was the one who betrayed us.

I was mentally exhausted! Dealing with work all day – 10 hours in a nursing home – and then coming home to Alex draining me. My body was so tense, I have not had an orgasm for several months at that point, which upset me even more.

Becca was always surprised at Sarah’s brutal honesty. Her candid words felt empowering.

I got into a fight with Alex. He was playing video games while listening to loud music. The TV was also on in the background, with some annoying cartoon screaming. Can you imagine the cacophony I had to deal with? I was sitting at the kitchen table crying. He reminded me of my ex-hubby. I had to stop him from becoming his dad.

This determination gave me great power so I burst into his room. I grabbed him and spanked him. Yes, I spanked him right there, not letting him go for a second. He was lying across my lap, screaming, unable to get up. I hit his bottom until begged me to stop. I even used one of my shoes to hit him a few times.

I told him I will be in control from now on and he is grounded for the night. I threw a bag of bread at him to eat and I locked him in his room. I only let him out the next day around lunchtime. You would not believe how much it matters to lock them in their room sometimes! The time alone gives them plenty to think about.

He was still pathetic, of course. He pissed on the floor because he could not get out of his room. I know this sounds radical, but I had to show him what I can do to him. He tried to punch me. Instead, I just spanked him again. He was so weak, I managed to undress off while fighting. In the end, he was laying there naked, crying.

I told him to go and have a shower so he won’t smell like piss. Shortly after, I kicked in my first routine: regular health check-ups. He was underweight. He had spine scoliosis. He was sickly. He needed some control. I did not let him dress up until I finished the health examination. Initially, I made him lay on his belly so that I can check his spine. I also asked him to stand on a scale so I can monitor his weight. Finally, I give him a thermometer to take his own temperature.

Do you know what he did the first time? He threw the thermometer at me, breaking it. I was so mad, I spanked him again. He was in total shock, but I did not care. He deserved it for how he behaved. He had it coming for all the stress he caused me.

I picked up a rectal thermometer from my work bag and showed it to him. Since I work with old people – many of them who has serious disabilities – I take their RT regularly. You can imagine how weak and pathetic this man-let felt when his own mother shoved a thermometer up his ass. I made sure I take a bit longer to check his temperature so that he will really remember what has happened. He was trying to fight me off, but I held him down firmly on his bed. For the rest of the second day, I locked him in his room. I slid in some food and only let him out when he had to visit the toilet. I heard him crying a lot, but I did not care. I knew I hit gold and I was winning.

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