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The Boy Under The House

The Boy Under The House, Chapter 3

So that was how I met Blake Donnelly. He was cute in the shadowy light under the house, but once up in the full light of the house he was even more beautiful than I first thought. I had always feared I might be gay, but I was able to put such fears out of my mind until I met Blake. He seemed so sweet, so innocent, so sexually attractive that I knew for sure that I wanted to love him, to bring sexual pleasure to him and nobody else.

So while feeling totally in control as I followed Blake up the stairs to the rear deck, I asked, “So how long have you been staying under our house?”

He didn’t answer until we were both on the rear deck where he turned to look at me as he meekly answered, “Just for two days.”

And then I asked, “So, what have you been using for a toilet?”

He looked stunned at first, but then said, “Well I’ve been peeing in the lake, and I haven’t had to go number 2 yet.”

After entering the family room I said, “Good. Don’t sit down, and don’t touch anything until you’ve gotten a bath. The bathroom is at the end of that hall and I want you to go down there and run yourself a nice warm tub. And leave your shorts here so I can put them in the washer.”

At first he just looked at me, and then I saw surrender in his eyes just before he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts so he could push them to the floor. Then he stood back up while his eyes focused on mine. That’s when I saw that his longish brown hair matched his pubic hair, and that his circumcised cock was hanging flaccidly over his scrotum, looking as delicious as his innocent face. I smiled in an effort to put him at ease, as I asked, “So what is your name?”

“Blake,” he said as he cast his eyes to the floor, “Blake Donnelly, and I’m really not dirty. I’ve been swimming in the lake every day since I got here.”

I smiled and said, “I’m sure you have, but I just want to make sure you are totally clean. So go ahead and run a tub for yourself.”

But instead of moving, he asked, “Can I ask what you name is?”

“Sure, it’s Jorden Gannon. My parents own this place.” And before he could turn to head for the bathroom, I said, “And hand that magazine to me. You wouldn’t want to get it wet.”

He paused, but with some reluctance he reached out to hand the magazine to me while saying, “Please don’t look at it. I only bought it on a lark, and frankly it’s kind of embarrassing.”

Only then did he turn to head for the bathroom, allowing me to watch his naked butt cheeks work as he walked from my sight.

Instead of putting his shorts in the washer I left them on the floor while I thumbed through his magazine. It was mainly a picture book of cute boys and young men, all standing and kneeling in various poses that’s showed off their butts, and sometimes even their assholes. And then on the last couple of pages were three photos showing a young man in a doctor’s office with the doctor holding a large enema nozzle up his butt. I had never seen anything like those photos. And they were so arousing that my cock all but jumped to attention. That was when I also noticed that there were cum stains on both of those pages. Only then did I turn to the last page and rear cover of the magazine to see two more photos of that same boy, one with the doctor’s finger fully up the boy’s butt, and the other was of the boy sitting on a toilet while the doctor sucked his cock. That time I specifically looked for more cum stains, and even though I wasn’t sure there were any, I could tell by the wear and tear on those pages that those photos had been well looked at.

I took the magazine to my room and put it on my chest of drawers while suddenly realizing that I had new knowledge of the boy I found to be so beautiful. I got fully undressed, finally allowing my cock to take its normal erect posture. I wanted to jack off, but more than that I wanted to be with the beautiful boy whom I had just found under our house. Fortunately my cock had softened by the time I made it to the bathroom where I found Blake sitting in the tub. His eyes widened as he took notice of my nakedness, and they widened even more when I stepped into the tub to kneel opposite him. I didn’t explain, nor ask for his permission, but instead I picked up a bar of soap and began to wash his chest and shoulders.

It felt wonderful to slide my soapy hands over the contours of his youthful body, and I felt a certain freedom to continue when he closed his eyes, seemingly surrendering to my every touch. And because he kept his eyes closed I felt free to take in the visual beauty of his face and body as my soapy hands continued to slide and glide freely over his body.

That was my first time to experience another boy’s body so intimately and in a totally sexual way. It was such a turn-on that my cock immediately erected again, announcing in an undeniable way that I found Blake Donnelly to be the most sexually beautiful boy I had ever seen. But, because the state of my cock embarrassed me, I said in a soft voice, “Keep your eyes closed, so I won’t get soap in them.”

Blake seemed to lean back and relax, so I began to apply soap to his face while saying, “Just relax so I can wash your face. I won’t hurt you, I promise. In fact, you can count on me to take the very best care of you all the time you’re with me.”

I don’t know where my courage came from, but it was then that I was struck with a sudden braveness. And so while recalling the naked boy’s butt in Blake’s magazine that had an enema nozzle fully implanted in his asshole, I asked, "So, when was the last time you had a good BM?”

Blake started to open his eyes, but I told him to keep them closed as he asked “A BM? What do you mean?”

“You know,” I said, “Moved your bowels, went number 2, or that you’ve taken a good shit.” I hated using such crass language, but I was happy when he finally said, “Oh that. I guess it was the day before I left home, which would be three days ago.”

I took in a deep breath, and said, “Three days? That’s far too long. I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you an enema.”

Blake’s eyes suddenly flashed open, and he stared into my eyes with a concentrated focus as he said, “What? You can’t mean that. I’m not going to let you stick anything up my butt. It would just be too embarrassing.”

I don’t know how I sensed this, but for the very first time in my life I felt completely in control of another person, as I said, “I thought you didn’t want me to call the Sheriff?”

“What does the Sheriff have to do with my going to the bathroom?”

“Nothing,” I said, “If you let me give you an enema. Please keep your eyes closed until I get the soap off of your face. And don’t worry, I won’t try to make you take too much water. I just think we need to do this so you won’t end up in an emergency room having to allow some strange nurse or doctor give you a great big hospital enema.”

“Please,” he said, “I really don’t want one of those things. I know I could go on my own if you’d just give me a chance.”

I leaned forward, and for the very first time in my life I kissed another boy. My kiss was fully on Blake’s lips, but it wasn’t the kind of kiss I really wanted to do, but only a quick peck on his full lips to show him he had nothing to fear. Then I sat back on my heels and fished a washrag out of the warm tub water so I could begin to wipe the soap from Blake’s face. And once that was done I told him to keep his eyes close because I was going to wash his hair. He opened his eyes, smiled, and then closed them again as I began to pour shampoo over his head. And because he knew I was doing exactly as I said I would, he kept his eyes closed the whole time I lathered his hair and all the time it took for me to rinse his hair by scooping warm bath water up from the tub with my hands so I could pour it over his head.

Only after I was done with his hair did Blake opened his eyes and look into mine. But I told him to close his eyes again as I pulled his hips toward me and began soaping his pubic area. He seemed totally accepting until I picked up his penis. That caused him to pull up to an almost straight up sitting position while he tried to push my hand away, as he asked, “Why are you doing this to me. I’m not a baby. I can wash myself.”

“I’m sure you can.” I said, “But you like this, don’t you?”

While keeping his eyes focused on mine, he said, “A little, I guess. But I’m not used to people touching my cock, much less holding it like you’re holding it right now.”

“Yea, but I can tell that you like it. And I really like washing you like this. I just want to make sure you’re really clean everywhere. You want that, don’t you?”

His eyes lingered on mine until I said. “Please Blake, just lean back and close your eyes, and let me take care of you.”

To my amazement he followed my command, and so once again I felt a certain power over him, enough that I took his cock and balls fully in my hand as I soaped his pubic hair into a full lather. My hands slid effortlessly over his pubis, then his cock, and finally his balls. And then I slipped my hand beneath the water to search for his anus. And when I found it I made a few circles around it with my index finger while seeing the most beautiful expression wash over Blake’s face. Finally he said, “This is all kind of scary for me, but it still feels kind of good. In fact, I don’t think my asshole has ever felt this good.”

That was my cue. I withdrew my hand and really soaped it up before submerging it once again so I could work my finger against Blake’s anus. His penis hardened to the point that it no longer rested on his tummy but instead stood rigidly away while his anus seemed to relax to a point that it just seemed to let my finger enter. So for the first time in my life my finger was inside another boy’s butt. I had fantasized such things in the past while masturbating, but this was real, and my finger was being magically gripped as I pushed it further and further into Blake’s gripping rectum. Blake kept his eyes shut, and I was glad as my penis had once again become as erect as his, and for some reason I didn’t want him to see it in that condition.

Once my finger was fully inserted I couldn’t keep myself from moving it around inside Blake’s rectum. I could feel his prostate harden at my touch as I teased his rectum into what I knew was a sexual frenzy as I watched his erect cock dance above his tummy in unison to the gripping contraction of his rectal muscles.

And then I felt it. It was the tip of a large hardened stool that had just moved down into Blake’s rectum. So without any further thought, I said, “You really do need to go to the bathroom. Your asshole has a huge turd in it that needs to come out.”

Blake opened his eyes, and for the first time looked down at his cock. My finger was still fully up his ass, and so by the combination of the look on his face, and the cessation of the sensuous grips of his rectum, I sensed he felt a great embarrassment as he asked, “You mean right now while you’re here?”

“Yea, right now so I can watch. You aren’t shy, are you?” I asked while staring back into his beautiful brown eyes.

Instead of answering, he said, “I’d really do better if you would leave me alone. I don’t know why, but I have a hard time pooping in front of other guys.”

“Yea, well if you make me leave, I’m going to go straight to the kitchen to make up a nice warm soapy enema for you. Is that what you want?”

He looked down to his erect cock, and said, “No.” And then after a pause, he added, “So what if I poop while you’re gone? Then I won’t need an enema?”

“Doesn’t matter.” I said. “If I make an enema up, you are going to have to take it.”

He just looked into my eyes, something that caused me to see him more as a little boy than the teenager he was. It was a look that made me feel real and true love for him. A kind of love that I had never felt for anyone else in my life. Finally he said, “Okay you can stay. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do it if you won’t laugh at me.”

I kept my eyes on his, as I said, “Too late. Now that I’ve thought about giving you an enema, I have to do it.”

“But I’ll let you watch me poop!”

I couldn’t help but smile, as I said, “And I want to watch you poop. But you’re still going to get a nice warm enema.”

“Please” he said, If I poop I won’t need one.”

“That may be true, but now that I know for sure that I love you, it’s something I have to do.”

“You looked through my magazine, didn’t you?”

I focused my eyes on his, and said, “Yes I did, and I loved everything I saw.”