Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Training Begins

Dinner comes. Dad beats steak, appetizers and chocolate. Drinks Coke.

He doesn't feed me until he's completely done.

He only feeds me bread and water. The water is in a sippy cup. What the fuck?

Matt! You my boy!

I turn around, get on my knees as fast as I can. I get Dad's cock in my mouth. I start him sucking good.

Dad nastilly scolds me, stand up you retarded boy!

I'm shaking as I stand up slowly.

Dad tells me you got to be faster boy. When I say something I mean right now stupid boy! So when I say you're my boy you need to get your mouth on my cock right now boy! You understand me you retard?

Dad bumps my balls with the back of his hand.

This isn't fucking fun anymore.

I grab my balls.

Dad says, get your hands off yourself. You fucked up bad boy. Stupid silly boy.

Dad bumps my balls again. Harder this as he says, Get on your knees matt.

Damn that really hurt. I'm Right Down on my knees.

Dad laughs at me.

Why is this funny?

Dad says turn around and sit down, retard.

I do.

This is scaring me.I'm shaking like hell. yet my cock grows rock hard.

He puts his legs over me and holds my arms back against his chair .as he says, you need to think this. Think long and hard this evening boy.

I do think about what the hell happened. I'm really long and hard as cock swells like never before.

God damn it I am a retard. Am liking like this,? Why do I feel so sexy?

I feel really special. I've never felt so special. I am a fucking retard.

An hour or so later Dad scold me, stand up Matt. Put your hands behind you, Retard!. Spread your legs, Matt!

Dad back hands my balls. The hardest yet.

God damn it I lean forward and grab my balls in pain.

Dad scolds me, get your hands behind you stupid! Now boy!

I'll get my hands behind me.

Back hands my balls again.

I lean forward and grab my balls in pain again.

He scold me nastier than ever, I told you get your hands behind you retard.

I'm shaking like hell. I slowly anxiously put my hands behind me.

He back hands my ball so hard, I fall down. I curl up in a ball on the floor protecting my balls with my hands and knees. I start to cry.

God damn my balls are in pain. It got me all the way up in the gut. This is not fucking fun. I didn't sign up for this is fucking bullshit. I'm really scared now

I beg dad, please.

Dad laughs at me and then scolds me nastily, Get up off your ass you cry baby. Spread your legs and show me your balls again. Now Matt!

He keeps scolding me as I slowly get up in pain. Hurry up boy! I said now boy! Now Matt! You retard, get your stupid ass up …..

I make it to my knees and spread my legs and put my hands behind me.

Back hands my balls again and back down to the floor in pain. Fuck this shit.

He scolds me, Get on your knees boy!

Dad says, Matt you're my boy!

Quite anxiously, slowly, I crawl up to my knees.

Dad says quite nicely, Open please my boy, Matt!.

I suck his cock for almost a couple hours and he comes hard in my mouth.

I swallow it all. I feel better already. And always makes me feel better.

Just as soon as I relax dad scolds me, get your fat ass up Matt. Stand up boy. Get your hands behind you and spread your legs, retard.

I hurry up and get up there like he says.

Dad back hands in my balls hard and I go back down to my knees in pain. Dad scold me, stand your ass up Matt. Get off your ass boy.

I stand up shaking and scared as hell.

Holy shit this is going to hurt! I'm shaking so bad I almost fall down. Like straighten up spread my legs and get my hands behind me.

Dad leans and sucks me off. It only takes a minute. I get off so hard I can barely stand as my thighs shake from the orgasm.

I all but pass out as I slumped down on the floor.

Dad laughs my ass.

I can't help but think about this. What does this mean that I got off that hard?

It means I am a fucking retard for doing this getting off to this.

Dad drinks a beer and smokes a cigar. He lets me how to drive and a sip of beer. He gives me a couple shots of whiskey. A few more drive to the cigar and I'm tired and pass out for the night.

Morning comes quickly as Dad knees me in the side and scolds me, Wake the fuck up boy.

I damn well wake up.

Dad says stand your ass up matt!

I get up quickly. I'm worried as hell and I'm shaking.

The subs come and get us for my showers.

While the subs are washing both of us dad back hands my balls.

Damn that hurts I like slip and fall on my ass.

They all laugh at me.

This is fucked up. I can't believe I'm doing this shit.

Before we're done with the shower my cock is swollen hard. More proof I am retard.

Dad scolds me on the way back out to his chair, Get on your knees boy.

Dad says, I talked to my BDSM craft lady while you were horny and suffering yesterday. I'm paying her extra money. She was working on your stuff all day and most the evening. She's just finishing up. She'll be done in a couple hours. She'll be here an hour or two after that. While she is here, she'll be fitting everything to you. I got a whole bunch of new accessories for you.

Dad says, You fucked up bad boy. You're going to pay for your bullshit and bad behavior.

Then I'm going to make you so horny and cum so hard. You don't know. You don't have the slightest clue. Fucking silly boy..

Dad laughs at me

Dad grabs my head and face fucks me hard forr a good 20 minutes. It hurts It is hard to breathe.

He is really enjoying this. I really don't like it.l

He cums. He comes so hard his thighs shake as moans.

That's so delicious and I slurp it down. Then I breathe. Oh God I need to breathe. Not God, oh Dad I need to breathe. I am gasping and he's laughing.

Dad says. Get up Matt. You're free. You're free to walk around. Do whatever. You're free. Go use the computer. Go get food in the kitchen. Whatever you want to do. Until she gets her. When she is done fitting you. Your freedom's over. Your horny rock hard times will begin.

I say I can't wait, Dad, I want to be horny and rock hard all the time. I know you can do it to me. You do it so easy. Tell me what all you got for dad. I can't believe I'm stupid enough to fucking like this fucking shit dad. Like I'm fucking stupid you're right doing this shit!

Dad says, I told you were stupid. Matt!

Dad asked nicely, so what are you to do this morning matt?

What's something I can try this morning? Not too difficult.

Dad says, you ever drank piss?

I said no, that be disgusting.

Dad scolds me get off your ass and get me off al sippy cup from the kitchen boy! Now boy! Do you want your balls to pay your disobedience?

I hurry and screwing my ass to the kitchen and grab a sippy cup.

What is it with this fucking sippy cup?

No time to think about it right now I get my ass back over there with the sippy cup.

Dad says, You going to start doing shit when I tell you boy.

Dad stands up and pisses in the glass.

He says, We both know there was still some cum in my cock. Now that left over cum is in this glass of piss.

Dad scolds me, Matt! On your. Knees.

I dropped to my knees fast.

Dad asked, So you want to taste more of my cum enough to drink this piss?

Dad says, don't whine, take a sip cry baby!

I take a sip and say, i can taste your cum.

Dad says, Drink it, boy! Or your balls will pay!

I do. taste his cum. My dick gets hard. I play with it.

Dad says it's okay today. you play with yourself. I want you to enjoy drinking it.

I say I don't like the piss. I just love to cum so much I have to drink it. Your always makes me so hard.

Dad says stand up Matt. Spread your legs.

Dad sucks my cock slowly. The cum in. Dad is sucking me. I'm about to get off

IHe sucks me off. I came so hard.

I say. I never knew I could get your cum from your left over piss. That's disgusting but it made me hard.

He says yes, I think you should start getting all my cum. Even cum left over in my cock. All you have to do is start drinking my piss after I cum. It's usually within 20 minutes. I can save it for you too.

I say, I'm not sure if I want to drink your piss all the time.

Dad scolds me, I didn't fucking ask your boy! Your going Drink My Piss when I tell you to, retard!

Dad says,I just can't wait for your new accessories. I can't tell you. You might not like them. Think about that, boy.

I want to make you into a boy who gives it his all. That's what I want.

Them once you gave me everything, I will you'll get off hard then you ever have. But you must pay the price for that Great privilege.

I say, I love you Dad.

I sit in front of him with his legs on me. Rubbed my head for an hour or so.

The ladies here. I'm so excited.

She comes in and Dad shows her his new bow.

He tells her about yesterday.

You tell her about how I am a retard and I'm only as mature as a 7 year old.

She says, oh he is one of those boys. That's great Wayne where did you find him?

Dad says, He showed up here. He wasn't like these other assholes. The only reason he came here was to suck my cock.

She laughs. She says, that's great!

She says, I got that stuff for you Wayne. How should we start?

Dad says, Let's just grab a bag.

She turns her head and reaches into the bag. She feels something. She says oh yes. She pulls out a riding crop and hands it to dad.

Oh fuck! It says, 'Matt! You Better Be Good' on the handle and 'Ouch!' on the hard rosin end.

Dad says, stand up boy!

I stand up and start shaking like hell.

I'm still not sure if I like this.

Dad rubs my chin slowly with the riding crop.

I breathe in deep. The fear fills my lungs as cock swells up hard.

He slaps my titty with the riding crop.

I jerk to the side. This is not fucking close too funny. That stung even though it was just slightly

They both look at my hard cock. Dad slaps it with the writing crop.

Oh God damn that stings. He slaps it again.

I was expecting it to go down but it gets harder. Oh my God I am a retard.

Dad scolds me, Get your goddamn hands behind you, boy!

Dad slaps my balls with the riding crop.

Fuck God damn I grab them and all of the floor. Oh damn that stings all the way up into my gut. I curl up in a ball.

I'm anxious and crying.

Dad lets me cry a little bit and then he scolds me get your ass up boy. Now you retarded cry baby.

This is humiliating as it fucking hurts too.

I stand my ass back up anxiously shaking like hell.

She reaches into the bag again. Oh yes the wrist and ankle cuffs. She put them all on me. They fit perfectly. They have extra soft padding on the inside. They are waterproof and washable. They feel comfortable.

Dad locks them on me. He says he doesn't think I should ever take them off.

That's scary and horny. My cock gets hard.

Dad says, that's great! Your hard as can be.

Next is a blindfold. Dad puts it on me.

It's scary and horny too. My cock gets hard again. Am I really into all this shit? I guess I am.

He is so fucking right.

I hate this this. I can't see.

I feel the riding crop rub my belly and titty and under my chin. I breathing deep again. It leaves my chin and slowly touches my inner thigh. Robs it up under my balls between my legs. It feels so sexy but I shake anxiously with fear because I know what it is.

They both laugh at me.

Dad tells me to lift up my foot. He put something on me. it's a knee pad.

He has me left the other foot and puts the other one on.

He has me step back away from the chair and he put something on the floor.

He has me step back up and I can feel like it's a pad or something.

Dad pays hers. She says thank you. She's out the door.

Dad takes the blindfold off me.

It is Pat on the floor it's like a dog's bed. Except it says: Matt's Ass Here.

Dad says, When I say Matt's ass here you get your ass down on that pad just like it says.

He rubs the riding crop on my balls slowly and gently as he asks me, do you understand, Matt!

Dad scolds me, Matt's ass here!

I scramble like hell and get my ass down on the pad. Today worries me.

I say that. Today worries me Dad.

He sits down and put his legs over me

We talk about everything. He says today is my choice of what I want to try. It's now about 1:00. Salt I'll have most of the afternoon and evening with whatever I want to try.

I said I liked having my hands tied yesterday. I think it's scary and horny to wear cuffs on my wrists and ankles all the time.

He says unless there are guests or pictures. They're going to stay on me. 24/7. Only the subs or him will take them off during my shower. And they will be right back on me.

I remember. I remember. It was early December. Nurse was staying one-on-one with me. With a shot in her pocket from that hospital stay when I was kid. I remember I remember. . I remember the wrist cuff on my right hand.

Dad asks, Are ok matt?

I say the wrist cuffs scary dad.

Ii say, feel horny still.

Dad says he does too. He likes my new look.

I look dad in the eye. I look at his cock. He's already hard.

Matt! Stand Up. Your back to me. And put your hands behind your back.

I do it as fast as I can. He cuffs my hand be hind me.

Matt!. You're my boy.

My hands are cuffed behind me and I stumble to the floor.

Dad says, Get off your fucking lazy fat ass. Get on you knees, Matt. Fucking Not, Matt.

Dad says,, Get your goddamn pig boy snout on my cock.

He grabs my head He fucks my face slowly. He just crams it in deep. Then he wiggles my head. I can't move my arms or hands. Wow. I love it.

Dad sees the look in my eyes. He rubs my head. I feel so special. This is great.

Dad slowly fuck my face for over an hour. He gets ready to cum He fucks my face hard and comes all in my mouth. He pulled out and some drips down my chin.

Matt's Ass Here!

I turn around as fast as I can and get my ass on my pad. He puts his legs on my shoulders. Dad rub my head and massage my skull a good while.

I dreamed the dreams. I should have not have dreamed. All that fears that I hadn't had for years. All the fears when I was restrained. How the nurses made me give in.

All that submission washes over me. All tht submission pushing down. All the way down that my strip my will of everything except what Dad says.

Oh my God I'm so fucking hard. He wasn't lying. My balls ache. I'm so ready to blow. It ain't going to happen now. Wow.

Wrist ankles cuffs. All fours. Three more than I've ever wore.

I sit there a while as he plays on the net. He smokes a cigar.

Over an hour. Maybe two. Maybe more. I can't think my cock is so hard it's getting smart and my hands behind me can do no more.

Days says, God damn Matt on your fuckings, knees.

I try to get up but Dad has to help me. Right to my knees with my hand still behind me.

Mark walks in and says isn't that kind of harsh whane?

Dad Rob's the riding crop on my titty ass he asked me, Do you want your clothes and go home tonight? Do You want to stay here like this with me?

Oh my God I'm fucking stupid.

I say, I want to stay here with you Dad

They both laugh at me.

They both help me to my feet.

Dad takes his teeth out fast and gums my cock hard. I will go for over 3 minutes. My longest yet. I cum and cum and cum hard. Oh my God AhHhhhhhhh. Wow

I can't help but slump back to my knees. Dad rubs my head.

I say wow dad. I love all of this on gear me. I want it to be my standard look.

Dad agrees. It now is how I will be.

I turn around and he puts his legs back over me. He says he loves this stuff new me.

Like you are going to take care of me in front of everybody at all times. You better show them my cock is your calling, your duty, your life's purpose.Your will perform for everybody. My cock will become your God.

I say I don't want to be on my knees and suck lots of guys. I only want to suck you, Dad. I didn't come for all them. I want you. Your cock is the best , Dad.

Dad says. Matt, your mouth and ass belongs to me They are not Nobody's ever going to fuck your mouth or ass besides him. That's a promise and a rule.

He says, say it now ! now Matt!

Nobody fucks my mouth or ass besides You Dad!

He says, again.

Again , Matt. More Matt.

I say it as fast as I can as many times as I can I start stumbling my words.

Nobody fucks my mouth or ass besides You Dad!!

.He says, I will have you ready before I have you do that. You are not ready now. You need to strengthen your knees.

It wasn't bread and water for dinner tonight. It was bread and piss to drink. There wasn't any coming in it. Just plain old pee.

And that's what we did for the next three days right there on my knees. He'd let me turn around and sit down and put his legs over my shoulders. Still my hands were always behind me.

He would rub my head but as soon as I was comfortable it was back on my knees. Over the next three days that's exactly what happened.

I would suck him but he didn't touch me. After I swallowed him I'd be hardest can be. I couldn't touch myself and neither would he.

Dad says Matt! Open please!

That's my life now. Right here on my Goddamn Knees.

Dad says, Open please.

I suck him off and swallow it all. As usual solves all my problems and puts me at ease.

Now it's over a week and he hasn't touched me at all.

Bread to eat and water or piss to drink.