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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

I have loved enemas since I was a youngster, after receiving one from my mother at an early age.(See my story-One Of My Earliest Memories) But I always felt embarrassed about it and kept it a deep dark secret. I hinted to my first wife about it and she flat out said I'm not going to give you an enema. That didn't help things. After we were divorced I hinted about it to my long time girl friend and she said I'll give you an enema. But we didn't have an enema bag and unfortunately it just never happened. I never brought it up with my second wife as I was too ashamed about it. After we divorced I have been lucky enough to have had a great many lovers and girlfriends in my life, but I just kept my greatest fantasy a secret out of shame. I also had a few girlfriends that I didn't trust with my darkest secret, because I knew them well enough to know that they would blab and tell someone about it. So I just resigned myself to the fact that it was just going to remain a fantasy. Don't get me wrong, I gave myself enemas all the time, but the fantasy was to be given an enema by someone else. A woman. It didn't have to be my wife, or girlfriend, but it had to be a woman. There is an emotional and a psychological dimension that is missing with the solo enema. It still feels good and is nasty and all, but you don't have the embarrassment and the humiliation element. And, as strange as it may be, that's a big part of the turn on for me. Also, I wanted to be dominated by a woman. Just like I was when Mom gave me a forced enema when I was a child. I wanted a woman who would say get naked, I'm going to give you an enema. With no regard paid to how I felt or what I wanted.

Well, the years went by and I finally did get married again. My third wife and I met at the perfect time in our lives. We were both in our fifties and I had been divorced for ten years and she had been divorced for two. We hit it off right away and the sex was great too! Up until she met me she had only had vanilla sex. I introduced her to sex toys, anal sex and ass play and she loved it! I also love to eat pussy and being somewhat submissive I love to have her facesit me, and I've given her many orgasms that way. I also love to lick her asshole out, which she had never had done before. Still though I kept my dark kinky secret to myself.

But my wife is very nosy and one day when I came home she was on my computer nosing around. When I walked in the door she shot me this oh shit glance and quickly shut my computer off. I'm guessing that she was looking at my browsing history and saw that I had been watching some enema videos. In the following days she made some comments about having anal sex and asking how to make sure she was clean. She was trying to get me to tell her my secret and I should have. It was the perfect opportunity. But I was too embarrassed and ashamed. So soon Christmas rolled around and we celebrated the day with her son and my two sons. We opened presents and had a big dinner. Then later, when we were alone, she told me that she had one more gift for me. She handed me a nicely wrapped box. I remember that she was watching me very intently as I unwrapped it. I was shocked and surprised to find that she had bought me an enema bag! What a wonderful woman! My secret was no longer secret. We talked about it and I finally admitted for the first time to someone else that I liked enemas. She asked if I liked to give or receive and I said both. So we then went to the bathroom and both got naked.I filled that enema bag up with warm water and hung it on the towel bar. I laid a towel on the floor and she got into the sims position. But I had different plans. I really wanted her to enjoy our first experience, so I had brought one of her big dildos along. I had her lie on her back instead. I had her pull her legs up and I lubed and fingered her butthole. Then I slid the douche nozzle up her ass. I have always preferred the douche nozzle because it's longer and the taper helps it stay in better. Also I think the spray action makes it more pleasurable. I then got down and ate her out a bit to get her pussy nice and wet. She loves to have her pussy eaten and I love to do it. That's my submissive side coming out again. Not to mention that her pussy smells and tastes great. Once I got her pussy good and wet I lubed up her big dildo and worked it up into her. Then I released the clamp and started the flow. As her enema flowed up her ass I began to fuck her with the dildo as I licked her clit. I didn't want her to cum too soon so I kept my eye on the bag and when it was almost empty I started thrusting the dildo harder and faster and really started giving her clit a tongue lashing. It was perfect. Just as the last of the enema water flowed into her ass she had a loud moaning and groaning orgasm.

Now it was my turn and I couldn't wait. While she was recovering from her massive orgasm I filled the enema bag up with warm water again and hung it on the towel bar. Of course by now she was busting a gut and needing to expel, so I gave her some privacy. When she was done I came in and laid down on my back. My heart was pounding and my dick was standing up like the Washington Monument. I had butterflies and what seemed like electric surges running through my belly. I pulled my legs back and she lubed my ass. She slipped her greased up finger up my eager asshole and gave me a good fingering. I could have easily cum right then, but I managed to hold back. She then slid the douche nozzle into my lubed up asshole and released the clamp. If there's a heaven this is what it's like. I just laid there and relished the feeling of the warm water flowing up my poop chute. It felt so good and I loved the feeling of the pressure that was building up in my colon. She must have sensed that I was very near orgasm and like a wonderful angel she just held the nozzle in my ass until the bag was nearly empty. When the last of the enema water was flowing up my ass she put some lube in her hand and started to stroke my rock hard cock. In no time I started spewing ropes of sperm one after the other. I shot on my chest and all over my belly and I just kept on cumming. It was without a doubt the strongest and longest and best orgasm I had ever had.

She has given me a few enemas since then, but none ever came close to the intensity of that first one. As it turned out she's not as into enemas as I am and I haven't given her one since. That's OK though. It's my thing, not her's. Now she will give me one most anytime I ask her to. But I have to ask. And while it's still a hell of a lot of fun, I wish that one day she would say get naked, I'm going to give you an enema. You know, Like Mom did.


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