Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

My balls in peril.

One night about a week later.

I blew him and he came really hard too.

I enjoyed his cummy piss and him a cigar. And it's off to sleep.

No blow for me. it's been over a week all I do is suck cock and sit here naked and I haven't gotten off once.

A couple hours later, I was having a horny dream. I woke up with cream on my hands.

I started licking licking my hand clean. It was just 30 seconds but till woke up too.. I just kept licking.

Dad said that was mine fuck you.

Dad is looking down at me.

He goes back to sleep as he says, you are going to pay for this boy that was for me.

We wake up and get our showers.

He feeds me breakfast. He's off the only bread and water thing now.. Breakfast gets bigger every day. I get more stuffed. Filled me today.

I bow him and he doesn't blows me.

He thanks me for a great blowjob.

Things changed again. More seriously.

Dad says, 'On your knees Matt!'

I quickly hopped on them. I am getting faster nowadays when I get commands. I am clumsier too. I look more like a fool. Dad laughs at me. Almost constantly does things to make me look a dumb fool.

Dad says, It's time I submit more for him. It's time my punishments get serious.

I think to myself, what does that mean?

He says I am doing better at paying attention to his commands all the time.

Dad says,he has new rules again. Real strict ones. These will not be fun . I am never to touch myself again. I am never allowed to touch myself again. Not ever. Never again. Damn it boy.

Dad says angrily, I don't care how horny of a dream you have or why you had that horny dream you are not allowed to wake up and jerk off. That is not allowed.

Dad says ask angrily as ever, do you understand boy?

You better get your fat pig ass acting right now boy no more bullshit Matt. You pig boy.

Dad says, I don't think you know boy. I don't think you understand how serious of a violation this is. I'm fuckimg tired of your bullshit. You can't fucking touch yourself here. This is your most important rule. This is all about respect for me. You need more respect for me.

Dad says, ' Stand up boy! Now boy. 3.'

I stand up fast. Fast as I ever have. 2.

Dad says, 'Good job, Matt! Spread your legs boy! Now! '

I spread my legs slowly, anxiously, and timidly.

Dad says, 'Thrust your balls out, boy! Get those balls out in front of me. Now boy. Damn it boy.'

I slowly, nervously, and anxiously thrust my balls out. I am shaking. I am worried. I never been more worried and shaking.

Dad lightly slaps my cock and balls with the riding crop while he talks. I draw my knees together. This isn't funny. It scares me like hell

Dad says slowly, spread those legs boy.

He slaps my ball with the riding crop.It hurts. Damn. I bend over forward, grab my balls, and cringe.

I say, This isn't funny Dad.

Dad says, touching yourself isn't funny either boy.

Dad says, 'Present Balls! boy. Now boy. boy!'

I anxiously slowly spread my legs and thrust my balls back out for him.

Dad says, 'Matt my boy, do you understand my new rule boy?

I am worried and scared as I say, 'Yes Dad. I understand.'

He slaps my balls good. I all but fall to my knees. It takes a couple seconds but I am right back up with my balls out.

Dad says, 'Matt, do you understand? boy?'

I say, ‘Yes Dad, I will not touch my cock or balls dad.’

Dad slaps my balls till I fall down again.

I curl up and start crying.

Dad says, ‘To make it sink into your boy balls and be sure you understand. Present balls Matt!.

Still crying I slowly stand up, spread my legs, and push my balls out for him.

Dad slaps my balls. I bend at the knees. He slaps them again. And again. I scream, lean forward and cringe, and put my hands on balls but don't fall. So he slaps my hands. I pull them back. He slaps my balls again. I fall down.

I'm on my knees in front of him. Crying, balling, and whining.

He grabs my head and fucks my face slowly for a couple hours. He smokes a cigar and blows it in my face.

I am still crying off and on. I am feeling bad. I did Dad really wrong last night.

He talks about my boy balls. How they took over my brain.

He tells me I am doing really good. Better than any boy he has had. He says I have worked so much harder than any other. He says, “ the other boys were just in for fun. That I am in it for him. That I will be more rewarder than they will ever. I will cum longer and harder. I will eat more cum than they ever did. He is so proud of me for sticking with the training.”

I feel so special. He still wants me after I have been so bad. I wasn't following his rules. I want him to keep me as his cocksucker.

Dad Rubs my head. I feel good again.

I say, "Dad, this isn't funny it hurts really bad. I don't think it is right. I don't think I deserve this. I will do it. I do it for Dad. I am proud. I want to be here. I am Dad's boy.”

I relax and enjoy his cock. It isn't long till he fills my mouth. It's not even a minute before I fill his mouth.

The rest of the day is just another day. I got my punishment. Dad is happy. We are all past it.

It is a great week and back to our fun times.

I am right up and moving on every command. I damn well better be. It was all fun and made me horny thinking I had to do what he said. It made me as hard as a rock.

Now I do have to follow the rules. It is for real. I have to or be punished. I will suck his cock like he wants it or pay with my balls. It makes me horner than I have ever been and harder than steel.

I am just like he said. He is always right about me. Damn it. Why do I love this and him so much? I am a boy. I am Wayne's boy.

I I keep telling myself, i can do this. I am his boy. I will conquer this easily. Although slapping my balls with the riding crop still makes me resent him.

I'm becoming more anxious. I am becoming very submissive. My life is his very word. His cock is my god.

I still think I don't deserve this. I don't want to leave though. I don't want to go home. So I guess I have to take it