College Days OR How I Became an ABDL

Chapter 3: Week 1 Plans

I looked at Hollie and said, ''My god you are so beautiful.''

She gazed at me, ''You aren't too bad either. Now lets get the bed stripped and remade, then we can take a shower. Together.''

When she said that I felt a twitch, but ignored it. After everything I had been through tonight, I was shot. The bed made, Hollie took me by the hand into the bathroom where we took a shower that was an erotic event of its own. I got to wash every inch of delectable flesh, and made sure that some places were clean enough to eat off of. And those places did receive their own tongue baths. Not to be outdone, Hollie returned the favor. The feeling of her tongue in my battered ass was indescribable. Finally clean, we dried each other and prepared to joined the others.

''Tom, were there any specific instructions that Joyce gave you?''

'Yes, always nude and erect.' Looking down I realized that there was a problem in meeting that requirement.

''Maybe I can help you with that?''

'I'm open to suggestions.'

Looking around Hollie found a rubber band. Taking my member into her mouth she worked me into an erection. Then she wrapped the rubber band around the base of my cock, behind my balls several times. ''This should keep the blood trapped so you stay hard until we go to bed.''

'We go to bed?'

''Yes Tom, I will be moving in with you. We will be as husband and wife, dominant and submissive, and as anything else they want. Now lets get out there before they come looking for us.''

Taking me by the hand Hollie led us to the living room where our tormentors waited.

Looking us over Joyce commented, 'Still hard I see, you are learning Tom. So here's what is going to happen for the next week. From now until after classes on Thursday, your time is yours Tom, that is yours and Hollie's. After class Thursday we will begin preparation for the first class topic this fall.'

''And that topic is?'' I asked.

'Spankings. You and Hollie will be spanked by both Tonya and I, as well as spanking each other. We will start with hand spankings. During the next week and beyond you will feel the: hand, hair brush, ping-pong paddle, belt, strap, switch, cane and the whip.'

I was stunned at this announcement.

'Do not worry, I will not allow any permanent harm come to you. But you will feel several different levels of pain, and possibly pleasure as well. I want you to be able to explain to a classroom what you feel on an emotional as well as a physical level. I will also have each of you spanked by each student, so they can feel the emotions of a spanker. And if you are very lucky, you may get to spank some students who volunteer to try it.'

WOW, this was sensory overload. I had never been spanked as a child. This was going to be overwhelming.

Seeing something in my eyes Tonya asked, 'What's wrong Tom? What are you thinking about?'

''I have never been spanked in my life. My parents did not believe it necessary.''

'That is why we will be doing this prior to the actual class, we want you to be used to it by then. Now moving on, Hollie will be moving in with you. I want you to be totally comfortable with each others bodies. Each Monday we will meet to discuss the up coming weeks topic for training, as well as reviewing the current weeks topic. If needed we will repeat or continue some topics, especially if I feel that your grasp of the subject materal is lacking. Any questions?'

''No Ma'am,'' we replied.

'Good then, before you two go to bed there is one more thing on todays agenda. Tonya if you please.'

''Ok you two, stand up, turn around and place your hands on the sofa. What I am going to do now is insert butt plugs to begin your anal stretching or dilation. This will loosen you both up for the anal sex part of the class. Though I think Tom may have been loosened up a bit earlier. And knowing Hollie, she was hoping for some in return fairly soon. Sorry kids, you will just have to wait for now. You may remove the plugs for one hour prior to class; but you will wear one to class and around the house until Joyce or I say otherwise.'

As Tonya was saying this she was penetrating each of us with one then a second greasy finger. Once she was ready I felt something pressing against my still tender rosebud. As the pressure increased, I felt my ass stretch wider and wider. Just as I was about to object, it slid home. I felt full yet not painfully so.

Contemplating my new situation as Hollie received hers, I heard Joyce comment, ''Hollie it will be your job to give Tom enemas each morning and again during the day if necessary. You will teach him how to give them to you as well. Make sure you teach him about different solutions, nozzle types and volumes. He will be tested. If he does not pass to my satisfaction you will both receive M&M's with retention nozzles and made to hold for one hour. Understood?''

'Yes Ma'am,' Hollie replied. I could hear the fear in her voice.

Now plugged we were sent to bed with the following instructions, ''Do want you want, but I expect no noise from your room after 1am, CLEAR?''

'Yes Ma'am' we replied. Then taking my hand, Hollie led us to bed.

Once in bed Hollie took charge, 'Do not talk, let me explain some things and then if you are up to it, there are other things we can do. First ler me remove that rubber band before it does any harm. I will ask and see if a proper cock ring is available. Now I enjoy spanking so don't worry about me. You on the other hand are a novice and are going to go through a gauntlet of emotions. I will do all that I can to make it easier for you. And believe me, sex after a proper spanking if out of this world. Now you will learn about enemas. Because if I have to hold an M&M for an hour, someone will die. An M&M is milk and molasses, warmed up. It produces cramping and gas unlike anything you will ever feel. I was once given a small 8 ounce one; I could only hold it for about 3 minutes before it exploded out of me. So now for the rest of tonight, what I want is some more oral sex. The good old 69. Then I will introduce you to an ANR relationship. I know you have questions, in the morning, watch carefully as I prepare our enemas and we will talk then and later in the day about them. Lastly an ANR is shorthand for an Adult Nursing Relationship. The quick and easy definition is an adult breastfeeding from a lactating female. The female has either given birth or is on supplements with stimulation to generate lactation. I have been on supplements for a week now and am ready for the stimulation part. Each night, after everything else you will spend 15 minutes at each breast nursing. Within a week I should produce milk. From the look in your eyes Tom, I think we are both going to enjoy this. And once my milk has fully arrived you will see several changes, I will gain 1 or 2 cup sizes, and you will be nursing evey 4 hours. Now lets have some fun.'

With all that information flooding my brain, I was pushed on my back and Hollie climbed atop me and began licking and stroking me. Shifting a couple of pillows for support, I began to return the favor. I have always loved oral sex, both giving and receiving. I became good at it because many girls I dated didn't want actual sex. Practice makes perfect. With us in that position, I had a great view of the base of her plug. Being an imp, I decided to play and started tapping on the base.

'What are you doing?' Hollie asked.

''Just playing.'' I replied. Then I grabbed the base and began twisting it. Left, then right. A little pull, another twist, then push it back in. Between this and my tongue on her lips, her clit and thrusting into her, I could feel her getting more and more excited.

'Enough,' Hollie exclaimed and she rose off me and turned to face me, straddling me. Grasping and guiding my saliva covered member, she slowly sank down upon me. As I became fully engulfed by her warm, wet essence, she leaned forward and guided my head to her breast. Taking her nipple into my mouth, I began to suckle like an infant. Hollie controlled our coupling, sliding herself up an down my shaft. There was no hurry, I was fully engulfed and had a mouth full of tit. It was paradise. The sensation of feeling my cock rubbimg against her plug. The fullness I felt with my own plug. I could feel the effects my nipple play was having on Hollie. She began to ride me faster and faster. I could feel her going through several small orgasms. Each one bringing me a little closer to mine. As I felt my approaching , I bit down on Hollie's nipple, sending her into a massive orgasm which triggered mine.

Spent, she collapsed into my arms. She slowly recovered from our tryst. Rolling off me she inspected her nipple for damage. Finding none she asked, ''How did you know my nipples are so sensitive?''

'I could feel then contractions from you mini-orgasms and deduced that the nipple play was the cause. So I decided to test the theory.'

''You guessed right, now I need you to go to sleep suckling on this nipple. In the morning we will do enemas and get you off to class. After class you and I will have a class of our own on enemas. Now start sucking and go to sleep.''

With that I found myself with a mouthful of breast, and a short time later, I was fast asleep.


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