A land called ZITY

Chapter 21: Toys

The chronicles of Sir Tommy of Qwerty's travels in Zity:

We finally ate and had no further interruptions. The word was spreading, from the Dew Droppe Inne to throughout the land of Zity; the maiden Holly had been caught. A visitor to Zity had charmed and captured her heart. And he had defended her honor. While still a flirt, Hollys heart belonged to me. And who am I you ask?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sir Tommy of Qwerty. A knight wandering the lands who came upon this place called Zity. During my visit here I met a beautiful maiden named Holly. It did not take me long to realize that this was the true love of my life. And much to my surprise she felt the same about me. A short time later I asked for her hand and she became my betrothed. Holly is a fine lass, brown haired, fair skinned, full of hip and breasts, with a taught waist between. And she has such a streak of wildness and impetuousness, that she keeps me on my toes. In her burns the flames that fuel my passion.

Upon finishing my tankard of mead, I turned to Holly, ''Are thee ready to go?''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''Then let us go, for we have one additional stop to make.'' Taking her hand, we exited the Dew Droppe Inne and headed for our next stop. After a short walk we arrived at Anne4joys Bejeweled Shop. Entering this fine establishment, we were greeted by the proprietor Anne.

'A fine eve to thee Sir Tommy and thee Mistress Holly. How may I plug thee today?'

''Anne,'' I began, ''I am in need of a few special items for Holly. These items she will use during such times as she is being punished. Are thee with me so far?''

'Yes Sir Tommy, thou seekest tools to assist with her correction.'

''Exactly. Now the first item I am seeking is a plug that is both larger in girth and length than that which she has now. The second item may be more difficult. I desire a harness for Holly which will hold two sizeable plugs within her. The harness should be of sturdy leather consisting of a belt around her waist and a strap for between her legs. The pieces to be secured by one or more locks.''

'Sir Tommy, the first item I believe we can supply today. The second sounds like a modification of a chastity belt.'

''Exactly Anne, a chastity belt with plugs added.''


'I believe that is a workable problem. If needed, might I approach Master Dorson for additional assistance?'

''Certainly Anne, use whatever resources thou needs.''

'Now about that first item, knowing what size Holly is currently fitted with, might I suggest this one?


With that, Anne produced a coned shaped plug made of a semi-clear material. Tapered in three segments it looked perfect for what I had in mind.

''That one looks perfect Anne, I will take two. And if I may ask for one additional item?''

'Yes Sir Tommy?'

''Holly so loves her jeweled plug, I was wondering if thee has a set with different stones in each? I would like it as my wedding gift to her.''

'Yes Sir Tommy, I have exactly what thee desires. Allow me one moment to collect everything for thee.'

Anne disappeared for a few minutes, returning with a wooden case which she set upon the table and opened it.


Inside was a set of nine plugs in two different sizes, each consisting a different stone. It was the perfect gift for my bride. Turning to Holly, you could see the happiness in her face, anticipating the joy she would receive when wearing them.

I turned to Anne, ''I thank thee, we shall take them.'' I said.

Turning to Holly I asked, ''Anything else my dear?''

'No, Sir Tommy. Thank thee.'

''Anne, we are done for this day. If you would be so kind as to a total for today and to wrap our purchases up we shall be on our way.''

After concluding our transaction and heading for home, Holly spoke, 'Sir Tommy, I think that I nust keepeth mine eye on thee. For on several occasions this eve, I didst notice interest from several of the lasses towards thee.'

I stopped and looked closely at her, shaking my head I said, ''fear naught Dear Holly, for in all of the lands there is but one lass for me. And she is thee.'' Continuing I inquired, ''which lasses do thee suspect my Dear?''

Holly responded, 'for certain Anne and Dragonflies, and I think Dakota.'

''Who are Dragonflies and Dakota?''

'They are the two waitresses at the Dew Droppe Inne; the ones that stayed around our table so much. Dakota has been here for a while and Dragonflies is newer than thee to our land.'

''Perhaps then thee might ask Dragonflies to sup with us, we could mentor her on her visit and exploration of these lands.''

'Perhaps I may, Sir Tommy, perhaps I may.'

With that we tucked our purchases under our arms and made our way home. Waiting outside our home were two unknown lads. Moving Holly behind me I placed my hand upon my sword.

The eldest spoke first, 'Sir Tommy we are no threat, I am here to deliver my profound apologies for my drunken brother-in-law, and to thank thee for sparing his worthless life. When he sobers up, my sister is his wife, will make his life miserable for many days to come.'

'''And I Sir Tommy, bring a package from Master Dorson. He asked me to pass on a strange message.''' Spoke the youngest.

''Go on lad, what is this message?''

'''Sir Tommy, this paddle is crafted from the finest aged Ironwood. Furthermore, unlike her mothers cutting board, this paddle cannot be broken over arse. That was my Masters message Sir Tommy.'''

''Thank you lad and be on your way with my thanks to thy Master.''

''And you lad anything further to add?''

'No Sir Tommy. Just our thanks and a good eve to thee and thine.'

With that it appeared our excitement was over for the evening. But not quite. Upon entering I bade Holly to sit. She looked at me with questions in her eyes.

''First Holly I wish to hear the full story of the cutting board. Then there are some other matters I wish to discuss with thee.''

'Sir Tommy it is a painfully funny story, as my mother would tell thee. I was a wild child who played better with the boys than with the girls. The boys I regularly bested at their own games. I excelled in school and was the devils' own spawn at home. One eve I was climbing the tallest of trees in our yard, my mother called me for the evening meal. I did not listen and continued to play. A short tome later my father summoned me. Again I did not listen. The second time father called, I tried to come down in a controlled fall. It wasn't. I broke both wrists. After the Doctor splinted my arms and I returned home, I learned a hard truth. I could not feed myself, nor clean myself until the casts were removed. This put my mother over the edge, she grabbed me and put me over knee, snatched the cutting board and started to beat me. After a few strokes it split in half. Thankfully I was in enough pain not to laugh at her. My arms really hurt. Now you know my shameful secret.'

It took me a few minutes to stop my laughter. It did not help that she was sitting there with that angelic look on her face. I knew a bit more about my wild thing.

Regaining my composure I looked Holly directly in her eyes. ''Holly, it has been a while since thee last punishment. I shalt be doing things differently, but be sure you will be punished. So not drop thine eyes, in my eyes you are my equal and will look at me when I speak.''

'Yes Sir Tommy.'

''Tonight, after this talk you will insert the large new plug we purchased this eve. You shall wear it until I say otherwise. I will allow the one hour to prepare thyself for it. On the morrow we shall attend to the discipline. Betwixt now and then, with thee plug as a reminder, I wish thee to think of how thee treated Bridgette, and Tonya. And me as well in days past. Contemplate the lack of respect you had for thee parents as a child. And remember any other things that I do not know as yet. For one day soon, or maybe at our wedding, thee brothers and sisters will have much to tell. Now go prepare thee for thy plug.''

'Yes Sir Tommy.' Holly said as she got up to prepare her red bags for usage.

As for me, I just watched her as she prepared and inserted the plug. Once the plug was seated we prepared to retire for the evening. Holly deep in thought, with several glances to the paddle hanging on the wall. Me in anticipation of what the new day would bring. And that will be tomorrows story.


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