A land called ZITY

Chapter 29: The Big Decision

This is the continuing chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

It was but a short stroll to the Dew Droppe Inne. I gave greetings to those whom I knew when our paths crossed. I felt like 'Norm' in the uptime series 'Cheers'; as several familiar voices greeted me upon my entrance. Finding a quiet table, or at least what passed for a quiet table, I ordered a tankard of ale. Taking a moment to reflect on the eves events, I was extremely displeased with Holly. I had come to expect more from her and to see her as an equal. Now I wasn't sure. Finally taking a draught of ale, I for the first time noticed my serving wench. Would the surprises never end???!!! There, standing topless was none other than Nicole. The buxom, freckled faced red head with the most sparkling emerald green eyes, a narrow waist and full hips, and she stood topless in front of me.

''Nicole?'' I asked.

''Yes Sir Tommy; it is I.''

''Why are thee working here?''

''My situation has changed and I am in need of work.''

I now noticed milk begin to leak from her teats.

''I think thee has a problem.'' I then nodded at her bare chest.

''I am used to it Sir Tommy.''

''Sit woman and tale me thy tale, Mistress Tillie will do naught as thee are with me.''

Excuse me, and who am I thee asks? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, she keeps me on my toes. In her, burns the flames that fuel my passion. In addition to my Holly, we have taken under our wing a young lass, to raise in a loving environment. Dragonflies is her name. Whom I now refer to as lil d. She is a beautiful, young lass. In need of a firm hand to control her strong will. At 5' 7'' she is a big baby, with a big heart. And someday I may let her grow up. A natural blonde, with hair to her hips. Her blue eyes are something men will get lost in. That is if they can raise their eyes from her formitable breastworks.

''Sir Tommy, ever since my youth I have had an issue with excessive lactation. This hast occurred even though I have never been with child. Recently it has gotten out of control and my consort has left me.''

This treatment appalled me.

''Name the nave, and once found he shall embarrass thee no further lass.''

''No Sir Tommy, he is gone and life moves on.''

''Tell me Nicole, this lactation problem is ongoing?''

I had an idea forming in my head.

''Yes Sir Tommy, since I came of age.''

''If I found employment other than here, wouldst thou be interested?''

''Yes Sir Tommy, most anything except working at the nursery, being pawed and suckled by any and all.''

''I have a job offer for thee. I will supply room and board. Plus a small stipend. Holly and I have recently taken a lass under our roof to re-raise from infancy. She needs a wet-nurse and a baby sitter. In addition, Holly can use thy help around the house. Is this of interest to thee?''

''Will I be required to service thee in any manner Sir Tommy?''

''No Nicole. That is Holly's job alone.''

''Then I accept.''

''Fine, order food for us both and tell Mistress Tillie that thee shall be leaving with me this eve.''

''Yes Sir Tommy, and god Bless thee.'' Nicole called as she left the table. It was only a moment or two later that the fiery red-head known as Mistress Tillie stormed over to my tableside.

''Here to steal another of my serving wenches are thee Sir Tommy? First Dragonflies and now Nicole. Is not Holly woman enough for thee?''

''Keep a civil tongue woman, lest I remove it. I found two lasses in need of my assistance and I hath intervened. If thee wishes, I can take my business elsewhere; and suggest others do the same.''

''My apologies Sir Tommy. Please try not to help any others for a short time.''

''As thee wishes Mistress Tillie.''

About that time Nicole arrived with a Shepard's Pie for each of us. Mistress Tillie retreated and we ate in peace.

After getting another tankard of ale I began to explain things to Nicole.

''When we return home Nicole, there will be several surprises awaiting thee. The first will be Holly, and Mary from the nursery, are undergoing punishment. Then thee shall meet thy charge Dragonflies, whom I call lil d or lil doll. The next thing thee will need to learn rapidly are the rules under which my household is run. The rules for this household are very simple. There will be no deviation from them, unless I decide to change or modify them.

Rule #1 Sir Tommy is the head of household and will always be treated with respect.

Rule #2 Holly is in charge when Sir Tommy is absent.

Rule #3 Any guests will be subordinate to Holly.

Rule #4 lil d is a baby and will be treated as such.

Rule #5 Discipline will be administered immediately upon rule breaking.

Rule #6 Discipline will be readministered once weekly.

Rule #7 Maintenance spankings will be administered weekly.

Rule #8 The HoH will engage in sex with no one but his bride.

Rule #9 It is my job as HoH to take care of all of your needs.

Each of you, with the exception of guests, will have their own personal disciplinary devices. These rules may be added to at Sir Tommy's discretion.''

''Do thee understand and agree to thee rules Nicole?''

''Yes Sir Tommy, I do.''

''Then let us go surprise Holly and the others.''

On that note we began our short journey home. Arriving home I opened the door for Nicole, she let out a gasp at the sight and odors that greeted her.

Stepping in I called out, ''Keep thine eyes on the wall.''

Nicole immediately headed for lil d and picked her up.

Looking at them I told Nicole, ''go ahead and change her and feed her. Tonight thee may stay in her room with her. On the morrow we shall set up thine own room.''

With a soft, ''Yes Sir.'' Nicole took lil d back to find her bedroom/nursery.

I now realized that lil d was not the only source of a foul odor in the room. Taking a seat I addressed the remaining women, ''It smells like there is more than one infant in this house.''

I could see that Mary had a wet and messy diaper. Holly was dry, but doing the pee-pee dance.

''Holly do thee need to relieve thyself?''

''Yes Sir Tommy, Please.''

''Stand right there and do so.''

While Holly did so, I addressed Mary. ''Mary, it appears that thee are truly an infant. In a moment Holly shall change thee and put thee to bed in the nursery, diapered.''

''Yes Sir Tommy,'' Mary answered.

''Holly, not a word. Go get supplies to change Mary into very thick diapers. Then return here, change her and put her to bed. Then bring additional supplies so I may change thee.''

''Mary as thee could not control thyself, thee shall remain diapered through the night. In addition thee are not to speak until I give thee permission.''

Holly returned shortly with a questioning look upon her face, but said nothing. She quickly had Mary oiled, powdered and diapered. Holly then helped Mary to her feet and as they started for the nursery I spoke.

''Holly, inform our new nanny, that she may feed Mary as well, if she is hungry.''

''Yes Sir Tommy,'' was her reply.

Having taken Mary back to our nursery, Holly returned carrying more diapering supplies. Stopping to stand in front of me, Holly looked at me with tears in her eyes.

''You have greatly disappointed me Holly. Now bring those supplies and follow me to our room.''

Once there, I had her lie down on the changing pad. Removing her wet diaper I proceeded to clean her up. After making sure she was dry I spoke for the first time.

''Holly, I am so upset with thee still, that I am unsure of how I want to proceed. One voice says to do one thing, and another voice gives me another alternative. So while I decide listen closely. On the morrow I am returning Mary to Megan's custody at the nursery. She will make that walk diapered. Wearing no other clothing. Nicole, I have hired as a fulltime, live-in nanny and milk-maid for lil d. Now as to thine future; as my wife, thee must rule in my absence. If thee can not, thee shall remain my wife and thy power over the household will be given to another. If you chose to give up thy power, I shall diaper thee and turn thee over to Nicole's control. Nicole will then have two infants to take care of. If thee choses to retain thy power, get up and put the diapers on the shelf, as a reminder of what may happen. What do thee chose?''


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