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The Consultant and the Orlando Submissive Slut

A Night of Pleasure

Jessica sat in her bed, nervously checking her phone for incoming notifications. She had just responded to an ad online from a dominant looking for a local submissive.

There was a ding and a message popped up on her screen. It was from a mid-fifties guy with short brown hair and hazel eyes. The site listed his name as “Dave”. Jessica felt herself getting more and more excited and nervous as she read the message.

“Hey - I saw that you were interested in my ad, and that you are a local submissive looking for a dominant to train and fuck you. Can you tell me more about yourself? And are you free to meet up later tonight to chat?”

Jessica typed her response quickly, and went back to waiting for the satisfying ding of the incoming message. Finally it came, with just a few words:

“Meet me here at 8,” Dave responded, sending the address of a local bar. “Wear a dress and heels.

It was minutes until their proposed meeting time when Jessica’s Uber pulled into the parking lot of the bar. She got out, adjusted her dress, and began wondering if the mysterious guy she had met online was already there. The entire ride over she had been thinking about all the things he said he was going to do to her.

Jessica took a couple of breaths to calm herself down, and then went inside and pulled open the door. The inside of the bar consisted of some tables and booths, a large number of which were empty. Sitting at one of the tables in the corner, facing the entrance, was the man from the site. Dave.

He looked just like his picture. He was dressed in a button down shirt and jeans. As Jessica entered, he stood up to meet her at the door. He reached over to guide her to the table, placing his hand on the small of her back.

As Jessica sat down, they began introductions, avoiding most sexual topics… jobs, schooling, and the regular topics. That is, until Dave reached into his pocket and pulled something out.

“Now,” Dave said, smiling across the table. “I want you to go into the restroom and put this in your pussy.”

He slid a small object across the table. As Jessica picked it up, she recognized it as a remote control vibrator. Dave continued, “This will help demonstrate to me that you are willing to submit to me.”

Jessica sat there, holding the small vibrator concealed in her hand. She bit her lower lip. “Shit,” she thought to herself. Her pussy was already dripping wet in anticipation for the rest of the night. She knew she couldn’t resist obeying.

Obediently, she stood up, saying, “I will be right back.”

Dave sat back in his chair, taking a sip from his beer.

Dave smiled as he saw Jessica making her way back to their table from the restroom. When she was halfway there, he reached down and pushed a button on a small remote.

Jessica gasped, pausing on her way back to the table. The vibrator inside of her began buzzing, stimulating her already wet pussy. She bit her lower lip again, and stared across the bar at Dave, pushing her legs together. He winked at her, and turned off the vibrator.

Jessica moved quickly, getting back to the table before he could turn on the vibrator again. “Good girl,” he said. “You are an obedient one.”

He held out his hand across the table, and Jessica placed her trembling one in his. She smiled across the table at him. “Thank you, Sir.”

They continued having drinks, talking about their respective pasts. Dave periodically turned on the vibrator to keep Jessica wet and wanting more. But, soon enough the check arrived and Dave paid.

“Now, I called an Uber to my hotel. I am expecting you to come with me and to do your best to please me.”

Without waiting for a response, Dave stood up and began walking toward the door. Jessica paused, but seeing him begin to open the door to leave, stood up and rushed to the exit.

They stood wordlessly in the parking lot, waiting for the car to arrive. Jessica felt Dave place his hand on the small of her back. As she turned to face him, he pulled her in for a deep kiss. Just then, headlights appeared, and they separated.

Dave held the door for Jessica to get into the car. As she moved to the far seat, Dave entered in behind, moving to the middle so that his body was pushed up against hers. Almost without a second thought, his hand found its way to her thigh, sliding ever so slightly under the fabric of her dress.

As soon as the car started to move, she felt Dave fidget slightly. He was reaching for...something. And a quick gasp escaped from her lips as Jessica felt the vibrator start to buzz again in her pussy.

She squirmed, moving her legs and body to try to improve the sensation of the vibrations, desperately wanting to orgasm. With these movements, Dave’s hand slid further up under her dress, reaching the tops of her thighs.

He turned off the vibrator with a click. As Jessica sat there, breathing heavily, Dave’s fingers slid down to her inner thigh, and brushed lightly against her wet lace panties. He leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Someone must be getting excited about what’s to come. Are you ready to get fucked like my dirty whore?”

With those last words, Dave’s fingers found her clit, and began rubbing in small circles. But, just as Jessica began squirming under his touch, he stopped, and the car pulled up to the front of the hotel.

Dave got out quickly, holding the door again for Jessica. She pulled her dress back down, feeling her face flush with arousal. She got out of the car, and Dave shut the door. Without a word, he led them both inside and to the elevators.

Even with the remote controlled vibrator play, nothing could compare to the excitement of the last couple steps leading to Dave’s hotel room. He scanned his key, opening the door to let Jessica inside.

As soon as she stepped in, she felt a strong hand grab her shoulder. Without giving her a chance to respond, Dave pushed her up against the wall, kissing her deeply, and exploring her body with his hands. He reached behind her, pulling roughly at the zipper on her back, until the dress slowly began to slide off her body, exposing her matching red lace bra and panty set.

Dave moved his kisses down to her neck as his hand slid over her exposed skin, pausing slightly before sliding under her wet panties. Jessica moaned out as he began rubbing her pussy. With a quick movement, Dave grabbed the waistline of her panties and ripped them off her body, tearing the fabric and tossing it aside.

His hand returned to her pussy, and Jessica felt one of his fingers slide inside of her. She moaned out again, and Dave slowly inserted his second finger. He began slowly fucking her with his fingers as his other hand reached behind to unhook her bra.

As Jessica stood before him naked, Dave removed his fingers from her pussy. “Unbutton my pants and suck me off,” he ordered.

Without a word, Jessica knelt down in front of him. Her hands quickly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. They fell to the floor, and were quickly followed by his boxers.

Dave’s hard cock sprung forward. Jessica placed one of her hands around it, unable to close her fingers around the girth. She leaned forward and slowly licked the tip. She spread her lips and bobbed her head forward, sliding the tip of his hard cock in and out of her mouth.

As she sucked on his cock, her hand moved in sync, feeling the length of his shaft. As Jessica went deeper and deeper on his cock, she moved her hand to slowly begin rubbing his balls. Dave moaned, reaching his hand down to brush her hair out of her face. “Good girl,” he said.

Unable to resist any longer, Dave reached down and lifted Jessica up to her feet. He kissed her deeply, and pushed her back onto the bed. He climbed on top, lining up his cock to her wet pussy.

“Beg me to fuck you,” Dave said, looking deeply into her eyes.

“Mmmmm. P-please fuck me,” Jessica said, reaching her arms up to touch Dave’s body.

With one hand, Dave pinned Jessica’s arms over her body. He began slowly thrusting his cock into her wet pussy, causing them to both moan loudly. He leaned forward as he fucked her, whispering “You are such a good slut. Now, keep your arms there as I play with your tits.”

His hand moved down to her exposed breasts, and his fingers slowly began to rub her nipples. Dave applied a bit more pressure, causing Jessica to moan even louder. With one quick movement, Dave slapped Jessica across the face.

She looked back up at him with lust-filled eyes.

Dave began thrusting faster, roughly groping Jessica’s breasts with one hand and pushing on her neck with the other, pinning her head down. Jessica felt her orgasm building with each of his thrusts, and without warning began to spasm. She moaned out loudly as waves of pleasure pulsed through her body.

Dave felt Jessica orgasm beneath him. He continued thrusting, feeling his own orgasm approaching. With a grunt, he pulled out of her pussy, and began to cum on her waiting body. Jessica felt the warm cum cover her chest and midriff as she lay there, panting heavily.

It took both a moment to recover.

Finally, Dave moved, releasing Jessica from her position under him. He climbed off her and off the bed. He grabbed a towel from the restroom and tossed it onto the bed next to Jessica.

“Feel free to shower here. I would like you to be clean for when we sleep tonight.”

Jessica propped herself up on one arm.

“You want me to spend the night?”

Dave smiled. “I’m ordering you to spend the night. I need someone to please me in the morning too.”


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