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Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

My new clothes and no restraintss.

After breakfast this morning Mark brings dad a big box of stuff that he ordered.

I guess I'm trained. Mark and a sub comes and takes all my restraints and head harness and knee pads off me. They take them downstairs with them.

I'm naked. Nothing on me.

Dad says we don't need restraints anymore you know the rules and you knowyou better fucking follow them.

Dad says your life is changing boy.

Dad got some socks, underwear onesies ,plastics pants, a cap , a bib , and pull-up diapers for me to start making them.

The first things the diaper.

No Dad I'm not doing a God damn.

I get swatted on my titty. I grab it. Dad swats ass,, my thigh, my toes, my balls , tit, my toes and I fall.

As I stand up and step into diaper, dad stops swatting me.

God damn it Dad.

Dad swats my tit.

I step into one footsie and then the other.

I step into the onesies. I turn around and dad zips up the back

I say I can't even unzip the damn thing and get out of myself dad fuck you.

Dad swats my inner thigh and then my cheek.

I shut up

Dad puts my bib on and my cap.

the whole suit is light blue with cry babies rubbing their eyes. Middle of the front of the onesie says crybaby shit fit boy. Matt.

.The back of the onesie has a picture of a car baby having a shit fit on it.

Dad says turnaround and stand up.

Dad swats my inner thigh with the riding crop. And then the other. They almost sting as much as my balls oh my God . I didn't know it would be so bad. Damn. Dad.

He swats my thighs again and again.

I've been forward, squeeze my knees , and cringe.

I'm embarrassed as hell.

Dad tells me to sit down on the pad and he puts the bib and cap on me.

Then he take some pictures of me. Then show them to me.

I'm embarrassed and I say I don't like this Dad..

Dad says it's tough shit and attaches the leash to my collar..

He has me sit down on the pad and he puts his legs over my shoulders.

A couple hours go by and I piss my diaper. God damn it sucks. I say I pissed my diaper dad.

dad says that's okay boy I'll get you changed here when I get to you.

Talking to myself God damn it Dad.

Dad hears me and laughs.

I sit in the piss all day till after dinner. Then Dad changes me.

He sucks me and I suck him.

We go to bed.

The next morning right after my shower.

I'm embarrassed as hell and take my time to put on my diaper.

I said fuck this. Dad you ass.

Dad swats my thighs I scream and cringe. He swats my thigh.

I step into my diaper quick.

Today's clothersare teddy bears rubbing their eyes because they are cry babies.. They don't say anything on them they're black , brown, white , red and yellow. The bib has a bear that says I love Dad. The cap has little bears ears.

He puts the leash on and attaches it to the arm of his chair.

Today dad's more serious about obedience. He makes it harder for me to keep his cock in my mouth. So I have stand up.

He swats my thigh and hands. He keeps me going till I fall down.

Dad says, see he knew you could wear these. I just needed motivation. I just keep my cock iin your mouth and it keep you sucking. But you can't talk.

Dad says good boy.

I keep my mouth on his cock.

He smokes and drinks for about a half hour.

Then I slip up and start to talk.

He tells me to stand up

I stand up.

he swats my thighs my hands my arms and my cheeks. He keeps tapping around all them as fast as you can it gets me dancing like the crybaby I am.

Dad says good job boy keep dancing.

Dad keeps swatting me.

I keep dancing I have a fit. I start screaming and crying

Dad fucks my face. Cums in my mouth. We both feel all better again as hee grabs me and hugs me and pulls him tight against him

Today at lunch he really stops me full. More than I can handle oh my God it hurts

I just sit there until dinner.

Oh God after dinner I have to go poo. I say Dad I have to poop do I have to do this in my diaper.

Dad says I don't like how are you going to get it off so I guess you do.

that takes a little while but there's nothing I can do and I dirty my diaper oh my God I hate it.

Dad lets me sit there an hour and then he gets out this big plastic pad and pulls out this big huge baby bag with diapers, powder, wipes and all.

He gets me on my back and on does my diaper with mileage and air he cleans up my with the wipes and Powers all over down there..

It's a new diaper and I'm back in my onesie back on my pad and say God damn it Dad. I don't like this.

Dad swats my cheek and says tough shit boy

The next few days all new sets of clothes. A cap, bib, onsiess, plastic pants, socks, and a diaper.

There is sports with soccer balls baseballs basketballs bats and gloves.

There is a bad boy with school paddles, ping pong paddles, and belts.

And there's a pink set with says pig boy pig boy. The cap says I'm a fat piggy. And the bib a piggy crying and says I'm a fat ass crybaby.

Dad mostly play on the computer. So I keep my mouth on his cock all day. I stay on a leash.

a couple of Mark's subs and field dad's bag