Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

2 months Please be my sub boy

The next day at work the other employees really lay on to me. The names are bad today.

I rush in after work. I take my shoes off and give them to him. I strip my clothes off and tell him about my bad day. I'm all worked up.

He says they are all assholes but he'll make it okay. I don't have to worry about them while I'm here. Their bad words are 40 miles away. He just turns me around and helps me to my knees.

He says, Open please.

He rubs my head as I suck his cock. After he cums, it is just moments later, I pass out as he cum in his mouth.

A couple days later Friday,, right after work. He asked me to stay with him.

He said you aren't spending money anyway. You don't need nothing here. You won't have to do any chores. You can just sit right here with me as I have said.

So I thought. I hate my home life. I hate my job. Why the hell not?

I said, Yes. Please.

I say, 'I need to run home and get some more clothes and stuff.'

Wayne says, ‘You won't need any clothes here.'

He had a point. I didn't want to wear clothes anyway.

He said take your clothes off and give me your shoes.

Wayne says , You're not allowed to wear clothes unless I put them on you. I watch my clothes and shoes walk away.

I don't know why but I felt more anxious. Was I trapped?

I thought that was hot. I don't even have my clothes or know where they are at. My dick got hard. Really hard.

I don't know if I can have them. Will he actually give them to me if I ask?

Who cares? This is fun!

It was different tonight. It is official. I am now his sub-boy. It was more special than ever. He's my dad!

The next day came. Our showers were prepared. It was a grand breakfast. Breakfast was brought to us. I never used a fork or a spoon. Wayne fed me every bite.

I sucked him for a couple hours till he came in my mouth. He sucked me for a couple minutes till I came in his mouth.

He said I might come too quick but it is better for him. He said he loves me working really hard for his cum then afterwards I just give up my sweet loads really easy for him.

That evening everybody came out when it was usually time for me to suck him again. They all gathered around. I sit up. I wonder what's happening.

Wayne asks me. Do you want to be my sub-boy? To suck my cock all that you want as long as you'd like to stay here? I want you to be my sub-boy. For this privilege I wish for you to get on your knees.

I am quickly and excitedly on my knees.

Wayne says, I promise to take care of you. You will not want for anything here. You will not need for anything. You are never required to do chores. I will groom, dress and feed you as I wish. I will completely take care of you. I will be your dad and your protector. You won't have to make any decisions. You'll be right here with me. You won't be responsible for anything not even yourself.

In return you will give you body, mind, and soul to me for my every sexual desire. That you follow my rules and do I say at all times..

Now tell me, do you wish to be my Sub-boy, Matt?

I say Yes Wayne. I mean, yes Dad!

I want to be your sub-boy.

Wayne says, now show me you want to be my sub-boy and suck my cock like a good sub-boy should.

I learn forward and suck his cock like I never had before. It only takes me a half hour till he comes in my mouth.

I wrap my arms around his belly and to lay my head down on his thigh. He rubs my head till I fall asleep. He tells me how good of a boy I will be.

The next morning I wake up and we get our showers.

He has me get on my knees in front of him. Everybody comes out and stands around me.

Dad tells me he has my first rule.

He makes sure everyone hears him loud and clear. They all agree.

Dad says. Do you hear me and understand Matt?

I say Yes Dad!

Dad says, When he says Matt!, My Sub-boy! I am to get on my knees and get his cock in my mouth. I am to run and hurry as fast as I possibly can. I can't slouch, walk, or take my time. There are no excuses ever. Never. Do you understand Me Matt?

I say Yes Dad!

Dad says repeat after me. When Dad says Matt! My sub-boy. I will get on my knees and get my Dad's cock in my mouth. I am to run and hurry as fast as I possibly can. I cannot slouch, walk, or take my time. I understand you, Dad!

I repeat it happily. I feel proud to say that.

He asked everyone if they heard me.

They all say yes. We heard him.

They'll laugh at me. Why did they do that?

It doesn't matter.

He says this makes his cock the most important thing in my life now. This is how I am to submit to him.

Dad says, he knew it already that his cock was important to me when I came stumbling in that day and fell. I showed him how much it meant.

I am thinking this is my most important rule? This is great. That's no problem. This is what I wanted. His cock is now the most important thing in my life! He is right again. It is important to me. I want it so very badly!

I raise my hands and cheer loudly, Yes Dad! I will always suck your cock when you say. You deserve your cock sucked when you want it. I'm your sub-boy now! I will do it every time you say it! It is now my life's goal!

I felt so proud to say that. I was always a troublemaker before. I fucking hate rules. Why did this feel so good? I feel so extremely special. It must be meant to be.

He's been right this whole time about me. I am a sub-boy. I was meant to suck his cock. I want to be his cocksucker. No matter what I have to do. No matter the rules!

I'm so excited. This is great. I cannot believe It's really happened. When I first messaged him, I never dreamed of anything like this. I get to suck cock all day, everyday. I'm so God damn fucking horny. I'm a cocksucker. Yes!!!!

I say, I'm proud to be your sub-boy, Dad. I lean forward and wrap my arms around his belly and lay my head on his thigh. I say so passionately, I love you Dad!

Over the weekend we talk about dominance and submission.

Saturday morning was of course about the things that we done so far.

Wayne asked me how I felt about not having my clothes.

I told him. It makes me anxious I don't have my clothes and shoes. it makes me horny too. That I'm naked unless you say so.

He asked me about what if I wanted to leave or there was somebody here?

I said scares me but it makes me really horny but I don't have a choice. I've wanted to be naked all the time but again it's horny and anxious that I have to be.

He asked me if other people were here Mark and his subs, would I be embarrassed?

I I said I probably would but I'll do it for you Dad.

He calls down to Mark and has Mark and a couple of a subs come up. They laugh at me as dad says this stupid fagot agreed to be my cocksucker what are you guys think about?

They all so yeah he's a stupid faggot. They just keep laughing my ass.

Dad tells me to stand up and I do. spread my legs bend over and spread my ass.

I do everything as he says. They all keep laughing at me as I do.

Dad called me a retard. They all laugh more.

He tells them see this stupid retard does all this shit because he wants to suck my cock.

I'm really getting embarrassed and dad just makes it worse.

Next is jumping jacks.

Then it's get down on my knees and kneel with my head between his feet.

And then they all start calling me a retard for doing what dad says.

I would be pissed but I don't want to act up I want to do what Wayne.

I can't believe this is happening and I just stand up.

Wayne says Matt you're my boy. And I'll get down on my knees and I put my mouth on his cock just totally defeated.

I'm so embarrassed and humiliated. I'm crying. I can't believe this is happening but he called me a retarded. They all laugh at me.

Another 10 minutes laugh at me or so they go back downstairs.

Dad lectures on me on how stupid I am for wanting to do this. He says I'm really fucking stupid. He's glad he found a retard like me that wants to suck his cock. He lectures me for a good 30 or 40 minutes.

After that I just thinking about what he said am I really fucking stupid? Am I a fucking retard wanting to do this?

I can't believe he called me a retard. I really hate that. But I must be if I'm you're putting up with this bullshit. And I'm really happy and proud to be here doing it. So I guess he's right I am fucking stupid I fucking retard if I wanted to do this.

He comes in my mouth and everything's all better I don't mind it he embarrassed me. Just like he said the last 2 months that all my problems will be solved by sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

He's so right I feel so good now.

After that he asked me what have I been thinking about?

I told him I can't believe that he called me a retard and they all laughed at me I really hate when people do that to me. Although sucking his cock and swallowing him does make me feel better.

Dad says all the commands can't all be things that like to do anyway. If you're going to submit me much then going to have to do things you don't like to do.

I reluctantly agreed.

He says, Mayt this is not going to be all fun and games for you. I need you to learn to be quit and without hesitation to do my commands no matter what we're doing or where we're at. When I want my cock sucked you want to do it no matter what's going on or who's watching.

I told him. Thats scary.. it really worries me but having to do what you say really makes me horny. I am really anxious but I'll do it for you.

He says Matt you're my boy. Open please.

I get down on my knees and start sucking him cock. I sucking for an hour before he told me to stop and he says just stay right there on your knees and keep looking at my cock

That's why I did for about another hour before he has me turn around sit down and put his legs over my shoulder.

It was a really good dinner that night and afterwards afraid of his comes over.

His friend sits down on the couch and I'm still under Wayne's legs.

Wayne starts telling his friend how he found a real retard that I'm 22 and I'm fully legal but I act like a 7 year old. I I am only as mature as a 7 year old.

He tells me that the only reason I even came up here was to suck his cock and now I'm going to be his boy.

Wayne tells his friend not only is he retarded he's stupid enough to do this shit.

He says Matt stand up. And I do.

Then it's turn around bend over spread your ass. Turn around. Lift up your belly. Spread legs show your cock and balls.

He tells me open your mouth.

And Kelsey's friend that my mouth really comfortable and I'm too stupid to do anything but I'm smart enough to suck cock.

And I'm feeling small and stupid as can be I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm getting emotional I'm so embarrassed and humiliated. I'm about to cry so I hopped down on my knees and Beg dad to stop

Dad says, open please.

I start sucking his cock and he talks to his friends some more and they both talk about me but I'm happy after almost 2 hours and he comes in my mouth for the evening.

After that his friend leaves and we go to sleep for the night.

Sunday is a great day. A good breakfast and I suck his cock and he sucks mine. We watch porn.

He give me commands most today I like getting cigar and light it for him. Getting some more coffee get him a beer. And playful commands for most the afternoon.

Sunday evening he plays with me he plays my titties in my belly and my ass and my balls and finally sucks me first.

Then I'm so happy and horny to do what he says and suck him off for a couple hours.

And everything's great as I swallow has come and we go to bed for the night.

As soon as Monday morning comes. We get our showers and that's another really great breakfast

7:00am. Mark's sub brings up my clothes, shoes, car keys, and wallet for Wayne.

I asked wayne if we're going somewhere?

He said, if you want to go home here's your clothes. Things are going to get more strict and you're going to do much meds like I say. It's not going to be as fun for you as. If you don't want be my boy. If you don't want to do all my commands here's your clothes and you can go home right now.

If you want to stay here then you're going to call your boss up tell him you're quitting while you're staying here naked like the fucking retard I am.

I say I damn I am retarded because I want to stay.

He has me bend over and spread my ass while he holds the phone to my head.

He calls my boss.

I tell him I got a new job today and won't be in.

My boss starts cussing.

Wayne takes the phone from me. He tells my boss to fuck off. He is my newboss.

I am retarded for doing this but I enjoyed it so much.

I watch my clothes walk off again. Who knows where they went.

Suddenly, Things changes.

Wayne changes. He's mad.

Dad nastilly scolds me, stand up you stupid retard.

He freaks me out and kind of scares me. He's never talk like this before.

I get anxious and stand up.

He scolds me again, you stupid retard I told you all weekend you are stupid for doing this. Now you're going to learn to do what I say, the way I want it , right fucking then when I say it.

He says in a very mean nasty commanding voice that I have not heard before, On your knees retard.

Matt, Open!

It's shocking. Did I offend him?

I ask, I'm sorry. Did I do something wrong?

He laughs and says still in the nasty mean commanding voice, No Matt. You did not until I said open and then you talked.

Now again . Matt, Open!

I open my fucking mouth as fast as I can. I lean forward and get his cock in my mouth anxiously.

I'm thinking, So what was funny? I don't get it. Why was he talking like that? What did I do wrong? I don't know. He never talked to me like that before.

He laughs again. A lot longer this time.

He says, I need to understand his authority.

He says Now that he is my Dad, commands will be said loud and clear. It is important that, I pay attention and I don't misunderstand him.

I kind of frown as I think yeah right.

Dad pulls his cock out of my mouth.

Dad scolds me again, Matt Stand up! Now you stupid boy!

I hop to my feet quickly and anxiously.

Is he still mad?

Matt! on your knees! I'm quickly on my knees. I can't get there fast enough.

Even nastier he says, Matt Stand Up! I'm scurrying faster than before. Anxiously I almost fell.

He says meaner, Matt! Turn around and bend over!

I quickly do.

He screams, Matt! Spread your ass. Now bow!

I quickly got my hands back there and spread my cheeks.

Dad laughs evilly and says, Matt Stand and face me!

I turn around and stand up.

My cock stands straight up as quickly as I do. God damn! He is right about me again.

Matt Grab Your Cock! I grab it hard and hornily.

Matt! Tell me what is your duty!

I say, Sucking Your Clock is my duty Dad!l

Dad says nastily, Matt! On Your Knees! Now! Boy!

I am on my knees and proud.

He says see. Boys should always be told commands firmly. Boys won't listen otherwise. You can't deny it. Your cock gives you away.

He says there's going to be a lot of new things. I have a lot to learn. He says it's not an easy life for boys but I have it a lot better than most.

He says I'm doing good, but today starts my training.

He grabs my head and fucks my face. Hard and angrily.

Oh it's hard to breathe. He's scaring me. I'm really worried and anxious. He's never been this mean before.

He cums a lot. I swallow it all. Thank God it's over and I I'm still it makes me feel so good to swallow his cum.

Dad leans back in his chair, laughs at me, and smiles.

Dad says, you stupid retarded boy Matt.

I'm still not happy about getting my face fucked hard but I'm really happy and proud to be making him happy.

Why do I feel happy and proud right now?

Not feeling only last a second as Dad scolds me again, stand up you stupid boy.

I get anxious and shake as i stand up.

I say, you're scaring me Dad.

He says, you better be, my boy Matt.

Dad slaps my balls with the back of his hand.

Oh shit, that it wasn't funny. It kind of hurt.

He scolds me, You better be cuz you're going to learn.

He's scolds me, get your hands off your balls you retard.

He slaps my balls again with the back of his hand little harder this time he scolds me, Get on your knee boy.

He's serious that was not funny. I get down on my knees quickly.

Dad says, keep eyes right here on my cock. Don't you even look away.

Dad is really scaring me now. This is fucked up. He told me all this time it wouldn't be easy and I had to learn some things and to be a good boy. I didn't know this was coming. I don't think I would have stayed.

lWell I can't say I wouldn't. Even if I have known I probably would have done it anyway. Couldn't have helped myself. Cuz he was right. He was always right about me.

The only reason I came here was to suck his cock and I still want to. I'm fucking retarded just like he says.