College Days OR How I Became an ABDL

Chapter 2: Holly and Tonya

In walked two more adorable creatures, Hollie and Tonya. Tonya was five-ten, blonde hair, very nice d-cups and a 38-26-38 figure. But it was Hollie I was smitten by, a brunette about five-one, a proud pair of c-cups and a smile that lit the room. As they entered they introduced themselves and shook hands with me. Well not really with me, the shook my penis. I was almost sent over the edge.

Then I was saved by Joyce. 'Ladies if you keep that up you will clean up the mess. I have kept him from an orgasm for thirteen days.' At this announcement the fondling ended. But the torment was just beginning. Joyce added, ''Since neither of you have met Tom we will get further acquainted during dinner. First though Tom, Hollie will also be doing the live demonstrations with you.''

Be still my heart.

'Hollie. go ahead and strip. I want you and Tom to get familiar with each other as well.'

'''Yes Ma'am.''' Hollie replied in a voice that had me mesmerized.

As I watched her disrobe, it took all my will power not to stroke myself.

Once nude, Joyce had one more surprise for us. 'To make it easier to get to know one another, dinner is going to go as follows: Hollie, you will set on Tom's lap. Tom you will feed Hollie, and Hollie you will feed Tom. Questions?'

''No Ma'am,'' we replied.

'OH, and one more thing, neither of you is allowed to orgasm. If you do, I shall punish the one who does not cum; and they will punish the one who does. Clear?'

''Yes Ma'am,'' we replied.

I had no idea what that might entail and was in no hurry to find out. Silly me, unknown to me, Hollie had her sights set on me. I took my seat and Hollie, took her seat on my lap. That's when Joyce intervened yet again.

'This won't work. Hollie lift up.' Joyce then took my erection and guided it into Hollie as she took her seat again. Oh shit, she was so tight and so wet. She was obviously as turned on as I was. This was going to be hell or fun, I wasn't sure. So we started eating, me feeding Hollie and her feeding me. She was better at this than me, for when she had to feed me she just turned and passed me part of what I had just fed her. Between her tongue probing my mouth and her twisting on my cock, my control was slipping. I think she knew this and had to stretch to reach something on the table. This lifted her off my shaft enough that when she reseated herself, I lost it. Two weeks of frustration poured into her. And to my surprise she cried out as well. I could feel her vaginal muscles clench and unclench around me. I could do no more that hold her tight as we both shook. Hollie turned to me, we kissed. Our tongues searching and exploring. My hands were running wild upon her exposed flesh. I could still feel her milking me, her orgasm having passed, this was for fun. Through the haze of wanton lust, I could hear Joyce and Tonya talking. Finally they broke through to us.

'Hey you two, you were not supposed to both cum. Now I will have to rethink things.'

''Yes Ma'am.'' we replied.

Then I went out on a limb. ''While you decide, might Hollie and I have some time to get better acquainted?''

'I think I know what you have in mind. You may take her to you room, but leave the door open. Tonya and I will be in to observe and critique both of your performances. Now get going.'

Grasping Hollie so she straddled me with her arms around her neck, I stood and carried her to my room. We were soon followed by Tonya and Joyce. I gently laid Hollie on her back, and without leaving her began to stroke in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around me and hooked her ankles together. I could hear whispers from Tonya and Joyce, but the words were too soft to make out. This time our lovemaking was not as frantic and much more passionate. I could feel several small orgasms overtake Holly as she fought to keep them from Tonya and Joyce. I did not know what the relationship between these women was, I would probably find out sooner or later. Despite my earlier orgasm, I was unable to last as long as I had wished, like forever. And shortly, I came again. As I lay there spent, the other women approached and each took one of Holly's legs.

Holding her ankles high I was then told, 'Now the punishment will begin. Tom you made the mess, now clean it up.'

I looked at Joyce in confusion.

'Crawl between her legs and lick her clean.'

As I now understood what was expected, I knelt on the floor and helped slide Holly to the edge of the bed. As her legs were draped over my shoulders, I began my task. This was something I had never considered before, yet with her, it seemed right. And as one who enjoys preforming oral sex, this just had a little something extra. It was obvious that Holly was enjoying herself with orgasm after orgasm. With the first truly unrestrained one, I found out she was a squirter as well. But that did not slow me down. What did were the two other ladies, who removed Holly's legs from my shoulders. and told me to lie on my back. Then Holly was instructed to sir on my face so I could finish my punishment. After a good half hour more and countless orgasms for Holly, she was instructed to lie next to me so she could be checked for residue. Sadly I had done well. I would have preferred continuing, forever if possible.

'Well Tom, impressive. Now comes the final part of the punishment.' Joyce commanded. 'Tom you get to watch the first part of this, Tonya, help Holly into her panties. Now, as you see Tom these are special panties, they have a rather substantial pair of plugs inside. One for her pussy and the other for her ass. In addition that is an 8'' shaft protruding from the front, which will rub her clit when it moves.'

As I watched, Tonya lubed the plugs and slid them home, pulling the latex panties high up on Holly's hips. Tonya then began to play with the shaft protruding from Holly's abdomen. I could see in Holly's eyes the pleasure she was receiving.

'Now for the fun part,' announced Joyce, 'Holly, lube that shaft well. For you shall be pegging your new boyfriend.'

Pegging I thought, does she mean what I think?

'Tom she is going to fuck your ass, pegging it is called. If she orgasms first, I will paddle you until you climax in her ass while wearing a cock ring. If you climax first, I will consider us finished for the evening. And a cock ring will delay that orgasm for a long, long time.'

'Holly, when you are ready you may begin. And neither of you may touch Tom's penis.'

Holly climbed up on the bed and motioned for me to get on my hands and knees. Sliding a greasy finger into me, she began working it in and out. When she felt I was loose enough a second then a third finger followed. She was very careful to avoid my prostate and that would end things quickly for me and we did not know how that would upset Joyce. Finally she placed the head of her shaft at my now stretched asshole. Between the stretching and the lube, she slid in easily. There was a moment of pain, not unlike a difficult bowel movement, and she was in. As she leaned forward she whispered, '''relax, I will try to hit your prostate and end this as soon as we can. Then later you can have my ass with no reservations.'''

Being a gentleman I couldn't let that go but there was no argument I could make. She began with long deep strokes, timed so she could maintain control of her own orgasm. I suffered in pleasurable pain. Stretched and filled as I had never been before. Yet enjoying Holly's dominance over me. Despite two earlier orgasms, I quickly became erect. True to her word, Holly was hitting my prostate with each stroke. She now changed gears and instead of long filling strokes, she began short, quick strokes that hit my prostate and then withdrew. Soon I was pumping load after load onto the bed. Not a normal orgasm, but a drawn out one that only ended when the well was dry. Knowing that the test was over, Holly lunged all the way into me one final time. This sent her over the edge as she collapsed on me. Still embedded. I collapsed as well.

Looking at us with disappointment and/or disgust, Joyce exclaimed, ''Clean up the bed and yourselves, you two, then join us in the living room and we will discuss what will occur starting after classes on Thursday and lasting until next Monday night.'' Joyce then led Tonya from the room and we were on our own.


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