Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

New toys for dad and me

Now that his friends gone dad goes back to a good strict routine at home.

I keep my mouth on his cock as he goes around the house or does anything.. if it slips off I get switched.

He's stuffing me with food, candy ,and chocolate milk, And Piss. I need to be changed more so he sucks and fucks me more. I've been getting off more maybe 3 4 5 times a day.

He's wearing me out it's great although he only does it during a diaper change which i don't like. I'll take it when I can get it. Like I have a choice.

As soon as I'm done with my sippy cup of chocolate milk it's a sippy cup of piss. I keep my mouth on his cock all day and he pisses when he pleases.

I play with myself one day just to get busted. Damn do I. Beat to hell with the belt. Then my face and ass fucked. I'm crying and falling swallowing cum. I am sad and happy again.

There's a few more days like this.

Then after my shower I'm still naked they don't put nothing on me I don't have to put my diaper on.

Dad d says, “you better tell me if you have to go boy.!”

I don't have to go. We both need a lot of breakfast.

About an hour after breakfast is leather seamstress shows up.

Dad and her greet each other.

She has some presents for both me and Dad.

I get to open mine first.

The first one is a train. I play with it like a little kid. I'm assuming that's what I'm supposed to do. I'm happy because that's smiling. I'm playing with a train on the floor in front of my Dad naked. I feel so stupid. Although I always love trains.

My next gift is Domino's. How the f*** did he know that I liked Domino's and trains. Fuck you Mom. Stop giving me up and telling him shit bout me.

I'm really happy to have some Domino's that's really cool. I start playing with The dominoes.

I didn't notice but that opens his gifts. Dad is really really happy.

Dad says, “Matt! Stand up. Present boy!”

I turn around stand up and get my balls out.

Dad holds out this plastic cock and ball harness with this device on it.

As dad puts it on me the lady says, "it's waterproof too so I can stay on under his diaper even if he wets it.

As Dad gets it on my cock and balls the lady pulls some straps under me through my legs and around my sides and fastens then.

Dad opens the other box.

The lady puts a device like the one on my nuts on my collar and fastens it tight.

Dad, evilly and joyfully , so very happily, more happy than I've seen him before, plays with the remotes. The remarks look like the same ones that his friends had when their baby screamed.

I get worried and start shaking. Really shaking.

Dad says, “you should fuckimg worry boy. You are so submissive and you wanted to be anxious. How you like being anxious during sex. You going to be anxious forever now boy."

Dad says, “ step back from the chair boy,”

I stepped back.

The lady says, “you're going to enjoy this Wayne. I have them set to the lowest setting but you can crank them up as you need to. You just press that button. It goes up until it hits 100 and steps of five and it starts over 0. I got it set at five.”

The lady says, “how about it wayne.”

Dad presses the button.

I feel the shock on my neck. I grab my neck. Damn guess this is not going to be fun.

Dad presses the other button.

I feel a shock on my balls. That kind of hurt. Damn no this is not going to be fun.

Dad presses the power button to step it up on both remotes. He says. “He felt it didn't seem to get his attention that much let's try 20”

Dad presses the button for my collar.

I scream, “ohh fucckkkaackuck!”

Dad presses the button for my balls

I scream and scream, “ohhhh nooo!”

Dad sets them to 50.

God damn the one on my neck hurts like a bitch. I'm holding my collar and crying.

Oh I grab my balls because I know.

Oh God damn it. I am screaming crying and start bawling. This it's not fucking funny I didn't sign up for this.

Dad sets them to 75.

Bad press the button for my collar. Holy shit that's worse than I'd ever shocked myself before with all the stupid shitII did. I'm breathing so hard I can't scream.

I start shaking like hell. I know it's coming.

God damn it hurts. My balls. I fall to the floor. I'm not supposed to talk but I start begging.

I say, “Dad please please. Please. Please no. Please no dad. Da da dada dada dada. Please.. please dada. I'm mumbling. I can hardly talk.”

Dad smiles big. He is happy.

The lady says, “the boy knows who's boss now”

Dad says, “yes he does. He wanted to be anxious he's going to be anxious all the damn time now. He was too submissive. He kept wanting to get punished on purpose for fun. He isn't go like that anymore. He's going to be my good boy. "

Dad shucks my balls.

I'm crying. I'm screaming. I'm balling. I'm begging.

Dad shocks my balls again.

Dad says, “shut the fuck up now! . You're my boy Matt.”

I hurry faster than I ever have to get my mouth on his cock. I force it in deep I keep my eyes on his gunt.

I don't say a word.

I'm sucking bad and it's only about 10 minutes while he's still talking to the lady that he cums hard. Really hard he has to stop talking and Moan.

They lady laughs.

Dad Grins big as he is so happy.

Dad shocks my collar and says, “stand up so we can dress your ass boy.”

I'm quickly to my feet.

Dad shocks my balls.

I'm back down on my knees moaning and crying.

Dad shocks my balls and says, “stand up matt. Present balls ”

Text me a second but I'm still moaning and crying as I stand up.

That sucks me off. God damn I got off hard as hell. Do I fucking like this shit? No I don't I won't believe it it's just his mouth that's what I like I won't believe that.

Dad shocks my balls again. And again. I'm back on my knees moaning and crying. "

Dad holds out my diaper, “step into your diaper boy!”

I slowly get up and step into my diaper. I'm still moaning and crying.

That holds out my plastic pants and I step into those. Dad holds out my onesie and I step into it he zips it up in back. Next is mine short overalls. Then my bib and cap. Finally my footsies.

I'm standing there fully dressed now.

Dad and the lady are still talking.

The lady says, “all you have to do is lift a finger. The boy's going to behave like he never has before. He's going to be conscious of your every whim like he's supposed to be.!"

She gives dad a carton of 5 packs of batteries. Each one has five batteries and there's more than 10 in the carton. Maybe 20.

She gives dad another cock and ball harness with another shocker on it. As well as another one for my collar and 3 extra clips to hold them onto my collar.

She says, “Also the batteries are rechargeable. Most battery chargers will work. They are smaller but anything that charges AAA should charge these just fine. You should never need batteries again. If you need anything more for these or something happens just give me a call. If the woman he has on quits working you have another to use till I get you another one made. Enjoy Wayne."

Dad says, “thank you so much.”

Dad shocks my balls.

I go down to my knees moaning and crying more.

Dad says, “thank the ladyboy. Thank her for making you anxious like you have always wanted to be. Thank her and mean it, Matt! Now Matt!"

I'm still on my knees and Dad shocks my balls again.

I'm moaning but I say, “thank you ma'am. Thank you so much for making me anxious about dad like I've always wanted to be. I didn't know I could become this anxious. But I am anxious now I'm I'm anxious now I'm I'm… I'm truly anxious maam. I'm anxious I'm anxious….”

Dad shocked my balls and says, “shut the fuck up Matt you sound pathetic. You are my boy Matt.!”

I get my mouth on his cock faster than I ever had before.

I keep it there I don't let it come off at all.

They talk and she has a couple shots of whiskey as Dad drinks a beer. She smokes a long cigarette and he smokes a cigar.

Finally she leaves and a little while later we have lunch.

After lunch it's off to the playground and I don't even slightly let my mouth come off his cock as we head out and get in the back seat of the van. I make sure it never comes off once as we ride to the playground.

Today is mark and one of his subs. They all talk about Dad's new toys that he got.

They all laugh at me. The sub says, “you were right Mark I would never have wanted to be him just a few months into it let alone now. I seen him get shocked earlier and he was in pain like I haven't seen him before.”

They all laugh again.

That shocks my collar. It's not too hard.

Dad says, “listen up boy. Listen to me now Matt..”

I get on my knees and look at that.

Dad shocks my balls. But it's not as bad.

Dad says, “I said listen not take your mouth off my cock.”

I move fast hard to get my mouth back on his cock. I bump my forehead into his gunt by accident.'

Dad laughs.

Dad shocks my collar again. He says, “from now on when I shock your collar that means listen and do what I say right then.! "

I keep my mouth on his cock.

When were in the park dad says, “ you can go sit on got marry-go-round. Don't you even get your clothes dirty today boy.”

Dad shocks my balls.

Damn damn. It's not too bad it wasn't too hard but my knees bend and I lean and grab them."

I go sit on the Merry-Go-Round and Dad gives Mark Sub a bunch of quarters.

When the merry go round gets done my collar shocks me.

I hurried my ass back to bed running as fast as I can. It's about 200 ft.

He shocks me again and again on the way.II hurry faster but dad still Harries and hurries me. I run faster with every shock.

When I get close I go to stop. I was always clumsy and now I'm fat so I fall down in front of him.

Dad laughs. Mark and his sub do too.

Dad sucks my collar and says, “get up off your stupid ass, boy”

I stand up quick.

Dad says, “Diaper check.”

I put my ass towards dad. He undoes My overall straps and pulls them down. He undoes my onesie he in my diaper and up my ass.

I gasp as his finger goes up my ass. It hits my prostate and It feels good. He pulled it out and taste it. He shocked my balls.

I've been at the knees and grab my balls as I lean forward.

Dad says, “the pleasures for me not for you boy.”

Dad shocks my collar and says, “turn around.”

I turn around and he reaches to my cock and balls. Then he pulls my diaper down. He takes his teeth out and gives me a gu. job .

Oh damn it's great. He takes his time he doesn't suck me off fast this time. I can barely stand I'm getting weak in the knees. This is nice. He played with my balls. He stops sucking me and licks my balls. This is wonderful.

He reaches up under me but he can't get his finger in my ass cuz I'm too fat. He gets pissed and shocks my balls a couple times.damn it. I lean forward and my cock goes down.

He shocks my car as he says, “damn it boy turn around. Bend over and spread your ass Matt.”

I do it fast.

His finger goes up my ass and he rubs my prostate. He licks his finger. You put it back up there. He rubs my prostate till I'm hard and darkened up wiggle.

Shocks my balls. Damn it hurt more this time.

He says, “you're not supposed to enjoy this matt II am.”

Put his finger back on my prostate kind of rubs it for a while and I'm wiggling and enjoying. And enjoying and enjoying…

He shocks my collar and says, "present balls Matt.!"

I stand up and turn around fast.

He shocks my balls as he says, “God damn it Matt you'll be faster.”

Damn it hurts if I grab my balls and lean forward.

He shocked my balls again as he says, “stand up and push those balls out boy. Stupid fucking ass get those balls out here.”

Dad says, “You fucking retard you do what I tell you. As fast as you damn can when I fucking ell you stupid fucking retard.”.

Dad starts sucking me off.

It feels good but I'm crying. I never had that talk to me like this before.

Dad stops as he sees me crying.

Dad cranks the power up on the remote. Dad says, “Mark get us damn well ready let's go back to the house so we can deal with this fucking stupid retarded cry baby shit boy. Going to cry about how I talk to him. He's feeling bad so we got to go home and deal with this.”

Dad shocks my balls. I'd go down hard holding my balls and begging and moaning.

Dad shocks my collar, damn it hurt too. He says, “get your stupid ass in that fucking van you crybaby bad boy bad boy.”

I start running towards the van and dad keeps shocking my collar and harrying me as I hurried towards the van.

I climb in and you get on my knees in front of the back seat on the floor. I put my hands out and open my mouth from his cock as soon as he sits down.

As he's walking towards the van he shocks my balls again

I grab them and gasp for air. .

He shocks them again.

I can't breathe. I'm frozen like a deer in the headlights and starting to lean back towards the front seats. I fall backwards in between the front seats and mess up the console.

Dad shocks my car and says “get on your knees boy and get your damn mouth open" as he climbs into the van.

I'm ready.

Dad sits down and crams his cock in my mouth.

About 3/4 awake home he cums in my mouth. He moans is hard as he comes hard. He is really enjoying this. I've never seen dad as happy as he has been today.

He shocked my collar and says get your car off my mouth and sit up on your knees. I think it's caught actually got sensitive he's feeling so good and got off so hard.

It's just a few more minutes and we're in the driveway.

Dad opens the door and shocks my collar. He says, get your fucking ass in there in front of my chair and open your stupid fucking mouth. I don't want to have to wait when I sit down boy. Get your retarded ass in there right now. Matt your fucking retard mouth open fore Matt."

Dad shocks my collar and harry's me the whole way ."

I'm in there faster than ever and I stumble and fall as I go to my knees I'm back up quickly with my mouth open waiting for Dad.

Dad sits down and cramps his cock in my mouth and grabs my head as he fucks my face for a little while. He's already hard again. For as old as he has this gets him off so much.

I'm out of breath and he's still fucking my face. It's great.

He stops. He shocks my balls. Damn hurts. Be says, “The pleasure is mine not yours Matt.”

And shocks my balls again and then again just after I gasp. I can't breathe. I can't believe this is happening. What the fuck?

As soon as I start to breathe he shocks my collar and says,"stand up you fucking retard."

He takes my overalls and onesie off me. He puts my Bob the builder shoes bib and cap back on me. He takes my plastic pants off of me.

He shocks my collar and says, “diapr check”

I turn around fast so he can check my ass. I almost stumble as I come to a stop.

Dad says, “that's what I want boy I want you to go so damn fast your clumsy ass might do something stupid if not at least looks God damn stupid. That's what I want you to look fucking stupid retard that you really are."

Dad checks my ass. His finger goes right in my ass on to my prostate as I lean forward. Rubs my ass and wings me a little more forward as his finger is still rubbing my prostate and I'm hard and want to wiggle.

I'm really hard. I'm fu cking rock solid.

Dad says to Mark get all the rest of the subs up here.

Dad says to Mark's sub, " come over here and pull this diaper out this stupid boy as I play with his fat lazy crybaby boy ass. It's such a hot ass for such a cry baby."

Mark sub, “how did you ever find a retard like this that's truly just a 7 year old that's 22 and legal a cry baby boy to be your adult baby that really does have bad behavior and shit fits.?"

Dad says," I didn't find him, he found me! The only reason he even came here was just a suck my cock. He does all this and whatever the hell I want just so I'll keep him as my sub and let him suck my cock. That's the only reason he ever came here. I thought I was suckering him in all this b******* and after I talked to his mom he was grooming me just as much as I was grooming him. he's a perverted twisted but that's already been restrained and all this stuff and been through hell. That's why he never had a problem with any of the restraints or anything. He's already been through it he's been through worse.

His mom told me that as long as he's happy here and he wants to stay but she's glad that I'm able to take him because nobody else wants a 7 year old cry baby retard. He really is just 7 years old emotionly. He'll probably never grow up."

She's going to be up here next week. She's coming to have dinner with us and you guys are going to treat her right.

I freaked the fuck out I step forward and dad's finger comes out of my ass. I turn around and say “What the fu k. Dad you invited my fucking mom up here.?”

As I'm looking at him he's cranking up the power on the remote. I'm too pissed to think about that I don't notice as he does it.

I'm looking at him not what he's doing as I said angry, “What the fuck dad?”

He doesn't answer he just keeps playing with the remote but it doesn't occur to me what's happening still.

I get pissed and stomp I scream, “ God damn it Dad.”

I stomp again and flail my arms and say it again,"god dammit Dad fucking answer me."

I stop and scream and say it again.

Dad puts the remote on the chair. I still don't get what's happened. I still haven't thought things to her.

Dad takes a pop of his cigar and a drink of his beer. He smiles

I stopped and stomp and scream and scream and stomp and stomp and scream. I say it again and again as I Stomp and scream, “what the f*** dad answer me god damn it Dad!”

I start jumping up and down and stomping and screaming and having a total shit fit. I've never been this God damn mad at dad.

I'm not dancing around I'm leaning forward and screaming in his face. I Stomp and scream and have a shit fit that assi scream, “you mother f***** you did that shit you invited her to dinner you going to do this s*** to me in front of you mother fucker.”

Dad casually presses the button on the remote.

God damn it all hell is I go straight down to my knees and one out of breath I can't even guess I'm holding my balls curled up on the floor this is the hardest one yet. Dad's house that's 85.

Dad crankstt up to 90.

Dad cracks my collar up to 75. You shocked my car as he says,"get your fucking ass up off the goddamn floor you are fucking retarded you think you can talk to me like that."

I'm still trying to breathe as I stand up and I get up slowly. He shocks my car and Harry's me to stand up.

I try to stand up faster and I do some but it's still slow and he still harries me.

I'm finally up and I turn the face him.

He says, “this is 90. We're going to have some fun for you to talk to me like that.”

Dad robs his cock as he points the remote at me. He rubs his cock hard and moans as he presses the button.

I scream “oo fuck” as loud as I can and then fall to the floor and gasp for errors I curl up in a ball with my hand on my cock and balls. I start crying and bawling.

Dad shocks my collar the hardest it's shocked me yet as he says,," Get up off your f****** stupid ass boy."

I'm still out of breath and I I can't move I'm still locked up in pain. I'm cramped up hard. You shocking my neck and it hurts but it don't matter. He is harrying me and harassing me.

He keeps saying, “get your stupid retarded ass up off the floor you God damn cry baby.”

He says more things that are similar but all of them include stupid or retarded.

I'm finally moving as he's still shocking my neck but I got up and stand to face him.

He stops shocking my collar as I am facing him.

Dad, Takes teeth out and sucks my cock. It feels good oh God damn that's good.

He stops as I start to precum.

He shocks my balls.

Oh God damn it fucking hurt

as I fall hard to the ground and curl up in a cramped ball as my balls ache with pain.

He laughs at me.

He starts shocking my car as he says, “present boy. Get your stupid cock up here matt God damn horny boy balls is why you're here Matt. Your horny boy balls are just as retarded as you are matf. It wasn't for your horny retarded boy balls your retarded ass wouldn't be here in this goddamn stupid shit. Stand up you fucking retard.”

That sucks me for a little bit slowly and then he sucks me hard and I'd come in just a few minutes as usual. I come so damn hard like fall down.

Dad and Mark and his sub will laugh my ass.

I pass out and take a nap right there for a few hours.

I wake up to my balls being shot the hardest yet. I scream, like waking up into a nightmare, “ahhh ahhhhhhhhhh oh please Dad I beg you dad easeplease.I

II slowly get to my knees to bed.

Dad, Mark and all of his subs are laughing my ass.

Dad says that was 90 and 95

Dad sets the remote to 100 as he says so.

Dad shows me it's at 100%. full power.

Dad's house I can speak now. He wants to have a talk.

Dad says, "I'm not going to shock you with full power all the time like I have today but I wanted you to understand what can happen . It will happen not all the time but I'm sure you'll act up and piss me the fuck off. I'm going to start calling you all the things that bother you. I want you to suffer for me. That's part of BDSM. You're going to suffer from my pleasure.

Your indentured but I'm going to give you your choice. Your mom is coming to dinner next Wednesday. The subs are going to drive down and get her. You and me are going with them to pick her up. You're be dressed as you usually in your pussies Bob the builder shoes onesie bib cap and overalls. And of course you're going to be wearing diaper. Plastic pants. I've already told her pretty well everything except for details matt.

You already know she's told me a lot of stuff. About the hospital and the trains and the Domino's. Your moments. Being restrained in the hospital and why it doesn't bother you. She's found your ball waits and stretcher. You had to buy more cuz she threw them away you know she did. She knows you are perv.

She's found your porn of boys getting punishing aand restraied. She's found your porn of older men treating like guys llike boys. Getting spankings. The whole bit.

You think I just guessed all this shit about you man I called your mom. That's how I knew you wanted to be boy.

She already knows you're my sub. .

Of course she already knew you were gay before you ever thought about it. She already told me she knew you were gay. She said her and your dad have known since you were eight or nine. You never looked at the girls you always look at older men.

You always hung around her older male friends. Those were the people that you were interested in when they came to the house or you went to their house for dinner. Or the KC hall.

I've always told her that you have to do what you're told when you're told or you get in trouble. I haven't told her all the things but I've certainly told her you get spanking and hands slapped. You get your ass beat with the belt.

Of course she knows we have sex but I didn't get into all the gay details.

She knows more about you than you think you did Matt.

She wanted to understand. I didn't want to have to lay it off on her with all the gory details but I wanted to be the one too tell her and have her understand the position you're in.

She thinks it's great Matt. She told me I'm a sick mother fucker for being into an immature 22-year-old that acts like he's seven. But if I like you enough that I'm supporting you and taking good care of you and you're not being hurt besides your sorry ass ego. As long as you're happy here she's glad I'm taking care of you.

She didn't think you were going to find a an older man for boyfriend like you wanted. She has you found your porn and threw it away just like you know. She knows what you wanted Matt. She didn't know about the adult baby thing. You didn't eat her. She knows you want to be somebody boy.

That's something we're going to talk about this week matt. Should we tell her? You going to wear my crybaby clothes you're not going to eat dinner with us you're going to drink out of you bottle. Piss out of your bottle. Well I have your Mom over for dinner.

She already knows that I like you because you act like a 7 year old. She knows you're my boy! She called me a sick mother fucker but I'm taking care of you. She says we both love each other it's good. Do you love me matt?

Dad shocks my balls.

I cramp up into a ball and curl up and pain as I'm moan and beg, “please Dad.! Don't shock my balls dad!"

Dad says, “now we need to talk about this.”

He continues, “so what do you think that now that you are truly anxious?”

Dad shocks my collar, “answer me boy. Don't you fucking lie you stupid boy. I know you already. I can tell when you're lying you stupid boy. Stupid matt start talking all shocked your fucking stupid balls you goddamn retarded boy Matt!"

He shocked my collar again.

I say, "yes Dad yes da da dady dad I'll talk I talk ya talk dad.'

Dad says, “So this is your chance Matt. You can go home with her next week if you want to. Although you're going to go home with her in a diaper under your overalls in your Bob the builder, footsies, onesie, bib, and your baby cap.”

Dad says, "what did you stay here or not she still see and find out about all that. Like I said no gory details. Too shorty assumed I suppose that you're sucking my cock and getting fucked. I'm not going to tell her about changing your diaper but she has to assume that happens right?

So she's going to find out so I can truly embarrass your ass Matt whether you go home or not. "

You're going to act right or all shock your fucking balls in front of her. I'll put you down on your goddamn knees and make you beg me in front of your mom. Do you want that to happen? "

I say, “no.. dads no daddy no daddy no.”

You are going to show her your loyalty to me at dinner that night. I haven't decided yet but you are going to take a punishment or two and do everything that I said when I say it. We are practice before then. I haven't decided what yet.

You're not going to like it you're not supposed to. That's the point you're going to prove your loyal to me in front of your mom or you can go home with her."

"I might just get pissed off and send your ass home with her. What is your stupid ass think about that? Huh Matt?

I sent your stupid ass home with your mom incredibly closing God damn diaper because I can't put up with you shit fit bad behavior anymore.

So this is how it's going to be you damn stupid boy. You're so submissive Matt. All the other stuff wasn't enough for you. You keep acting up just to get in trouble.

Putting you in the room with those Green scrubs and bringing all that back just bums you out

You missed getting your ass beat. You want to act up.

I want an obedient boy I can show off to my friends how good of a boy I have.

I brought so many times that you came here just because you want to suck my cock. I didn't have to cut a deal with you you did it for me anyway.

Then we seen how obedient and a submissive of those three adult babies were for my friends.

You're going to get to that point now too. They never acted up hardly at all the whole time they were here just some Cry-Baby shittt was just crying not screaming Stomp and having a shit bit like you do. They pushed their kids into it and you agreed to be here. But they got more obedience out of there adult babies and I'm going to get that out of you now.

The way I've been talking to you today I'm going to keep talking to you and it's going to get worse till Wednesday.

I'm going to treat you worse than you ever been since you've been here now. At the same time I'm going to take care of you more than you ever have been in your life and I'm going to get you off harder then you ever been in your life. Part of that is talking down to your goddamn retarded ass. Like I said man if you weren't totally fucking stupid and your goddamn boy balls whre making you into retard adult crybaby boy in onesies, footsies and diapers. If your balls aren't making you damn stupid. If you want a retard. You've been smarter than to stay here. You stupid boss is what brought your retarded ass here.

So this is how it's going to be matt.

What do you think about that matt. Take your time I know you're retarded. You need a while."

Let me help you think about your choices cuz I know you're retarded so I'll give you a little help.

You can tell your mom that you like to stay here and be treated like a crybaby or you can go home with her because I'm too damn mean. Either way it's going to be in your cry baby clothes. Dressed up what the cry baby boy you are.

After I treat you like shit ike that damn retard you are. The worst since you been here. This will be the worst of any time that you're here. It might get as bad in the future but it won't get any worse. You can cry and go home or you can tell her how much you love me and stay. Think about that."

Dad shocked my balls.

I curl and cramp up into a ball on the floor again.

He lets me later in pain 10-15 minutes. He laughs and giggles at me.

Dad says, “,You're free to speak normally Matt.”

I'm still moaning and crying and holding my balls.

I'm thinking about it. Damn I did get off hard and pass out earlier. He might be right that might be the damn hardest I've hardest I got off in my life.

Dad's house, “say something retard.”

I say, itt was total hell but you're right that I might have got off harder than I ever had in my life when I passed out a couple hours ago. It watch emo but I felt so good when I was sleeping . I had a wonderful nap. I got totally fucked up by this shit.."

"I do love you Dad

. And I know this is fucked up but I like being anxious like this. I like worrying about you Dad. I want you to be happy. I do want to suffer for your pleasure dad. I haven't had to be responsible for myself or anybody else or anything else.

My mom was right I am a pervert. Totally fu ked up that you're talking to her and invited her for dinner. I can't believe you're doing this shit dad. My mom fuck you Dad."

Dad shocks my collar.

I continue, “I guess. You're right Dad. I'm too submissive. I do want to be your crybaby boy dad.

. I ah uh a I don't like the Green scrubs and whites that bothers me Dad. You can do whatever you like as far as baby clothes dad. Those humility me but they don't bring me bad dreams

II said I don't want to be responsible for my mental health so I we'll do what you want but I really don't like the Green scrubs and whites."

Dad says, “no Green scrubs and wipes. I am keeping the wrist cuffs right there on the bench and you can go sit on the bench when you're a bad boy and I'm sick of your retarded ass."

He Has one of Mark subs go throw them away in the trash cans outside.

I say, "I don't really like the names that you call me dad but I guess I'm not supposed to you're not supposed to be nice. They wouldn't be horny or anxious if they were nice. I am more anxious than I've ever been since I've been here. Instantly in one day Dad. I'll do everything for you dad.

You're wrong dad I don't like to act up and be a cry baby shit fit. Although like you said I am and I don't know that I'll ever grow up and be able to fix it. So if you like it. You want a crybaby boy to punish. I can't ask for anybody more. I may not find anybody else. I know there are others out there but I like your cock Dad. You're hot and other than the things that I have to do because I'm a crybaby shit fit boy I really like being with you. That's my punishment. And I like being anxious during sex I like being humiliated by you in front of people especially your perverted old friends. Somebody going to treat me like shit and punish me as an adult baby or an adult boy, ii want it to be you.

What if i was to get out of this? Who else would I meet? I still want to do restraints and BDSM. I didn't want to be an adult baby but I wanted all the rest of it.

I'd probably just find some other asshole fucking sick mother fucking guy thatt that likes guys who act like 7 year olds. Just like my mom says. I don't think I'll find one that takes as good of care of my needs. Your total responsible for me .

I don't think somebody else would be as good as you or take care of me as you have. You take as good care I beat good I wear the clothes for what the hell I'd have to wear and I live in a nice place. Groom me nd I get all my showers given to me. you truly love me I'm sure. I love you Dad.

I don't think I'll find somebody treat me any better I think somebody else would treat me worse I already met one asshole."

Dad says, “I love you too you God damn stupid retard shit fit throwing stomping screaming retard faggot cocksucking fat lazy stupid ass bitch boy Matt.”

Dad says to Mark and all the stops washing us , “so what did you think about what my stupid retard said?”

Mark speaks up first, “I think he's right. He might another find another a****** or sick mother f***** but he ain't going to find one that treat him good or live isn't good as he does here with you Wayne. He should have to prove right now that he's willing to put up with this new punishment and language right now. Then in the morning he can start working on getting ready for his mom on Wednesday. ”

They all cheer and agree.

One Stop says, “yeah Wayne he has to arm the right to even go through the hell this week before you embarrassed him to his mom and then if he wants all that then he can study otherwise he has to give up your cock and go home to his old boring life.”

They all cheer some more.

Another says, “What you said Wayne he needs to be able to see the worst he's going to go through. How about high power right now . How many times. And what should he have to say?”

Mark and a few subs talk to each other. They spend about 10 minutes.

I look over and try to listen but Dad shocks my collar and then my balls.

God damn I go down hard and I'm balling and crying.

I scream I love you Dad but fuck you Dad. And shocked my balls again and then again and then again.

I can't breathe I try to scream but I can't and I'm crying and cramping and balling I bet you Dad please Dad don't shut my balls Dad please Dad please Dad I'm sorry Dad I'm sorry Dad I'm sorrry dad.

I run a out of ah uh ah I run out of breath and cramp up. I don't look at anybody or listen to anybody I'd cover my ears and eyes.

Dad bumps my butt with his foot

That kind of make some motion with my ass that he's laughing.

Mark says, "we should redo his engagement with these as new additions and extensions. I think you should put on paper that he's agreeing to electric shocks for Behavioral training as well as nasty or language and more embarrassing and humiliating punishment. That should be reconfirmed as additions and renew his indenturment and pledge to you.

God says yes you're right Mark he should agree to it as part of his indenturement. We will have to renew an extend his indenturement.

I said I will Dad. I will do it dad for you dad I want you to be happy.

Dad shocks my balls. I go down on the floor. It's not 90 or 95 anymore but it's still damn well hurts. I think it was 75 or so.

I say, “ojhh damn Dad it's a lot.,”

Dad says that was 50, we're going to do 100% for your new indenturement.

I say, “Damn dad.”

This next 3 days is the worst you're going to ever have it here.

I said, “damn bad I know but didn't that hurts.”

Dad says “I love that you do this for me Matt.”

Mark says, how about since we have tomorrow and Tuesday before his mom comes for dinner on Wednesday n. We Tuesday before his mom gets here. They give me new and give me time to get a new contract and engagement written out on a nice piece parchment. A nice case and frame or a glass tube with some golden seals for parchment paper . This is true Worthy. I renewed more extreme more serious in detriment for your cry baby boy dad.

Dad says,"yes and I can fuck with the boy with him till then.

Dad's house you get to talk till we redo contract and then you're never speaking or questioning me again.

I said wow dad. This is going to be rough. I do it for you Dad. I t old you I never really wanted to talk anyway I'm not a big fan of talking.

Dad says well until then let's work on what I like for the different shocks levels on your balls and neck.

Let's start with your neck.

Dad shocks my collar.

I'll look up at dad. How is that funny.

Dad laughs as he says, “well you know that that's 10 ”d

Dad set up for 25.

That sucks my collar.

It damn hurts. I gasp. I said oh fuck dad, that hurts.

Dad laughs and says , “of course it's supposed to. You're supposed to pay attention to me when that happens. Look at me. Get your ass over here. Do whatever I say."

Dad turns the power talk to 75%

I said dad what happened to 50.

Dad says, okay we'll do 5o first then 75%

I say, “II just fuckd myself”

Dad sucks my collar.

I say,"God damn that hurt."

I'll grab my neck and lean my head towards the side the shocker is on.

Dad says I like that when you got a biit an attitude, not listening well, , a lazy ass , not moving fast or paying attention to my needs properly, this is the setting I'll use to get your attention. 50%

Dad changes it to 75%

This is when you disrespected me and need an attitude adjustment I'll get attention. You will learn to pay attention to me.

Dad shocked my collar.

I said, “God damn dad I was looking straight at you.”

When I give you a command you damn well do it after quickly and without hesitation after a few timesv that won't, you retarded crybaby.

I said yes Dad I'm sorry Dad.

Dad shocks my collar as he says, “stand up and do 10 jumping jacks. Each time say I love dad's cock."

Damn it hurts and I start doing jumping jacks. I say as I do one I love dad's cock one. I love dad's cock too. I love dad's cock three. They all laugh at my ass. I get to 1 and I'm back standing in front of dad

. Dad's house who is your God?

I said, " dad you're my God.

Dad shocked my collar I'm says that strike one, when you get three strikes I'm going to shocks hard. your balls.

Who's your god, boy

I say you are dad I worship you Dad you're my god dad my holy Lord and savior.

Dad shocks my collar. He said that's two stripes boy you gave the same answer and it was wrong last time I told you are stupid retard crybaby. Fuckng retard said same thing twice .

Dad shocks my colllar. And I'll pay attention boy. You get this wrong you know what happens.

Dad says who's your god, boy?

I said you are dad you're my God I don't know other than that if it's not you.

God says you know that structure but it's the same answer three times and I told you it's not right. So if I got to tell you who it is then you're going to learn and remember it. You'll never forget it after I tell you this time. At least you're stupid retarded ass better not.

Dad laughs and shocks my balls hard at 75%

I lean forward grab them and almost fall down . I scream and start whining and crying. I'm sorry Dad I don't know who it is if it ain't you I'm sorry Dad I apologize who is it dad

Dad says as he shocked my balls again at 75, “it's my cock boy. My cock is your lord God and savior! "

That shocks my balls at 90%

I go down on my knees hard. I'm moaning and whining.

Dad says, “I want you to understand this completely so I'm setting it to full power 100%.”

Dad sets my collar to 100% as well.

He shocks my collar full blast ss he says, “you will understand now to your lord God and savior is you stupidly retarded Cry Baby boy. get off your fat lazy ass and stand up. Stand up. Now you retard.

Dad shocks my balls at full power.

As I'm on the ground crying screaming whining falling cramping in a curled up ball.

Dad says as he shocks my caollar. Get your fat lazy stupid ass off my goddamn floor.

I start moving but it's hard to move quick and he shocked my neck again at full power

I'm whining cry ing and balling. I stand up as I can.

Dad asked me, “who is your God lord and savior you, stupid retard.'"

I said, quote your cock is my God lord and savior that I worship your cock I give my body and soul up for your cocks desires for my Lord King and God's desires. "

Dad says," that's better"

Say all that again I like hearing it

I say again about his cock is my Lord and Savior and I worship it at all times and give my body up for it.

Dad says now boy. This is just for my pleasure. For no other reason then I want to.

I say, “yes Dad, I will do as you wish.”

Dad says, "I want you to walk around the middle of the living room floor pacing in a circle. Proclaiming who is your lord and savior. And that you shall give your body and soul to my every sexual whim and desire. Till bedtime or I'm sick of hearing you say it.

Don't piss me off or all shocked Your collar balls. It'll probably shock them both anyway.

That shocks my collar. He says I told you what you do boy. Get your stupid fat lazy ass moving.

I damn well do too.

Dad Mark and all his subs all laugh my ass.

Mark said see I told you all he was stupid and you didn't want to be him. Well not all of you are here but in case you didn't know he lives here for free doesn't do any chores or anything but if you want to tread places or jobs with him feel free too.

Everybody says hell no. I'll do my chores. Or something similar.

Dad shocks my balls hard at 75% and I go down to the floor.

Dad shocks my collar, , get your ass up start pacing again and say I'm a stupid retarded crybaby."

I get up and start selling it fast.

It's the most embarrassing thing I've ever done passing around saying I'm a stupid retarded cry baby I f****** feel like I am now. I know I am now.

If not I will be after tomorrow when I redo my indenturement contract.

They all chat and make jokes and talk about me and other things as I pace around the living room saying I'm a stupid retarded crybaby.

Dad shocked my collar. Dad says, “you're my boy Matt”

I hurried as fast as I ever had my damn knees and stumble and fall but I get my mouth on his cock as fast as I can.

Dad' says, “for you to go as fast as you stupidly can. Faster than you can as fast as you stupidly can. ”

I just keep sucking dad's cock.

It takes about an hour and a half not quite as long as usual and he comes in my mouth.

Dad shocks my collar it hurts but it's not terrible so it must be the standard command 25% as he said he's going to do.

I'd still have to say it don't hurt they always hurt.

I'm still up and presenting my balls as fast as I can

Dad sucks my cock good. A whole day of hell for 2 minutes of pleasure. Well an hour and a half of pleasure with mouth I love so much it that makes everything better..

I love you Dad as I worship your cock as my Lord God and savior and give my soul and body to your cock for it every whim and desire.

Dad shocks my collar, “Stand and present matt!”

I'm up to my goddamn pretty fast

Dad says love you boy. I love you a whole lot. Your last one tonight. But I want to see you go down hard.

Dad cranks the remote up to 100%

I start shaking cuz I know it's coming.

Dad says you better just shut up and go to sleep for the night after this you don't even want to get up or something morning cuz you'll get another.

Dad shocks my balls old power. Oh I go down hard as he shocks them at the end again. It's painful to move and I'm cramping but I turn around and get my ass on my pad and he puts his legs on my shoulders.

He shocks my car once and then my balls as he says good night boy I sleep well you'll need it.tomorrow.

I can't sleep because I know it's coming tomorrow or at least I think I know. A new engagement ceremony. I'm giving my balls As life and soul up to this be called names and punished.

I don't move and I keep my mouth shut but I don't sleep. Not at all.