Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

My mommy calls

The next few weeks are serious as hell. That's how all my days go now. I'm moving quick but he counts to fast for me to done He loves to do it for fun.

Already he slapped my balls twice today. Finally I'm sucking him on my knees. The only way that I'm safe is on my knees with his cock in my face.

I'm sucking his cock and the phone rings.

He says to someone while Matt's busy. He had a moment and he's coming down.

I can hear my mom's voice now. She rats me out. She says yes Matt has a moments when he doesn't want to do what you say. He doesn't like authority. He'll have a fit. One doctor called him oppositional defiant.

Dad says what do you mean.

My mom says I'm sure you figured out he's autistic. He's been in the hospital for it.

Dad says yes that's obvious but I didn't know he was Oppositional defiant. That explains the moments. It explains the shit fits too

My mom tells dad that she wanted to see if she might use my car because her's broke down again and she can get it fixed on payday.

Dad tells her that's no problem but I'm still having a moment but if nothing else he'll have some other people bring it down to her.

She says thank you.

Dad says we'll see you in a little while and they hang up.

Dad says we're going for a ride.

He calls down for Mark and Mark comes up as we all get ready to go.

Work and the other subs have my clothes, shoes, phone, wallet, and, keys ready to go

Dad gives me my clothes.

I start to put them on but they don't fit. Not even close. I'm tool damn fat. He feeds me so much. I know I'd put on weight but pants are small for me now. I can't get in the underwear. I can't get my arms give a shirt.

Dad laughs and says you are a fucking fat ass pig boy. Matt you're to fat to wear clothes. I guess you'll just have to go naked. Ain't nothing else I got you can wear.

I get anxious and what the fuck.

Bad Mark and this other sub laugh at my ass. Laugh again too. Mark calls me a fat pig boy. They all laugh again.

They were 3x but I obviously need a 4x or 5x I must have put on 50 or 80 lb. Maybe more but now that I look like him see it. Didn't notice that got my clothes weren't that bad anymore.

All these big breakfasts that he's been stuffing me. Why do my ass had gotten bouncy but I didn't realize just how fat I could be.

I say to Dad II don't have any goddamn clothes how am I supposed to go.

Dad says it don't matter you're going to be in the van with me.

We have to pick them up my friend got three from the train station too.

When we get back I got new rules for you too.

Mark, dad, me, head to the van. Mark's other shop drives my car. It's freaky walking out to the van naked.

Dad says get my at ass in the goddamn backseat now.

I hesitate.

Dad says present balls.

I stand up and spread my legs and thrust my balls out right there in the front yard.

Dad slaps my balls with the riding crop hard.

I fall down to my knees.

Dad says get fat ass in fucking van now

I hop in the backseat.

It's just 40 miles to my house and it's all straight easy highway. It doesn't take an hour.

When we get to my house my mom comes outside I don't know if she can see me in the van or not so I stay down as low as I can. I'm still naked. I get behind the very backseat in the back of the van tucked down.

Dad laughs. Mark laughs.

The other sub gives my mom my car keys and all my clothes, phone, wallet and debit cards with.

Dad, Matt said to bring these back to you cuz he doesn't really need them while he's with me.

Mark gives her a big wad of cash.

Dad says that should be enough to fix your car..

Dad gives her a little extra cash.

My mom says thank you.

We leave.

Dad climbs in the backseat with me and points to his cock.

We're on our way and she didn't see me, thank God.

When we get away from my house I get im on my knee and start sucking dad's cock.

Dad points to me every time we stop it's not hard for any car to see me as long as it's not just as little as can be.

Most people laugh but some guys think it's cool. I'll look like stupid fat faggot

Dad thinks it's cool.

We go through a drive-thru and Mark and dad ordered lunch I'm eating mine already.

When we get to the window dad mounts and cums. the guy in the window knows his dad real well and he says this is your latest boy he's a horny fat pig. looks like you caught a good one.

Dad says what he won't stop touching himself.

The cart tells me your damn well will, boy because you will pay hell.

He gives us our food and were on our way.

Dad says to the train station to get his friend.

Dad says he has some fun for me like I've never had.

We stopped at a house and pick up one of dad's friends

He climbs in the front seat with me and dad still in the back.