Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

The train station parking lot

As we alive at the train station parking lot, dad opens the door.

Dad swats my balls with the riding crop..

Dad says get your fat pig fucking naked ass out the van. Now God damn it, get your fat ass out of the van.

Now Matt!

I'm panicking and having anxiety.

Dad swats my ass and die hard to guide me to the door. God damn it hurts too. My ass moves but I don't jump out the door.

Dad gets a cheap shot in on my balls with the riding crop from behind.

Damn it hurts. III grab my balls and lean forward. I'm going to fall out. I jump instead. The parking lot has some rocks and hurts my feet when I land. My balls are still in pain. I am shaking. Bad. Real bad.

I'm shaking so bad I fall down as I try to get up. I try again and fall down again. The next time I get up slowly. I use the side of the van. It takes me about a minute all together.

I am finally on my feet.

I'm looking all around. There are people all over but I don't see anybody looking at me.

I take too long. My balls get swatted from behind again.

I bend over forward and grab my balls. My hands don't protect them from behind. I get hit from behind again. Damn. And again. I go down again.

I'm on one knee and thigh in the parking lot naked. I'm looking around.

I stand up, spread my legs, and present my balls. I am shaking like hell. I almost fell down again.

Now that my balls presented for Dad. I'm looking around again.

There are lots of people here but they are a number of cars away. I'm sure they could see me if they look but I don't see anybody paying attention. I hope not.

I'm fucking embarrassed. I'm about to get my balls busted, while I'm naked, in the parking lot at the train station.

Dad waits a little while and laughs at me.

His friend show up and gets in van. Him and Dad greet each other. They both laugh at me.

As I am still seriously looking around to see If anybody is looking at me. Some people look over towards me but only one guy keeps looking.

I look back at him. He looks at me with one eye. A very curious eye. What is he thinking about me?

He must see that I'm naked. He keeps looking. He's interested.

While I'm not paying attention to Dad, Dad swats my balls. Damn hard. Oh fuck.. I grab my balls. I go down.

I gasp and manage not to make a sound. I don't scream or moan. I bite my own lip. I bite into it good. It hurts too. God damn it.

I can't have anybody hear me. Everybody would look. I grabbed my balls. I bend at the knees. I manage to stay on my feet.

I look around again before I stand and spread my legs again.

Dad swats my balls again while I'm looking around.

I bite my lip harder. It hurts more because I can't scream or moan. I hold it all in and I go down to the ground.

Dad says, look at me boy. Now boy. Look at me or I will leave your ass here. Look at me now, boy.

I'm still on my thigh and my ass on my concrete and rocks. I look up at Dad.

Dad says This is a great lesson, boy. Keep looking at me boy. Don't look anywhere else. Keep looking at me.

Dad shows me the riding crop. He steps out of the van. He stands over me.

Dad says, you're are only to pay attention to me. Remember. Pay attention to me. Boy! You have to pay more attention to me. Only me.

Dad swats my inner thigh. It hurts. I scream. Damn!

Dad says, Quit looking around. Now boy. Quit looking around.

Dad slaps my thigh again.

Dad says, Look at me, boy. Look at only me. Remember. Boy. As long as your mouth is on my cock, I will take care of all your problems. Remember boy.

Dad slaps my thigh. Dad says, watch me boy. Only me. It doesn't matter who else is watching. Whatever happens I will take care of it. I will solve all your problems as long as your mouth on my cock.

They all laugh at me.

Dad says, get up now boy.

Dad slaps my thigh. It hurts. I am on one knee.

Dad slaps my balls. It hurts but it get moving up off my ass. Damn. I use the side of the van again.

I am now on my feet.

Dad says,Keep looking at me, boy. Only me. Spread your legs boy.

I spread my legs slowly but widely.

Dad says, keep looking at me, boy, thrust your balls out.

I thrust my balls out slowly and anxiously.

Dad swats my balls hard. I go back down. Dad says, what do you say?

I say. I'm sorry you're unhappy Dad. I'm sorry you're unhappy, Dad. I'm sorry you're unhappy, dad.

Dad says, I can't hear you boy.

I say louder, I'm sorry you're unhappy, dad.

Dad says, I can't hear you boy.

I say louder, I'm sorry you're unhappy, dad.

Dad says, I can't hear you boy.

I scream, I am sorry you're unhappy Dad.

I start to look around but I stop and look back at that real fast.

Dad says, good boy. Keep paying attention to me. Only me

Dad says get up boy. Now. Boy.

Dad slaps my titty with the riding crop.

I grabit. It stings. I get my ass moving and use the side of the van. I get back to my feet.

Dad says You are my boy.

I lean over and get his cock in my mouth.

Dad says. Good boy. Suck my cock. Keep it in your mouth.

Dad rubs my head and says, Don't worry about where we are going or who sees. Only pay attention to me. As long as your mouth is on my cock, I will take care of all your problems. Here we go.

We start walking around. We go around the van 5 or 6 times. We walk around some of the cars around us. I'm still nervous and shaking. The rocks and concrete hurt my feet. It's hard to walk.

We stop. Dad rubs my head and consoles me for a minute or two.

Dad says, ok he we go again.

We walk around. Dad says, It doesn't matter. I will take care of your problems. Keep your mouth on my cock.

We walk around the van a few more times. We walk around different parts of the parking lot. Behind cars. Around cars.

Nobody is paying attention except now the one guy that was looking with one eye is coming over to watch.

He comes over and walks up besides dad. He says, You're making him walk around and suck your cock naked wearing restraints in public! That's great.

He asks dad, how did you get him to do this?

Dad says, If he wants to suck my cock he has to do it how I want to.

The guy says that's great.

We walk back to the van door. Dad and the guy stand there and talk to each other. I keep My mouth on Dad's cock.

The guy asks Dad, I saw you swat his balls with that riding crop and other spots on his body to get his ass moving too. That's great.

Dad asked him so what part did you like about it? Would you like to be like him and get your balls swatted? Would you like to swat his balls?

I'm thinking, Oh my God. What the fuck?

The guy says, Well. I'd like to try both.

Dad says you can. Right now.

The guy says, I don't know if I could do it here.

Dad says here Is the riding crop and hands it to him.

Fuck that scares me.

Dad says, You can swat his balls, or any place below his titties as long as when you are done, you take your clothes off, get your mouth on his cock. I get to swat your balls.

The guy hands dad back the riding crop. He says, no I can't do it right here at the train station.

Dad says, Mark, write down our phone number and my email address for the man. Marks does. Dad hands it to him. If you want to have some fun I'm here in town I got lots of playmates and lots of playrooms.. Just give me a call or an email.

The man keeps watching in awe.

Dad says, okay boy back in the van. You're going to have to take your mouth off my cock to get in the van right.

Dad swats my ass to get me moving.

I climb backwards into the back seat to the far side. Dad cuffs my foot and one hand as well this time.

Dad climbs in and sits down. I get my mouth on his cock.

I feel safe again. Damn that was something. I have to trust dad. He will follow my problems, I keep my mouth on his cock.

We drive off. Mark says, how about we take the boys to some places?

Dad says, No he's had enough. Let's go home.

When we get home, Dad sets me free and I get my mouth on his cock as he steps out of the van. I keep my mouth on his cock as we go inside. He puts his stuff up and we head for the recliner.

Oh God I feel safe again. I'm home safe with dad. I'm so relieved. I put my arms around dad and my mouth on his cock.

He rubs my head for an hour or two. He consoles me. Dad tells me how hard I work at submitting today.

Thank God it's fucking over.

Most of the night goes as usual with my cock in his mouth. At the end of the night he grabs my head and fucks my face hard till he comes in my mouth. He doesn't suck me and we both go to sleep.