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The Boy Under The House

The Boy Under The House, Chapter 4

So that was how I fell in love with Blake Donnelly. And that was how I finally came to realize that when I was honest with myself I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was gay, and that I was truly in love with Blake Donnelly. But more importantly, while I still had my finger fully up Blake’s cute little behind, I suddenly realized that I was glad to be gay. It was a new and refreshing feeling to finally be open and honest, even if it was only with myself and the beautiful boy who was gripping my finger with his anus and rectum. Fortunately, that realization just happened to be true for Blake also.

Blake was able to make a giant poo that day, and just like a little kid, he seemed quite proud of it’s length and girth as I inspected and approved of his deposit. So after flushing the toilet, even though he was still naked and wet from his bath, I took him in my arms and kissed him. Only that kiss was fully passionate. It was the kind of kiss where both of our mouths were open, and was the kind of kiss where our tongues met and seemed to be in as much love with each other as were Blake and I. It was the kind of kiss that made me feel so connected to Blake that I had to take him to my bed so we could get under its covers and continue to kiss, hug, and caress each other until I could no longer resist pushing my fully erect cock up Blake’s withering asshole.

That was the first time either of us experienced any type of gay sex. In fact, other than masturbation that was the first time for either of us to have any kind of sex. To me, it was all so unbelievably wonderful that I knew I was in love, and that I would love Blake for the rest of my life. Yet, after we had both reached orgasm we both almost immediately fell asleep. It was a full and relaxed sleep, a comfortable sleep in each other’s arms. And when I awoke I was holding Blake’s chest to mine while our erect cocks seemed to be touching and caressing each other. At first I just laid there taking in Blake’s sweet breathe, but I guess I pressed my erect cock up against his just a little too hard, because he too soon came awake. He smiled, and said, “You know, at first you scared me. I don’t know what I was afraid you might do, but when you found me under the house I was scared to death. But now I know I love you, and so I never want to be away from you ever again.”

I pulled Blake even tighter to my body while saying, “Even if I want to give you an enema every day for the rest of your life?”

He suddenly pushed back and focused his big brown eyes on mine, as he said, “Oh no you don’t. I made a nice big potty for you, so it’s you who needs an enema, and I mean a real big one that will really clean you out. I’ll let you give me an enema anytime you want, but this time it’s my turn to do you.”

My anus puckered tight upon my hearing those words. At first they scared me as I wasn’t planning to turn over the control I had been enjoying during our budding relationship. But then it suddenly hit me that that was exactly what I wanted. So I said, “You’re right. I guess what’s right for the goose is right for the gander. I haven’t had to take an enema since I was 10 years old. But the thing is, I love you so much that I’d let you do anything you want to me as long as I knew it was turning you on.” Then I kissed him again and said, “I’ll be right back. I’m pretty sure my mother has one in the master bedroom’s bathroom.”

Blake didn’t wait for me as I thought he might, but followed me into my parent’s master bedroom’s bathroom where I went through their medicine cabinet. But it was Blake who came up with my mother’s vacation enema bag. He found it under the sink in a box that had been stowed in the sink’s vanity. He held its bag up in one hand, and its attached douche nozzle in his other hand, while saying, “I think this will do just fine.” And then without any input from me, he turned on the sink’s hot water tap and let the water run while he fished around in the enema’s box. Soon he came up with a small plastic jar of Vaseline, and smiled as he said, “I’m going to love greasing your butthole up with this, and after you let your enema out I’m going to love fucking your asshole until we both cum again. And only after you cum real good will I let you fuck me. Is that understood?”

I nodded my head in agreement, and while the water was still running in the sink, Blake knelt and took my cock in his mouth and sucked it fully in while he caressed my butt cheeks. But instead of bringing me to orgasm, he let my cock fall from his mouth so he could stand and turn to the sink so he could fill the enema bag. Because the depth of that sink was rather shallow, he couldn’t fill the bag to over flowing, but probably only to less than half full. Then he guided me back to my bedroom where he hung the enema bag from a gun rack that displayed an old non-working muzzle loading rifle that hung over the headboard of my bed while I position myself on my tummy with my legs slightly spread.

But instead of feeling Blake spread my butt cheeks so he could insert the enema nozzle, he flipped me onto my back and then repositioned and pushed my knees up to my chest, fully exposing my anus to him in a totally different and unexpected way. I couldn’t help wondering if that position was how his mother had administered his enemas when he was a boy as it seemed to expose both my anus and penis in a very revealing way while making me feel like I was a baby who was about to be diapered. But instead, and while still holding my knees to my chest, Blake knelt and put his lips to my anus and began licking and kissing. My anus puckered in delight until he turned his attentions to sucking one of my balls into his mouth before he finally twisted a greased finger all the way up my ass.

To tell you the truth, I was about to cum when he finally withdrew his finger and inserted the greased enema nozzle. It slid effortlessly in and almost immediately began to spray warm soapy water up my behind while Blake kept moving the douche nozzle all around in my rectum, not to mention twisting it and sliding it in and out of my asshole. And just before I was about to ejaculate, he bent down and took my cock back in his mouth.

That was it. I orgasmed more powerfully than I had ever cum before while Blake continued to tease the douche nozzle all around in my enema bloated rectum.

When I was finally able to calm down, Blake looked at me from between my legs, and said, “I’m sorry, but if I have to let you give me enemas every night, then I get to do the same to you.”

I sort of did a crunch so I could get close enough to take Blake by his shoulders and pull him up to lay on my tummy. I kissed him. I held him. And then while thrusting my semi-erect penis against his, I said, “I think we had better go into town so we could buy our own enema bag. I have the feeling we’ll have plenty need for it.”

Blake and I then got dressed and walked down to get his car so we could park it in the lake houses’ garage. Then we took my car into town so we could buy our own enema bag and Vaseline. And after that the only time we left my parent’s lake house was to buy food and take Sam for walks, because we spent the rest of those two weeks sucking, fucking, and enemaing each other.

As it turned out, because neither of us could stand to be away from the other, neither of us return to school. Instead, we kept Samantha with us and made a home for ourselves in my parent’s lake house. Then my parents, especially my father help set us up a small hardware business in Bonneau, a business that specialized in keeping all of the plumbing, electrical and hardware that was needed to keep lake homes livable, a business we still own and operate to this day.

Blake patched things up between him and his parents by basically admitting that he had acted like a spoiled brat, which didn’t seem to matter to them as all they wanted was to have a continued relationship with their only son, a son who I love and think is the sexiest man alive.

The end