Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

A nice easy week in a diaper.

Dad comes out to his chair and sits down.

Dad says I decided even though that even though you did me so right and suffered just so I can have a good time, I decided you must wear your cry baby clothes and diaper until I say otherwise. That's how it is you damn cry baby. although I got good news for you too.

Today I more it's a whole set of onesies. I have this one for you today..

Dad holds up a onesies that matches the pink Piggy . It has a Pink Piggy that is having the shit fiit on both the front and the back. It says cry piggy matt.

I say duck you dad .

Dad swats my thighs, toes , other thigh, other toes. My hand. Gets me jump ing.

I fall down.

Dad says get your ass up and get this on.

I get up and step into it.x

Dad zips it up on the back. I can't wait to take it off.

Dad says, Now that I see that you want to submit and suffer for me to get off hard like you did last weekend, all the rules,, bullshit, games are going away. You don't have to hurry and suck my cock or have my cock in your mouth all the time. You don't have to do it right or if it comes out get your balls beat. You don't have to be perfect, on time, or any bullshit again. You don't have to prove your loyalty. You don't have to do all the fucked-up fetishes or any that shit.

Dad says, you Pretty well know the rules and how things go. We don't have to have all this bullshit and rules and games to make it perfect. for the most part as long as you suck my dick when I say and you don't touch yourself everything will be okay.

Dad says, We don't have to have all this formal shit. We should be outside in the pool. We're going to miss out on good sex and good time. Oh fuck all rules. Fuck the all bullshit.

I say. I haven't sucked your cock in a week. I want to apologize. I'll get down on my knees and open my mouth

Dad sticks his cock in and says yes apologize.

I suck Dad's cock good. It's nice just to suck it myself again. He comes in my mouth.

They give me a shower and a new diaper and clothes. bear wiping his eyes cuz he's a cryibaby

Dad sucks me and I come in his mouth. he goes to play on the computer and says I can go out to the backyard or computer room and do whatever I want. He says if he wants my mouth he'll call me.

Dad says, apology accepted.

I sucked him again later that night before bed. He sucks me.

We both enjoy a cigar and our glass of cummy piss.

We're off to sleep for the night..

I get up and get my shower they give me a new diapering and clothes. today's is a Pink Piggy that's whiping in its eyes cuz it's been cry like I always am.

Everyday is just like it I suck him and he sucks me we lunch we relax and watch porn do dinner and then I suck him and he sucks me and drink are coming pissed and it's out for the night.

He hardly calls for me anyway except for on normal to blowjobs that he gets every day. And I can watch porn or do what I want to while he's computers. I don't have to worry, unless he calls me which he hasn't cuz I'm always on time to suck him.