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Sarah & Alex: Divorce & Regression

Part 6 - Final

At this point, Sarah spent hours explaining to her client how she broke Alex’s willpower turning him into an obedient son.

Are you asking me what broke the camel’s back in the end? His ex-girlfriend, Anita

I invited her over the night before – without telling Alex. She arrived early so we both could enter Alex’s room, who was still in a deep slumber. First, Alex has not noticed that we had a guest. As I uncovered him, Anita noticed his night-time nappies and started giggling. Alex jumped up and opened his mouth. He was clearly shocked – probably wanted to scream. Yet, he remained quiet. He was afraid of me and what I would do to him.

At this point, I knew we were close to a break thought.

I pushed him back on the bed and explained to him that I brought his ex-girlfriend, Anita over to help. I turned him around and held him down with my body weight. I pulled his pants down and quickly inserted the rectal thermometer. He was shivering and wanted to crawl away, but I did not let him.

While doing this, I made sure I had a good conversation with his ex-girlfriend. I only gave her a few hints as to what she will see, so she still sounded surprised. I think she actually wanted to be empathetic – she told us about her brother getting his temperature taken rectally and how it is okay to wear nappies. She even talked about the potty in the corner and how it can be useful in an emergency situation. Her words were 100% more effective on Alex than mine could ever be. He was in total paralysis.

After I took his temperature I told Anita that Alex has been producing massive erections, but I banned him from touching himself. You should have seen Alex’s face! I asked Anita to ‘help’ Alex for the sake of good times.

I know, this sounds shocking, but it is important to have everyone involved on your side, so the regressed one won’t try to reach out.

I left them alone in his room, but Anita followed me almost immediately. She looked super amused and started laughing out loud. As it turns out, Alex barely needed a touch from her to come all over himself. I have immediately made her a celebratory hot chocolate and we drank it just here at this kitchen table while listening to Alex’s sobbing from the other room.

This was probably already enough to break Alex’s willpower, but I wanted to do one thing. Let me share this with you because I think it will work every time! I asked the ex-girlfriend to stay around a little bit and she was more than happy to do so. We grabbed a bunch of wet wipes and visited Alex’s room.

We found that pathetic boy not only crying, covered in his cum, but also peeing. Since he was wearing the security gloves, he could not even grab his own penis to direct the stream. Yes! He was peeing all over himself, like a helpless baby. He did not even bother standing up. So ridiculous.

We used some of his clean clothing to dry up his piss from the floor. Then we slowly cleaned him with the baby wipes. I made sure to spend a lot of time washing his shriveled little penis. I focused even more on chatting with Anita. I wanted to make sure my actions come across as casual – something I could do to him any day – if not every day.

Anita was a sweetheart. She talked about her new boyfriend – Alex covered his ears so he does not have to listen to any of this. I made sure he did. Then I told her about our little routine: how I will give Alex several suppositories and how I will control him for the rest of the day: from diet to bedtime, everything. I asked her a few questions about suppositories and whether she knows how they work. She had some ideas – it goes in, then poop comes out. Then I invited her to watch me do it.

Now imagine: me holding down the naked, screaming Alex, while his ex-girlfriend is watching. I have inserted two suppositories inside him. I made sure I did it slowly. I even stopped midway with the second one, because I wanted to ask Anita when she saw someone else getting a suppository. She never did before!

Now, here is the final blow: I asked Anita to hand me over one of his pants. Normally, I would let Alex get up after getting some underwear, but I decided this time I won’t. I held him on my lap, clasping his butt cheeks. I held him for a good 10 minutes, listening to him crying, but largely ignoring it. Once the cramps overwhelmed him, I couldn’t hold his butt cheeks together anymore. He started pooping in front of Anita and me, pushing a large log on himself. The only thing I had to do is grab is underwear and pull it up.

Anita had to leave shortly after, so I decide not to clean Alex up. I gave him a t-shirt and tight sweatpants – you could still see his underwear bulging with shit underneath. I still remember how we were all standing downstairs, saying our goodbyes. Anita suddenly had to go back upstairs, because she forgot something. I wanted to air my head out, so I stayed there with Alex, who was silently sobbing.

I thanked Anita for her help and watched her as she disappeared behind a building block. I teased Alex a bit more with them getting back together. We came back upstairs realizing that Anita did leave a gift for him. She came back to use the toilet, but I locked the toilet in the morning. So she decided to use the potty instead. I told Alex, that she probably does not love him anymore, otherwise, why would she leave a pile of shit behind for him to watch?

I remember every single moment of this. How he broke down crying and telling me how much he loves me. How begged me not to leave him. I immediately knew I won.

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