Chibby Polar Bear's Adult Crybaby Boy

Back to work. Back here after.

They washed my clothes and had breakfast and a shower ready for me to go to work.

Wayne said, come back after work. He said what you got better to do?

After work I sped back, rushed in, and stripped of my clothes and shoes. I say, I have waited all day. I want to suck you all night again.

Wayne said, 'stop talking and open your mouth, please.'

I sucked as passionately as I could for about 2 hours. I wasn't fucking this up. He came in my mouth. He sucked me for about 2 minutes. I came in his mouth.

We talked. He fed me snacks. Again until I'm stuffed and a little more and a little more. Tonight is shrimp and sushi. Wow. I didn't know I liked sushi. Again we share a cigar. It's a high quality cigar. I fell asleep right there with my head on his thigh.

In the morning my clothes were washed and breakfast and shower were prepared.

He tells me. Matt, you don't have to go home. You can come back tonight too.

All day at work I think about his cock. He is really happy that I am sucking his cock. I think he might let me do it more. The last guy was an asshole. This guy likes me sucking his cock.

I rushed back again. I got my shirt and shoes off before I even got inside his house. I stumble still running while taking my pants off. I fall down on my face right in front of him. I apologize. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm an idiot.

He picks me up and has me get my knees. He tells me I'm not an idiot for wanting him. He rubs my head. He says it's okay. You are here now. He says slow down. Take your pants off slowly so I can enjoy seeing you.

He helps me. He strokes my legs. He rubs my foot. He rubs my ass. My balls. My tits. He says, why the rush?

I start to say I'm so....

He rubs my chin and forces it up to stop me from answering.

He takes all my clothes from me. He gives them to the subs. I watch my clothes and shoes walk away again. He sits back down in his chair. He says, 'You are not going to be needing those.'

He pulls my head forward. He says you can always apologize to me. You don't have to say your sorry. Please Open.

My eyes roll back as my mouth opens.

He says, apology accepted, as he slides his cock in.

More snacks. More snacks. More snacks.

Tonight he lights a cigar. I breathe some of the smoke. It smells good. It's another high quality cigar. It smells like chocolate coffee and rum.

He starts telling me. How I don't have to rush. He is always right here. I can be naked and suck his cock anytime that I please just like he told me. I can come sit right here.

He rubs my head more. He squeezes me with his knees. He comes in my mouth. I feel so happy.

He gives me a couple shots of whiskey. I down both of them quickly. I cringe. He smiles big. He stands me up off my knees. He takes a big drag of the cigar and blows it all over me. I almost faint from pleasure as he takes his teeth out. He takes another big drag of the cigar as he starts sucking my cock. I feel the smoke on my cock. It is not even a couple minutes but just a couple seconds before I cum this time.

He has me sit back down in front of him and face the TV. He hangs his legs over my shoulders and crosses his feet on my belly. I feel so warm and comfy. It gives me another drag of the cigar and has me take a sip of his whiskey. I sleep right here with his legs all over me and my head leaning back against his thighs.

I wake up with cum still on my chin. I lick it. He sees me and smiles. He turns my head around and says, Open please.

Every evening we talk more about how my home life sucks.. How my parents bitched at me. How it was so sad that I never even got to be naked to beat off. Not even to sleep in bed occasionally.

It's embarrassing. I'm so lonely. I can't even take my clothes off without being hard as a rock and horny as a toad. He thinks it's silly and he teases me. Then when I feel bad he consoles me. He holds me.

I say I'm sorry.. I don't mean to be a pussy. I'm just all worthless. I'm so sorry.

He turns me around and helps me to my knees. He says It's okay. He accepts my apology. All I have to do is Open Please.

I open and I feel so accepted. It doesn't matter if I'm a fool or an idiot. He still likes me.

He is talking more and more every night as I suck his cock. He talks more and more and more about my life. How he accepts me. How I deserve better than my life now. I need somebody that will protect me not call me names.

If I try to answer or say anything he rubs my head gently and forces his cock in more. He tells me that he doesn't have to hear me talk. He wants me to enjoy his cock. He said it says bad enough I have to talk to those assholes at work all day. I shouldn't have to talk to anybody I don't want to. He says he'll never make me talk.

This weekend he starts grooming me both literally and figuratively. He gave me my shower. He likes combing my hair, trimming my nails and eyebrows, and rubbing lotion on me. Shaves my face and my cock. He asks me, Why go through that hell of a home life, when you come sit right here?

He was so right. I loved sitting right here between his legs. A cock to suck as much I wanted. I didn't matter what was going on. It didn't matter who saw me. I was right here where I wanted to be.

I really loved it when he rubbed my head with his hands. He stroked my ears. Massaging my skull.

I called my mom and told her I was going to stay up here a while. She said good. It will get you out of my hair.

I overheard another guy complaining about how easy I had it because I was sucking Wayne.

Wayne said, You had different reasons why you came here. Sex was a nice extra with you. He didn't come here to have a place to stay. He didn't need anything. He wasn't begging like you guys. I begged him to stay. If I would have said you have to do this or that, he could have gone home and went to back to work. Found some other guy. The only reason he came here was to suck my cock.

Wayne said, 'if I get him to be my sub-boy, you guys will be compensated. Whether it is more cash, lower rent, or more use of the vehicles. It won't be long. Let me get him moved in.'

Mark says, “You won't be jealous of him for very long..”

What did he mean by that? I think about it all day.

I was tired that evening. I'd had a long week. I kind of wore out halfway through sucking. It was still in my mouth but I wasn't sucking or moving it. After a few minutes I apologized. Sorry I'm tired I'm not doing a good job on your cock. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

He says It's okay. He says he'll accept my apology if I don't mind if he helps me out.

I say ok.

He tells me, Open please. Keep it wide open for me. You don't have to do anything. just keep your mouth wide open for me.

He grabs the sides of my head. He grips my hair tight. I'm a bit scared. He forces my mouth onto his cock. He crams my face into his gunt.

I gasp. He keeps it in their tight and tells me you are okay just let me do everything.

He pulls it out. He starts again and slowly. He says If I just let him do the work I might like it. He says just please keep your mouth wide open.

I gasped again.

He says I'm doing good

We slowly go faster. He grips my head harder. Oh my. I gasp as his cock forcers deeper. My fears grow larger. The taste of precum goes further. I'm scared. It tastes good but I'm out of breath. It doesn't matter. His cock still throbs harder. His cum goes down my throat farther than ever before. I close my mouth to suck it all out. I'm out of breath. It tastes great. He pulls out. I couldn't suck anymore. It didn't matter. I breathe. Wow. It was rough but his cum penetrates me more than ever before.

I asked him if I did okay?

He tells me it was a wonderful apology. He says he's glad I gave myself up to him more. I gave him complete control. It shows I sincerely apologized. He says, apology accepted.

I said it was rough but I feel better after. I like how his cum has soaked into me more. I'm still not sure if I fully liked it but I'm really happy you liked it. I don't mind it hurting a bit if it makes you happy when I'm too tired or can't do it all by myself.

He face-fucks me more now. He does most times that I wear out and he wants a little more now. He tries not to do it too often but he can't help it. He likes it. I can't help it. I'm happy to do it for him. I still don't like it but I feel really proud to give myself up for him.

He says, I am a sub-boy.

We talk about it every time too. I told him what I thought. I'm starting to enjoy his hands on my head and gripping me. It's almost like a horny massage to me now. I still have a hard time when I'm breathing. It makes me anxious when I'm out of breath. He says It's okay that I feel that way. He'll never hurt me.

He says, He thinks It's kinky that I think it's scary.

I said you're silly.

He says I get off harder after I've been scared and out of breath. He says It's like the asphyxiation and breath control freaks do. He's not doing that to that extent but it's the same effect.

I said I am not sure about that.

He says I've been cumming harder, longer, and fill his mouth more,

Oh my God I think he's right. How is he always right about me?

I say, I'm sorry for calling you silly. I think you're right. I have been cumming harder and more.

He says it's ok. You'll get your chance to apologize.

The next day, I went to work and came home from a bad day. I rushed in. I was worked up. I was anxious. I was mad. I was just losing it.

He makes me stop.

He has me take my shoes off. He takes them from me. I don't know why but having my shoes off makes me feel more naked than having my clothes off. It makes me feel like I can't leave when he takes them from me.

He makes me get down on my knees. He makes me shut up. Shut up Matt! Stop having this shit fit. You're having a moment. Submit. Submit to me. Get on your knees and open please. Submit to me and I will make everything okay.

I shut up quickly and anxiously.

He says everything is ok. He holds me. He hugs me.

He slowly helps me undress. A sub takes my clothes from me.

He says, 'You don't need those.'

The other subs take my clothes and shoes away. I watch my clothes walk away. I'm naked now.

He helps me back to my knees. Open please.

He cums in my mouth. I do love it. I love sucking his cock and eating his cum.

Afterwards he asks me. Do you feel better?

I say yes.

Then he sucks me off. I am in heaven.

He says he can do that for me all the time. All I have to do is submit to him. All I have to do is get on my knees for him and do as he pleases. He will make everything okay. He will take care of all my problems for me as long as I'm on my knees.

Everyday was more conversation about how it was so much better here. I never realized he was grooming me. I was enjoying myself so much as I was being brainwashed. I was becoming indoctrinated and totally falling in love with him for it.

He did love me too. He loved me as much as I loved him. He was brainwashing me and indoctrinating me. It was his way. He loved me so much he did it for me. Some people might say it's not right but it's how he was. That was his love. He didn't do it for anybody else while he had me.

We talk more everyday about what a sub-boy is. He tells me that my desire to suck his cock as compared to wanting to fuck somebody or have them suck my cock is a trait of sub-boys. He says he sees that I am a sub-boy. He says he really likes sub-boys. I can spend as long as I want here sucking his cock.

He likes sucking my cock and eating my cum as well. Although he says he doesn't have to. He says he likes sucking me too but it's not important to him like it is to me. He could be happy with just his cock sucked. He was so right. I don't care if he sucks my cock. I want to suck his cock. It's his cock that is important to me.

I tell him he is right. I don't have to have him suck my cock. I say, I don't care if you suck my cock. They are the most amazing blowjobs. You are right though. I want to suck your cock. I'll just jack off if I have to. You shouldn't have to suck cock. You are the man.

I was just repeating everything that he's told me. It felt so right. Just like the guy that I gave a few blowjobs to. I still went back and sucked him. He was an asshole but it meant so much to me to suck cock.

He says, Matt. No. I don't have to suck cock. I am a man. If I don't want to, I won't. I enjoy sucking your cock. Your sweet cum. if I decide not to suck you, you will just have to do without. Although I can see it in you. I know you need to suck cock more than you need your cock sucked. You will always be able to suck my cock. I won't promise you my cum but I promise you can always suck my cock.

I thought he was talking about how he won't always be able to cum. Little did I know what that meant. Little did I know what any of this meant. Little did I know..

More nights he starts showing me porn of good sub-boys. He tells me how I suck cock better than some of them. I'm kind of proud of that. I sit up stoutly. He rubs my head.

We talk more about how this would be so much better. I could just come here and sit right here. This could be my spot. I can stay right here. I don't need or have to have anything else.

Over more nights. We talk more about the people at work that pick on me. How they call me a fucktard. How I'm stupid. He says he can see I'm different. I'm not the usual person. Although sub-boys aren't the usual men. I am submissive. I meant to please a man.

I tell him I don't know if I like being less than a man. I didn't want to be a gay sub-boy when I grew up. I really like being here. I really like sucking him. Just cuz I like sucking him does that mean I'm a gay sub-boy for life? Am I a fag like people might say about me?

He says no I'm not a fag. Faggots wear silly outfits and go out looking for guys. I'm a sub-boy because I'm looking for an older man to be my dad.

He says, I will see that I am beneath but not less. I'm important to him. He says, he thinks I already know I am. How good does it make me feel to be here between his legs? How good does it feel to have his cock in my mouth? Doesn't that feel better than him having my cock in his mouth? Isn't that why I came here? Isn't that what I wanted? To suck cock?

He lights up a cigar. He hands it to me. He gets out of his chair and has me sit down in it. He gets down on his knees. He says tell me what to do.

I think about it for a minute. I said what do I tell you?

I say oh yeah open please.

He sucks me off. It just takes a couple minutes as usual. I'm looking at him weird.

He gets up. While he's standing. He asked me? What are you thinking about? What's that strange look on your face? See. You don't know how to feel. I can fix that real quick.

Matt, Get down on your knees!

I quickly hop too and get on my knees. He sits down in his chair. He takes the cigar from me snottily. He looks down at me.

He says, See you're already feeling better. This is where you think you should be.

Yes he's right. It is what I want. And although I feel ashamed I am beneath men. I'm so proud to be here for him.

I tell him, I never felt like this before. It hasn't been that long that I knew I wanted to suck cock. I never felt this good about myself. All this good feeling. All I have had here. I never felt so proud of myself. I love when people come in and see me here. I love it when people see me suck your cock. You must be right. I'm ashamed that I cannot be a man. I'm proud to suck your cock.

He says It's ok. You don't have to be ashamed anymore. All the other subs around here are jealous of you as you have already seen. I want to be your man and your dad. I can speak for you. You don't have to talk to those assholes again. You don't have to wash dishes or bake biscuits. You should think about coming and living here with me. I can speak for you all the time. You can just come be naked right here. You can be my cocksucker like you want to be.

Other nights we talk about my parents. What would they think of this? We talk about how they probably already know. They've found pictures I made. They throw them away so nobody finds them.

He says if that's the case then my mother already probably knew when I called.. Why what else would I be going to stay at another man's house for? She may not know that I am the sub-boy. That doesn't mean that it's not okay. If she thought that it was totally wrong that I was gay she would have complained about me coming here. He is probably right. The more I think about it the more I agree.

He says we don't have to think about it tonight. Just turn your head around here. He says so kindly, Open please.