Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Indentured to Dad.

So for the next 5 and it's keep my mouth on dad's cock with no exceptions. He's serious with swatting my balls. No light ones at all.

Friend show up with their boys.

If only I'd known what was to come.

It's three Dads with their own boys. One dad has one boy. One dad has two boys. The other dad has four boys.

So we now have four dads and eight boys here..

Mark's subs all prepare the three other bedrooms upstairs for the three dads and their boys.

We are all made to sit in a row in the living room. My dad watches us all as the other three dads get their stuff into their rooms and makes themselves comfortable.

When they get done they come into the living room. Then there are introductions. As our dads introduce us They have us stand up and show the other dads every part of our body.

Gary is the dad with one sub. His boy's name is Bobby. He looks like he's a little older than me, maybe late twenties. Bobby is about 5'4. I'm not sure of his weight but he is almost as round as a beach ball. He can't bend forward or spread his legs while he is standing. He has to lie down. He spreads his legs to show us but there's still no room to see anything. He rolls over and shows his ass. Again he tries to spread but still it's hard to see anything.

The dad, with four boys, his name is frank. The first boy is the oldest. He looks like he might be in his early 30's. His name is Charlie. He is around 5 ft 10 in tall and probably 250 lb. The next is John. He is in his early twenties and around five foot 10 or 11 inches tall and probably over 300 lb s. The third boy is Sam. He's taller than me probably 6 ft 3 or 4 inches tall. He's really chubby, not quite as fat as me but he's taller so he's probably about the same way in the upper 300s. The last one is kurt. Kurt is about the same height as being so 6 ft

Darren is the dad with two subs. John is one. Tom is the other. They are the slimmest of us. Although they are not related to each other they look close enough they could have been brothers. They are thick straight bodies. They have no definition and no rolls or anything either. Their arms and legs and torso are straight as can be. Darren says they are both 20 year old. Darren says Tom is new and needs to learn from us experience subs.

Dad says well hopefully he doesn't learn any tricks or bullshit from our other subs.

When we're done and Dad goes back to talking to his sir and Dad friends, I get on my knees and get my mouth on Dad's cock.

Dad says stand and present boy.

I stand up and present my balls wondering what I've had wrong.

Dad We all need beer real quick. Go. Dad swats my balls.

I goddamn go. Fast.

I hurry to fill up the cooler with ice and beer. It takes me about 5 minutes.

When I get back, Dad says what the hell took so long?

I say I'm sorry Dad I'm sorry I'm sorry Dad.

Dad says present those balls boy.

I anxiously spread my legs and push my balls out. I'm shaking.

Dad swats my balls. Dad says you've been good all week don't start fucking up now.

So I go and sit down.

One of the other subs gets in trouble from his dad. After he gets his punishment, He has to sit down as well.

One of the other dads says we should have a place for the bad boys to sit. Another dad says yes. My dad says bad boy chairs. That's a great idea. They take off and go down in the basement. They're down there for a couple hours or more.

While they're down there, the other three subs that are here with me play with each other.

Another sub watch is the basement stairs for them to come back up. We all switch off taking turns watching the stairs.

I don't suck anyone. I don't want to suck anybody's cock but Dad's. It's a promise and a rule.

The other sub tells me that he's going to be indentured this week.

I asked him what is indenturing?

Bobby tells me that he is going to officially be made a slave this week while he's here. That he won't be a free person. He is agreeing to be his dad's slave for one year.

I say that's kind of freaky but it's also kinky. My dad tells me I can leave it in time but I have to go home and that's the end of this. It's been really hard at times. Sometimes I hate being here but I don't hate it as much as I hated my home life and my job. As much as Dad pulls crap with me I know he loves me. It's not just sex. We have a relationship. At least I see it that way anyway.

I said that will be interesting to see.

Me and one of the other subs are talking about are fetish. He tells me how that's what made him submit was that his dad was the only person he could find that would let him play with his shoes and socks.

I tell him about my cum fetish and how my dad used that against me.

To all of our surprise our dads come back to the backyard through the garage door. They did not up the backstairs from the basement that we had been watching for them to come from.

We're all busted talking. All of our dads are happy as can be about this.

They bring out these chairs with them that they painted and somehow got them dry and ready quickly. I'm not sure. They are red bad boy chairs.

Darren says all boys line up beside each other right out here in front of us dad's. Right now. Damn get moving.

We all get in line as fast as can be. This time my dad is going to punish us.

He comes up to the first sub in line. It is Tom. One of the straight bodies. Dad swats his balls until he goes down. Then he has him go sit down in one of the bad boy chairs.

Dad proceeds through every one of us. Now we are all in the bad boy chairs. We all sit there till bedtime while our dads have a great time.

Sunday is a day off for Dads. We all stay in front of our dads in the living room. Mark's subs all do a lot of work for breakfast and taking care of everybody. There's a lot of work for them to do.

Monday something is going on. Dad and Mark and the subs are all preparing the living room for something. Extra chairs, candles, decorations, and more.

I still don't know what's going on. I just sit in front of that all afternoon.

We eat dinner.

Dad goes to the middle of the floor. He orders all of us subs to get on our knees in the middle of the floor against the wall opposite the couch. him and the other dads all sit on the couch and an extra chair in front of us.

Mark and all his subs are at the front of the living room by the hallway kitchen and at the far end of the living room against the wall. The lady from next door is here. A few of Dad's other friends are here.

Dad calls me first. I knew the other sub was talking about this was going to happen to him but I had no clue that this was going to happen to all of us, especially me.

Dad sits in a chair out in front of the couch. I am on my knees in front of him.

Dad says, Matt over the last year and a half, you have submitted in every way possible and have given me the right to make every decision in my life. I have always told you that you could leave at any time that you decided you want to. You have always submitted and told me you didn't want to be responsible or make decisions on your own.

Dad says, Now I am going to indenture you. You now have the choice to sign this contract of indenturement or leave and go home.

Dad says, If you decide to leave I will have you ready and able to go home by Friday.

Dad says, If you decide to stay and sign this contract of indenture

ment, You belong to me. You give up your rights to make any decisions for yourself about your life, your affairs, your body, and your behavior.

Dad says, This is a permanent unlimited contract. You are indentured to me for the future unless there is a life, health, or family matter that your family needs you to return to them. I will get you back to your family in an appropriate, reasonable, and timely manner if such a situation does arise.

One of Mark's subs brings up a small end table and puts it before me.

Dad puts down this contract. It's on a long thick lustrous piece of parchment with gold inlay for borders.

It says.

I, Matthew (full name) , do hereby sign this contract of indentuerment to Wayne (full name), to remain in effect permanently until such time as a life or family matter arises that my family needs me or I need to return to them. I will then be returned to my family in a reasonable, appropriate manner.

I, here, now, and from this day forward, give Wayne (last name), full right to make every decision for my life, affairs, body and behavior. I am no longer allowed to make any decisions or choices for myself regarding any of these or other matters.

I will perform sexually as requested and required at all times.

I will follow all commands and orders immediately, quickly, without hesitation, or any attitudes.

I will submit to all punishments as requested or required.

I will l be taken care of and provided for all my needs at all times.

My signature. Wayne's signature.


Eight lines for signatures.

I'm scared. I hesitate. .

Dad says, you have submitted and gave me these things. I have thank you so many times. You told me you didn't want to be responsible for yourself or your problems. This makes it official. You will belong to me.

Dad says, You've always been worried that I will make you leave. If you still don't want to leave Matt. This makes it permanent. You won't have to worry about ever leaving. I know you don't want to go back to your mom and dad or that job.

Dad says, Please submit and give yourself to me entirely, You will never have to worry about being thrown out or having to go home. I promise you.

I think about it for a minute. Just like the bedroom and all times I thought about escaping to go home. I'm better here than I was. I love being here. For all the hell, it is so much fun. I have told him how many times I didn't want these things. Now I am giving them to him permanently.

I read it out loud from my knees with Dad standing above me.

I pick up this fancy pen. It's a big feather and he has ink there for me to dip it in. I do and I sign my name.

Dad signs his name.

Mark signs as a witness. Gary, Frank, Darren, the other three dads, sign as witnesses. The lady next door and three of Dad's friends that are here sign their names. I didn't know it at the time cuz I'd never seen his face but one of dad's friends that was here and signed his name was the foot guy.

Dad pulls out a heavy bronze collar with some copper, zinc, silver, and gold in inlaid designs. It says, Wayne's sub-boy Matt. Dad puts it on me and locks it with a fancy small lock. It has hooks on all four sides for restraints. Dad attaches a fancy heavy chain link leash. It has a big wide thick leather handle.

I'm now indentured.

I hug dad's legs and he rubs and hugs my head.

Everyone applauds and congratulates both of me and Dad. The lady next door and one of Dad's friends both tell me. I have given myself to Dad more than anything. They thank me for giving myself to their friend.

Him and me go back to his chair. The other dad's proceed through their subs.

All the other subs go to be with their as they finish signing their contracts. It's all now quiet private time.

I applaud and act properly for all the rest of the subs.

When the ceremony is over and everybody has finished with their signings, I ask Dad If we can talk about this.

Dad says yes, I've been waiting for everybody to finish.

Dad tells me, You now belong to me. You are no longer a free man. You don't have any rights.

Dad says, Before these were agreements that if you didn't want to follow them you could go home. They are now rules. It doesn't matter if you want to or not. You can't go home. You don't have a say in them whatsoever. There's probably no way you can break them even if you try to anyways.

Dad says, You are only allowed to be in the house and the backyard. You are not allowed to go in the basement. You are never allowed to leave unless I take you with me.

Dad says, You are not allowed to have or own any possession including clothing.

Dad says, You are always to sleep right here on this pad. Not on any other furniture here in the living room, or any of the other bedrooms except for this bedroom when you are told to.

Dad says, You will not refuse my cock in your mouth at any time. I will not force you to have anal sex with me more than twice a week.

Dad says, again Matt these are the rules as they always have been. Nothing is really changed.

I put my mouth on Dad's cock until all the other dads finish with their boys.

Dad sees me running my finger around inside the collar.

Dad says, Matt, I knew you would not do well with the collar. You shall only be wearing it during important events and ceremonies. You will be wearing it this whole week with the other newly collared boys. Come Sunday I will take it off you and you won't have to wear it for the majority of days.

All the dads start having a conversation with each other. All the other subs and me are out in the middle of the floor together. We are not allowed to talk.

Mark has been putting up a shelf for our contract and my leash. It is on the wall right here besides Dad's chair. It has a nice shelf. A glass tube for the agreement rolled up inside it. A couple hooks for my collar and leash.

Dad takes the leash off of me and puts the contract and leash up on the shelf.

I'll look at all the other boys collars and I by far have the most expensive one. Gary's sub has a metal one but everybody else's are just embroidered leather. They're very nicely embroidered but they don't have any gems or metal inlays on them either.

As all the dads talk they decide to have us perform sexually for their entertainment as they chat and drink the rest of the night.

We are all to lick the sub next to us except for his cock and balls from toes to ears. When we are done the sub that we licked is to lick us.

The top next to me is John. One of the straight-bodied subs. All the dads mixed us together so their subs weren't sucking the same old subs.

I'm really not a fan of these two. They are not sexy. I was not turned on by licking john at all. It shows he doesn't turn me on.

Dad says, Oh come on Matt if you want him to lick you good you have to do a better job than that.

I don't want to lick him dad I don't want to lick anybody else besides you.

Dad says tough shit you're now indentured you have to do.

I say, I really don't care if he licks me good or not, afterwards, dad. Him and Darren's other sub don't turn me on at all.

Dad says, Well I guess I'll have to motivate you.

Dad says angrily, stand up and present your balls for punishment right now Matt.

I stand up quickly and anxiously.

Dad says, You are going to lick him and do a good job to make him feel good while you're doing it Matt.

Dad says Now and swats my balls till I go down..

I get back up and get to licking him. I don't do it. I'm not going to.

All the dads say good job Wayne in showing that boy who is boss.

All the others boys get busy licking too.

I still haven't long until I'm done licking him. He starts licking me. I push him off me and I'm not licking him.

Dad is fucking pissed you break my rules and fat pig boy just blatant me like that. I know I said it was a promise and a rule but it ain't no more because you are indentured the rules are different now. Rules are my way

We go to the chair and Dad sits down he has me stand in front and present. He swats my balls I start to dance around. I raise my legs and stomp to have a fit I start cussing and screaming fuck you Dad. Fuck you dad fuck you and your fucking bullshit.

I'm stomping around I'm cussing dad he starts to get some shots in on my balls. It's my inner thigh. He hits my toes on my left foot. I'm starting to scream and cry and I start bawling. Dad keeps swatting. I'm like usual and trying to get me into the room he tries to keep me going in a circle tonight. he keeps me going and stomping and screaming around in a circle for a good 20 minutes. My ass, balls, and inner thigh are sore. He's even got some of my toes. I'm having a screaming fucking temper tantrum shit fit meltdown. He touches me like three straight times in the balls with the right crop. I go down to my knees. Grabs my head and fucks my face while I'm screaming and balling in a holy shit fit. Right there in front of everybody.

He grabs my leash and pulls me down to the floor between his feet. He ties the leash off and so it keeps my head right there on the floor between his feet and that's where I stay for the rest of the night.